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Roller Marathon Dijon 2018 (pascal briand vlog 148)

November 10, 2019

let’s make a summary as the skater get ready on the starting line the world inline cup racing series including races like Oropesa, Rennes, Dijon…Harbin and Berlin today, before Dijon Ewen Fernandez is leading the ranking with 143pts skating for team rollerblade Ewen was just telling us that it’s gonna be a hard race specially beaucse Bart Swings is here the belgium skater last year they broke away together and kill the race from the start Martin Ferrié , skating for Eo skates got already 102pts in the wic ranking and Nolan Beddiaf, 134pts, 2nd in the ranking skating also for EO skates all those guys come to get and the DIjon Marathon and for the ranking of the World inline cup Pascal, you also create a ranking system few years ago called PRO ROLLER TOUR yes, if you wanna follow if there is skater that you Don’t know yet, you can go and the website it make the world ranking of all skater in the world on marathon all over the world we list all marathon in the world top 10 of each race will score points …10…9…8…x…1 except in WIC race like today its top 20 who score points when you collect point you keep them 365 days it’s like ATP ranking in tennis this system can tell us which skater is number one in the world for marathon there is a combined ranking also : men and women and at the moment i will check on the webiste who is leading who is number one in the world? on pro roller tour you can notice there are so many race…i try to count but it’s so many we list about 100 marathon in the year at the moment it’s Carlotta Camarin the N°1 leading combined and women ranking with 148pts and for men it’s Ewen Fernandez who is leading with 130 pts Carlotta already di 8 marahons this year…at least she scored 8times points she focus now on marathon with the goal to be number one in the world and she do it really good at the moment Ewen have 136pts in fact today followed by Patxi Peula with 126 pts and Nolan is 4th in this ranking with 104pts Nolan can go up fast today cause last year he missed this race as he was injured so he can climbthe ranking today the one who remember the most the Nolan injury is probably Martin Ferrié Martin had to fight POWERSLIDE team by himself, that was so hard he was alone again Rollerblade and Powerslide which was really so fast last year it’s was impressive but this year the game have changed many skater change from a team to another and this season is more balance…but Ewen still have many victories yet he is in shape..Bart won 2 weeks ago in rennes in front of Martin and Ewen but Ewen show he was top shape last weekend with a 2h43 time in the roll’athlon race 103km that’s impressive so we have 2 top shape man that was team mate last year in powerslide team now one is at powerslide the other in rollerblade team so we can predict a great battle today we speak about those international level guy but lets also speak about the french inline cup ranking this race is also a FIC race Ewen is leading in front of Olivier Blanc and Guillaume de Mallevoue here is the start for the men race will we have a fast start once again from Bart? no, it start a little bit easier this time women are getting ready now with Ukraine, Belarus, India and of course many french and also Carlotta Camarin the italian skater early who also spoke with clemence halbout recently qualified for world championship and Marine Lefeuvre with a blak and pink skinsuit skating for ligne droite/powerslide also qualified for world and she seems ready to attack today Hugo leading the pack , from Livry gargan club he is training in Dijon with Thomas Dauvergne he is leading now really good technical skater starting to show his skill in the main categori ELITE here is the start for the women with a quite start like the men before i think pascal that this race make all skater affraid today everything seems possible today the level is really high also here we can see also Mr Furieux one of the best roller derby player he start speed skating few month ago and he is already in the elite pack that is impressive he have a red bont skinsuit also team BONT is strong also here with one sprinter specially GAry Hekman he is incredibly fast in last straight line so Bart Ewen and co will probably make a hard race to avoid a sprint against Gary cause he is a machine yes that is what they told us earlier and specially Nolan Beddiaf was telling that Gary was a serious client for the finish he is such an huge guy he is really tall he is just impressive and when he start the sprint it’s not necessary to look in the side mirror cause he is already in front of you and now we can see the women pack lead by Flavie Balandras followed by Carlotta the italian leading the ranking and the pack is Under control for the moment back to the live image…it’s Vincent Esnault who lead the pack the skater from rollerblade france with his black and white skinsuit for the girl we have the same race… one pack lined nicely for men…and same for women it’s really fast on both side it doesnt look like it s full speed they still play and look at each other and….Martin Ferrié……..start with the 1st attack of the race… time for Leisure is finished followed by