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Road to Wimbledon China: Hao’s Pursuit

November 10, 2019

My name is Duan Hao. I come from Guangzhou and I am 12 years old. I’ve been playing tennis since I was six. It started with my dad taking me to play because he is an amateur tennis player. My daily routine is to get up at 7am and be at school by 7.30am I’m then at school until midday then it’s tennis practice from 2pm to 5pm. My favourite player is Roger Federer because he is an attacking player. I like that style of tennis I hope I can learn lots of skills like his. I think my best shot is my forehand My weak spot at the moment is slice shots I have learnt a lot from taking part in this Road to Wimbledon event because it focused on three key areas footwork, concentration and avoiding errors. I think for me this is very important I hope I can get to the final of the Road to Wimbledon Nanjing Tournament then get the chance to play at Wimbledon in August for the finals.

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