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Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal Wimbledon 2019 Semifinal | PREVIEW

August 29, 2019

11 years after their epic Wimbledon final
in ’08, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will once again share the court on the prestigious
lawns of Wimbledon. I’ll break down what both need to do in order to be successful
and I’ll give my prediction of who I think will win, here on GS Tennis News Today. To reach the semifinal round Roger first beat
South African Lloyd Harris dropping the first set in the process. He then got by Jay Clarke,
Lucas Pouille, and Matteo Berrettini in straight sets, before once again dropping the opener
against Kei Nishikori then steam rolling in the final three sets. For Rafa to join him he first had to take
out Yuchi Sugita in straights before overcoming his toughest test of the fortnight so far
against Nick Kyrgios outlasting the Aussie in four. He then obliterated his next three
opponents beating Tsonga, Sousa, and Querrey in straight sets respectively. In order for Nadal to cause some damage to
the Swiss Maestro he’ll first need to use his one-two punch especially on the ad-side.
This is where he’s able to take his opponent off the court getting the ball to their weaker
side: the backhand, then either pummeling the following forehand up the line or going
back behind him. This is also a shot he used successfully in the 2008 final. Another thing Rafa has been doing well in
this tournament that he’ll need to continue to do in the semis is win a high percentage
of second serve points. Throughout the tournament Nadal has been averaging 70% of second serve
points which is incredible. If he can continue to do this tomorrow I find it very difficult
for Roger to have a lot of looks at breaking Rafa. Rafa also needs to bully federer around the
court. He did this to a t in paris a month ago and has done in to his opponents this
fortnight, so he’ll definitely need to keep this trend alive against Roger. A way of doing
this is hitting deep return of serves. Not only does this keep Roger at bay, but it actually
saves Rafa and his legs so he won’t have to scramble around the court and defend. Which brings us to our final point: make the
match physical. Roger Federer is the king of longevity in tennis, but I believe if the
king of physicality Rafael Nadal makes the match one of physicality he will put himself
in the best position to win. For roger to be successful against Rafael,
he needs to first maintain a high first serve percentage. This is very important as the
in the matches where he lost more games or actual sets, his first serve percentage is
significantly lower than in those matches in which he won convincingly. For example
against Llyod Harris Roger had a first serve percentage of 58%, while in his most convincing
match against Matteo Berrettini he had 70%. Another thing Roger needs to be congiscent
of his is break points won percentage. Along with the challenge system, break points are
the biggest thorn in Feds thigh. Just like with the first serve percentage, the matches
Federer performed his best in where the matches where he cashed in on his break points opportunities.
Against Harris, Pouille and Nishikori, Roger won 50% or less of his break points, but in
his more convincing matches like Berrettini or Clarke he won 80% or more. Against Rafa, Roger needs to make sure he
gets an early start as well. He didn’t start well at all against Harris, Pouille or Nishikori,
and he can’t afford to have the same happen against Nadal. Right now Rafa is a strong
momentum player and as we saw in the French Open final with Thiem, once he gets a hold
on you its hard to break loose. The last two points coincide with each other
and for Roger to control play he needs to use his forehand cross court to Nadal’s
backhand as an effective strategy. A problem he had in the French Open semis was that he
had a lack of real presence in the exchanges and to fix this, I feel like he definitely
needs to target the Nadal backhand and try to get him moving off the court on that side. To close out my match preview i believe Rafael
Nadal will defeat Roger Federer in 4 very tight sets to advance to his sixth Wimbledon
final. Though Roger reigns supreme on center court, I feel as if tomorrow will not be a
time of glory. Rafa seems very focus and intent, and extremely motivated to avenge last year’s
heartbreaking loss. Also, like I said in my ‘Why Rafael Nadal Can Win Wimbledon 2019’
video being seeded three below Federer definitely set a fire under Rafa. Roger though is looking
for revenge as well as Im sure he wants to get some payback on Nadal for that French
Open loss. No matter what I just know it will be another
highly entertaining match between these two champions and i can’t wait until the umpire
says play. Do you agree with my prediction that Rafa
will beat Roger, or do you believe the 37 year old’s experience on grass will get
him through. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and subscribe and click the
notification bell so that you get notified whenever we post new content. Thanks for watching
and we’ll see you next time here on GS Tennis News Today.


  • Reply Momentum Stocks July 12, 2019 at 9:08 am

    If Roger is to win today he needs to win the first two sets.IF Rafa wins one of the first two I think he wins it. We'll see.

  • Reply She moves in her own dab July 12, 2019 at 11:17 am

    Nadal is defo looking like he’s playing some of his best tennis on grass right now, very hard to say if it will be enough to beat federer

  • Reply She moves in her own dab July 12, 2019 at 11:17 am

    Dont think i want a repeat of the 2014/15 Wimbledon finals so here’s hoping rafa wins

  • Reply Luís Cavalcante July 12, 2019 at 11:53 pm

    Wrong mate

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