Quentin Giraudeau and Doucelin Pedicone for RB and AMS dijon and new acceleration from Quentin Giraudeau stillwith Doucelin it doesnt make any gap…it’s more like a test attack and see how legs react not even 5sec gap behind it’s Hugo Gerard who bring the pack it’s not really his job but… he do it anyway anyway its going already really fast almost everybody skating on 3×125 for the new viewer and beginner we can see many wheels colors… different equipment does it make the difference at this level? of course it does some Wheels roll better than some others some skinsuit are faster than others but at this level all the best look for every details they Don’t come here to sell some ties they come to win and if possible put Dijon name on their own palmares so far all Under control, we can see also Thibaut Fauconnet in place 5th he did olympic game in short track last winter he reach 3 times OG Vancouver Sotchi and Korea andddd Guillaume de Mallevoue for another attack GDM with his special skating style which are easy to recognize from far yes, he is powerfull with a low position and long strike an enormous strike like his legs you go behing him and you dont feel Wind anymore he go hard now…probably to prepare the field for the other team mate he probably do what you say earlier checking who is able to follow and drop some skater in the pack Martin is focus and bring back the pack quickly followed by a skater from BONT all big team are here in front of the pack it’s quite nice when there are all in line like this when you are last of the pack you are about 15sec behind so it’s not so easy to come back in front and the speed is high, in the previous 21km race we reach about 35km/h here we will start at 35 and go over 40kmh in the downhill we will be way over 50km/h and the pack is compact in 2nd position…it’s not bart swings i think it’s Valentin Thibault this size of guy is probably a sprinter yes its our home made sprinter and htey still look at each other , it’s not that often since a while they start full speed, but today… as the team game is more balanced yes its Valentin Thibault beind Guillaume de Mallevous GDM leading there are many skater from team Sokola also yes we can notice in the ranking of the french inline cup of Olivier Blanc from Team SOkola^^ Olivier Blanc coming from Belleville training with Lyon Roller Metropole he did amazing performance last weekend at the roll’athlon yes he ranked good last Week…And today he is again in the leading group a Young skater who evolve in this area of france like Thomas Dauvergne said earlier he took some of them since the 1st day on skate and today they skate with the best of the best so very nice progression to see it’s getting more nervous in front of the race it was a bit too quite, i put back my cap…cause when they will pass in front of us it could fly away serious attack are gone now with Ewen Fernandez it seems he didn’t wnet alone he is with Doucelin Pedicone followed in a group lead by Valentin Thibault and Bart Swings also Quentin Giraudeau and GDM for Rollerblade MArtin Ferrié working hard to come back also cause he was far behind in the pack will those guys keep going so fast? till the end? and make most o the pack loose lot of energy and some attack also in the women pack with Manon Kamminga and she put the pack in line coming back on the men race still with..Ewen and Doucelin followed by a chasing group few second behind in the girl race its also active now even if we dont see it with Aura Quintana attacking followed by Carlotta Camarin and Manon Kamminga and Ana Oldazek 3nd in the world ranking PRT and the pack is loosing the first skater in the men race, Ewen give the lead to… Doucelin and now attack from GDM in between 2packs he could create so much speed but he could see the pack was Breaking in pieces Valentin Thibault will need to be carrefull it’s the 2nd time he is chasing at the back so he will loose lot of Energy from this Valentin coming back in the pack to recover a bit bart is going now it’s going a bit too fast^^ i’m affraid all the cone fall down at this speed but so far they still stand up and Ewen is with Bart NO no NO it’s Quentin Giraudeau and Ewen chasing behind Gary hekman also and few skater from IN Gravity team pascal…there is Something a bit strange cause it’s Bart who go for POwerslide with Giraudeau so why is Ewen chasing behind? he could bring the pack back? he go also cause the pack is in pieces there is almost no pack left htere are about 10men able to follow its’ also a good way to be with more team mate in the leading pack with Ewen GDM and Guentin they can be 3against Bart it can be usefull at the end of the race and i think Valentin T couldnt follow the huge acceleration no that was amazing speed and Valentin is world champion…in sprint so on short distance and as a junior yes in junior but he do a nice coming in the elite place he is also qualified for world and he is team member of powerslide they look at each other again…..but they are only 10 to 15 men is Nolan here still????yes the world champion marathon is here still MArtin ferrié also coming back…and Julien Levrard always in the right action…he has lot of experience we will see him in decision moment skater from TCHeK REP trying to come back they go full now cuase later will be too hard 3rd, 4th group with skater from Belarus 5th pack with some of team sokola Belarus etc…it’s really international today it’s best world level here today we said it before so many countries coming here in the women race it s hard also now it’s about the same kind of race as the men with same timing 22countries here today that ‘s not that often we see 22 countries nice to see that it’s nice…it’s also cause it’s a world inline cup event that make the difference women pack is arriving now in the men race, pack is coming together again from the 4 group but it will explode again soon or later in the women is slowing down too it’s funny…they dont speak together but the way they race in front we have Martina Zuyeva the Belarus skater giving the lead to…. Carlotta Camarin no CHloé Michel leading the pack for tema SILA laktics she skate on 4×110 it’s a tactical choice, …a good choice in Rennes but in Dijon it’s another story with much more straight line anyway the pack from the women is alreayd smaller now after many attack new attack from team Bont, with Bastien Lhomme he get a good gap, but he is alone about 10 sec lead Hugo Gerard chasing again he is really active today behind GDM try to bring the pack back too bad Bastien went alone cause it’s almost impossible alone we did 4 lap already but Valentin Thibault also back in the pack imposible is not roller last year they went after 2 laps yes but they were 2, here he is alone but…in Berlin it was the same?^^ they go early BArt or Ewen yes in roller it’s better to go with few if you want to do 30 or 40km at 40km/h average he went alone but may be he dont have enought gun to keep going all the way i think…he just wait…. some other guy come back to finish some conversation in the women race, pack is fast wih Marine lefeuvre behind…Juliette Pouydebat and clemence Halbout french connection taking the lead of the race Bastien Lhomme steal leading with about 10sec gap just 5sec gap at this speed its not that much it look a good distance but in a small downhill like this they could come back fast the pack is giving him a bit of space cause alone its so hard, but it’s an opportunity cause if he small group come back with 3 or 4 skater like quentin come back GDM is controling the pack Martin Ferrié for Eoskates is chasing Valentin is going, Bart too starting to chase 9 sec gap may be the fornt group will be created by one by one breakaway anyway its good news for Bastien that Quentin is coming back the acceleration was incredible and many skater react to Quentin acceleration it’s coming back fast when you know Quentin you cant let him go like this with Bastien….both together it would be crazyness they are strong they can handle the distance together so they won’t let them too far i guess it’s much more active than last year for this race adn now the street are getting full of spectators all those people cheering for the athletes the moto is coming with the 2 pack: men and women with Juliette Pouydebat with Clemence some Belarus all the leader are here it should go full quite soon Bont leading for the women , rollerblade for the men it’s nice to see so many team in the roller races and plaing the game…in your days it was fantastic you had lot of brand sponsoring team then it disapear a bit and now it’s coming back for our pleasure Valentin Thibault seems a bit in trouble now he is coming back at the end of the small hill but it seems to be hard he did quite some work already , bringing back Bart 2 or 3 times already 6 laps if he do half of the race covering Bart it can be far enought for powerslide a big split in the girl pack with a belgium an ukrainian a spanish and a french girl…they can come back still the pack is hidding in the round about… they come and Bart is making an attack but nolan is reactive we didnt saw him yet but he is in the wheels he know how to do , he is world champion he got trapped in rennes but today he seems more in shape he is in shape but he has a special pressure he is world champion so everybody is looking at him…even if Bart is a serious opponent still we would look every move from Nolan so it’s not so easy to breakaway Andrea Bighin is attacking now and the pack is not chasing as Doucelin is leading Andrea Bighin skate for Castellon team a spanish team he is not so famous but he is in top 10 in the world ranking he is Always at the right place, he has lot of experience with many years of racing he is super smart the other should worry a bit cause he know how to race he can get a little gap like Bastien earlier but they should be carreful he is a great tactician guy he got a top 5 in china few weeks ago when you reach top 10 it means you race a lot but it also mean you have tactical skills here we are on the women pack lead by Josephine alliaud Carlotta behind giving the lead with Chloé geoffroy and Marine Balanant Zoé Remy also and MArina Zuyeva it’s still Marine leading she has amazing technique with a beautifull side push it’s really nice to see her skate we can see a real difference between men and women technique may be you can tell us more about this? we can see this in speed skating but not in every sport yes there is style difference but the technique is getting more and more similar and Flavie Balandras is taking the lead with as much glide and as much aerodynamic as men Martin Ferrié control the pack in the men race followed by Bart Swings and Gary Hekman Gary is one head over the all pack here Chloé Michel is doing the job and team bont is still full with 3 skaters in the pack still it can be usefull at the end, there is not many team left with 3 skaters here also there was not many team with 3 skaters at the start may be team bont and team powerslide ahhh i was thinking Marina was ready to attack…but no not yet we can’t really say its a easy race cause they go almost 40km/h not like last year, Flavie Balandras let relay way earlier , as last year she lead really a lot Andrea did a great escape , he just went in front of us i will check the gap cause i think he has at least 20 sec gap yes, yes at least he went and nobody saw him^^ it s more that nobody are organised behind as Nolan take the lead but doesnt seems to work hard to come back he has Rainbow jersey …but he Don’t act like a bisounours i think he wait that team get more organised…andrea alone…still 12laps to go , it will be hard but he got a good gap he get be in the good breakaway cuase when they will start behind may be 3 or 4 strong guy will come back and pick Andrea which will be in the good breakaway if he still have Energy to follow the train cause he went alone and every km every lap alone is some Energy that go away i m not so worry for him he know how to manage this in the women pack , it s time for a drink with number 70 who was in the good breaaway last weekend in rennes Ana she is Always at the right place she is not the fastest but she know how to race also and Juliette Pouydebat is leading the pack i will try to check the gap as we have skater a bit everywhere on the lap may be you will recognize this skater chloé is 4th Sabrina Gaudesaboos the belgium is 5th a french skater is leading but i can t see her number andrea is coming so i will get a split time here he is almost half a straight ahead he still go fast now he dont look behind nolan is leading again, so far was perfect for him but now he is a bit trap bont trying to go together…And 21sec gap and in the girl its an attack…with Clemence halbout helped with Manon who block a bit the pack clement is really going full she told us that girl could race as men… and make the show they do it all the time now it s many year its the same between men and women here it was just to tell about last year race as women was quite waiting for a sprint so this year she is motivated to change the situation here Marina Zuyeva is chasing Clemence it can be a great duo and another skater is coming back it seems to be aura quintana for the team eoskates lets check the situation for andrea bighin as his gap is getting a bit slower i think as bart ewen and doucelin are not having fun the gap jump down from 21sec to 7sec martin is helping to bring back GDM seems trap with a skater from in gravity everybody is getting tired …and in the women race we also have big gap coming Quintana, Halbout, geoffroy breakaway with 3 sec on on a pack with Juliette Pouydebat, carlotta camarin and a breakaway with 3like this pack can not wait as those 3 are super strong still i don”t understand why Manon is leading behind as another skater from Bont is in front it’s a bit strange it’s going fast that is Strange…a bont skater….ah she come back alone , she was right… so now they are 2 from Bont in front….but….ah no she bring everybody back anyway it make the race harder and we will loose few more skater in this pack may be 15 skaters left what is the situation? is Andrea still in front? he had 21sec then 7sec in the women race, it s just back all together far we can see the pack the pack that seems compact again with a short resting time like 10 sec easy at the end of the straight and now it s again team rollerblade with the yellow flashy skinsuit they came back really fast on andrea and now they almost totally stop everybody just look at each other they made an effort they came back , so now take your responsability if you want to lead…you can lead they almost stop now…it’s Martin Ferrié followed by Bart Swings followed by Nolan Beddiaf Andrea Bighin has been caught so he stay at the back of the pack in recovery mode behind we have a small group with Elphege Pedicone, Hugo Gerard and one memeber of team sokola …trying to come back and few more sokola member coming back in the women race, compact pack with Manon Kamminga MArina Carlotta Ana Marine and Katharina Rumpus, we didnt see her yet who is one of the favorite of this race she stay more than 1year at the top of the pro roller tour combined ranking she stay one year at the top …so it show she is one of the best in the world on marathon we came back on the men pack with the moto camera nothing is done in both of the race there was attack in both races and now we have we can’t say we have a compact pack cause there are skater all over the lap now but all the favorite and leader are in the leading groups just to get on what you said earlier Aura QUintana who won in Pamplona marathon new attack from GDM just in front of us MArtin Ferrié dont really react they let him go….today its a bit hard alone after one lap….leg are dead tactically its not that bad, cause the strong one try to go if he is in shape he can hold it but if the other choose to control him from the pack it kill a bit the energy of the one alone so it’s gonna be an advantage at the end Marine Balanant and Josephine Alliaud coming back in the main women pack a pack lead by Marine Lefeuvre she is always taking her part of the race in front she is strong and that is also why she is already qualified for world championship i feel when i i see Bart and Nolan get quite protected since the start it look like a strong attack soon , it’s gonna be a strong end race that could be decided on an explosive attack from this 2skaters yes i think they wait but so far we still have GDM alone in front with a 10sec gap he is fast he is fast, but today the pack seems stronger we can also say that in the pack we find the best guys in the world and they are not in the same team….so they Don’t have interest to let a breakaway go…they have more interest to control it but GDM is still an amazing skater he already won here in the past with a breakaway in the last lap to surprise everybody including Bart GDM give some work to Nolan Beddiaf from Eoskates and Gary Hekman from Bont and this is quite good for Bart i think BArt may be still have Valentin to help but for now the other are working new attack in the women race from Flavie Balandras behind its all fullspeed and Josephine alliaud was just back but… she loose again some field it’s Flavie from EOskates that lead this attack it’s painfull now MAelann for team Bont we Always feel she will drop but at the end in the sprint she is Always fast it’s her style she is a sprinter so she will handle the pain and at the 500m mark she feel the finish line 11 sec gap for GDM the gap is interesting now its hard he is in shape like the big days but its only half of the race now so it will be hard still it’s Bart swings working behind followed by Nolan that stay as shadow behind the belgium star the french guy world champion , a titel he won in Nanjing last year and it’s his last race with this skinsuit cause in july his jersey will be open to all the skater again may be he will do it again if his leg are in top shape this day for now he seems in shape he do a bit of work but they all do at the moment Bart is leading Ewen is leading…oups no not ewen Nolan gary hekman too behind they all work together to run after the yellow and black skinsuit not from salomon ^^ cause they are not here anymore lol but from ROllerblade in the women race, its slowing down a bit is there a bit of nostalgy in your words? yes of course, we would of course love to see brand like salomon coming back in the sport but for now it’s rollerblade who is leading the game for the men race he had 11sec gap not long ago, i will try to check again on the line chloé Geoffroy in front of manon kamminga here in front and Marina Zuyeva chloe only 19 and member of powerslide international 2nd in Incheon in South korea last year 1st in dijon last year too GDM seems to get more advance lets check on the line like before 11sec last time gary is leading seems so its seems like he attack but he is just leading about the same 12sec gap the pack control, the 4 big team work together its not so eas for skater who are not in those team ;.. they try to follow try are fighting hard, like those skater from AMS dijon or from team sokola they are not professional and they try to follow against those big team and they can follow the pack which is already a performance for the moment the team that seems to do a good job, is IN Gravity team…..the spanish team they were 4 at the start with specially the venezuelian skater Sebastian Bastidas which is 4th in the world ranking and we can see them with the cool grey yellow and pink skinsuit so for now tactically they do great….for the women we ahve a breakaway now with once again Flavie Balandras carlotta camrain and marina zueyva they have a small gap but manon kamminga is bringing the pack one more gap check for the men hop let s check Katharina is working….
isn’t is maelan for the girl? yes it’s maelan who came back it’s comig back for the man….8sec gap with GDM they get 3sec back in half a lap in the women ana oldazek is also coming back alone Katharina rumpus is checking everything…in the men race Bart is putting little more speed here he control the speed….he control…yes we mean its close to 50km/h ^^ it seems he is controling but its going really fast for those men they focus on technique and at this level with a good technique and a bit of power we reach fast the 50km.h it’s going fast but it seems we will have an explosive finish 8 laps left for men according to you Pascal….now GDM is gone should he keep is speed and burn some Energy? or he should reduce his speed and go back in the pack? no its a good tactic he still have Quentin Giraudeau and Ewen Fernandez behind they give some work to Nolan and Gary and also Bart so for now it’s jackpot with 1 making 3 other getting tired they still have 2 to shoot later if they attack after this one it can be the good one in the women race, compact pack…with 2 4 6….18 skaters including chloé geoffroy for the men we have still Nolan beddiaf leading the gap start to melt now for GDM Nolan did some good effort for the pack….GDM seems tired now he reduce his speed he already did 3laps alone i think he will be allowed to make a pit stop for a drink or may be he have some stock of food in the pocket let’s do a time check, but from what we see the story is ending yes just 4sec left who will attack now? nolan is looking left and right? the pack slow down really a lot slower in the pack and the pack is big again now..many skater came back …and they are about 40 now 2 packs come back in the front group so we have about 40 skaters still Gary Hekman keep the tempo they have to finish the job..4sec they still have to make it i’m so curious to see how Ewen will react now and from Quentin after this…wow it’s Bart who take the decision to attack now? you think? if i Believe the last image i saw on the screen he was going outside with a little cross like he has the secret and probably go out ot the corner near the 60km.h if you are right…. Nolan and company will react the 4sec will disapear so yes we have bart in breakway followed closely by nolan ewen and quentin gary hekman is little more behind but he dont wait and he is running after and the pack is totally destroyed…they were 40 in the other side behind its chasing with thibault fauconnet and Doucelin pedicone from dijon but in front they stopped, all the leader are looking at each other…it’s interesting it s a race hard for the nerves in the women race, it’s slowing down as its really hard race too we ahve seen few girl saving Energy since the start like juliette pouydebat and Katharina rumpus she told us before it was not her job to lead the race cause she is racing almost alone and juliette say also she skate alone for Pibrac i think Doucelin put an attack for the men race yes, of course, a blue skinsuit like this followed by martin ferrité and team gravity that is waking up and quentin giraudeau with his special cross technique the went strongly out also and arrive now in the straght line we see them from far but , when you see the speed leg like this we can imagine they go around 50km.h Doucelin is a local skater… he grow in dijon he train now in the national training school its a nice group: quentin , Doucelin , martin and… the skater from spain its hard for martin he have his hand on the leg its coming back now its coming back fast, with nolan and bastien lhomme and for the girl its marina zuyeva who put a strong attack and sdestroy the pack and she give a realy to flavie balandras maelan still following close maelann told us before she hoped to be in many action today GDM seems totally out after is attack he is now in the 3rd group with Thibault fauconnet it’s gonna be hard, the race is almost done for him but he did an incredible work beofre its one of RB team that gave all to make many other skater work and may be this tactical choice will pay off later at this level its important to work as a team if you wanna beat skater with such a talent like bart gary or nolan it’s better to skate as a team…and that is the good point of team rollerblade at the moment they ahve strong guys able to work together that know how to sacrifice for a team mate its very different from last year bart swings went as an alien and RB couldnt react to this attack another attack from quentin Giraudeau….wow it’s alrady 3rd attack from him… he wanted to show his skills today bart is controlling , from far he let him go and once again its Rollerblade team that make the pack work is the tactic from RB is to go away to make other work? but is the tactic from Bart nolan and co is not the other way around and let RB guy get tired in front? and control them from a distance? till they collapse like its happening a bit to GDM now and drop in slower pack after many attack of 10 km about that is exactly what is happening for the moment in the women race, Aura Quintana is attacking Zuyeva is going also with Juliette pouydebat behind anyway i m agree with your point of you of RB tactic and bart tactic cause they will kill themself by going one by one its not that easy in the women race its getting to an interesting point… with a group of 4, and Katharina rumpus doing the work to come back with manon and carlotta when you see Marine Lefeuvre who is fast, start to use her arm…it mean its going fast or very fast yes there are at about 40 to 45 kmh it’s quite a lot we can see quentin out of the pack , then Marine balanant here also who couldn’t follow last acceleration let’s check the gap as Giraudeau did a good jump in front i feel its just controling behind behind it’s same tactic, the pack is smart today it’s exactly same situation as few laps ago same place, same gap, just different man away unfortunalty for RB team, when you see bart and nolan skate like this quite relax we can think they let him go and control at distance anyway he has nice technique and not so many lap to do bart give the lead to nolan and get back in draft behind nolan so far it s perfect race for ewen GDM coming back with Thibault fauconnet in the pack it’s funny the pack is destroyed in 3 pieces at every acceleration and its compact again later….it’s nice for GDM to be back in cause after so many effort at the begining it would be a bit not nice to be dropped even if it s part of the sport after such an intense effort we hoped he could come back in it seems its harder and harder to control behind because quentin seems to have a bigger gap than before so far the gap is Always around 10 to 11 sec but it look more around 15sec now, lets check this near the finish line 15sec on a 42km….there are 5 laps left its a lot and not a lot behind they seem sto be relax still its biggest gap so far since the start nice strike still its going down but he need to push to go fast still and he do it good behind bart is working and;….still 11sec bart keep all Under control still i really think Bart is playing smartly but as you said it’s ewen who is hidding nicely in the pack so its kind of perfect race for him for a possible Victory to get in the lastest lap so far so good…we havent seen martin ferrié for a while also but he did lot of effort at the begining for nolan i think he recover anyway he train nice all winter long with the national training school in nantes so he have the stamina to recover fast he just need few laps in the pack for such a technical skater to feel good again quentin start to look a bit behind 5 laps to go for the women …. its flavie balandras who lead in the up part section nice speed style, we can’t say he keep a lot as everybody is in line behind few have the hand on the leg and show its getting hard its getting hard it look like the packis bigger but its jsut that few girl than got laped jump in again cause they are not that much left here the gap seems bigger here pack is looking at each other if they loose the organisation it can be good for quentin quentin have amazing strong legs too its not only big…he is pushing strongly the gap is bigger now….18sec they need more men to lead the pack , cause 18 sec its a nice gap to have at 5 laps to go still the pack stay quite…they keep speed but…. not at high speed yet they want to help , but they still want to let bart do a little more of course after such a show he did 2 weeks ago in rennes he will have to take his responsability one moment or another yes, all of them have responsability can we do a summary of WIC ranking ? we probably have this in our papers the ranking of the world inline cup WIC for men Ewen Fernandez is leading with 143pts followed by Nolan Beddiaf with 134pts so 9pts difference Felix Rjihnen for powerslide is 3rd with 120pts Martin Ferrié is 4th with 102pts Quentin Giraudeau is 5th and Bart Swings is 6th Bart is not speeding up, he is coming in the wheels with nolan all name we told since the start of the race ar ein top 5 of the WIC or top 10 and we can notice Doucelin pedicone ranked number 8th in the WIC he is still in the pack and he is hidding good if he keep like this it can be good for him at the end of the race Dijon he race Under his club color , the blue skinsuit from AMS even if he normally skate for rollerblade france i was thinking they came back on Quentin but no..he is still alone in front for the women is really hard now…its getting harder and harder i imagine a good attack from Katharina RUmpus even if she normaly wait the sprint but today i feel the race could be different in rennes the attack was paying at the end of the race still 6 laps to go for the women so they still have time 4 laps for men quentin still leading but the gap is getting smaller i dont know if it s quentin or ewen it’s still quentin i was thinking bart came back, but no…quentin was still ahead let’s cehck the gap…as it look big, it was 18sec before i m checking the gap now Manon did a breakaway but Quintana is coming back with Juliette Pouydebat everybody look tired if i check the faces…its hard for everybody for the men, the cowork together;…but they loose time 20sec gap now martin ferrié was drop, he came back and do again some work in front may be its too much, he will pay it later i think but he told us to was there to be the golden helper the bonus guy for Nolan Beddiaf like he did in the past in the men race, we see some small group with Thibault fauconnet in the 2nd group with 7or 8 skaters Thibautl the guy from dijon , who did OG in short track he got quite famous this winter as i receive a blade hit in the face in semi finale or finale of 1000m race its was a storng picture from the game but now clement Halbout is making a nice attack so quentin away for the men and clemence away for the women quentin and GDM look a lot like each other with their big legs behind we have a surprise bastien lhomme is coming back with a 8sec gap no no no it’s clemence we already built a huge gap and martin ferrié still leading the pack its seems he is giving his last power now he lead one lap full and get only 1sec back but for now i m so so impressed by clemence halbout she is away and 5laps to go i hope quentin will not look back otherwise he will see Clemence arrive fast as she give it all he could be quite surprised , he is not used to this normally girl race a bit slower but now it s not like this she told us before, she was ready to make the race today she say she will attack as much as she could 5 laps to go is like 10km about the pack will not to work together otherwise ….if the bont tema is blocking a bit the pack it could make such a nice Victory for clemence but the road is still long for this we are not for from world champs so probalby she is training hard in those days;..but still she have some Energy today quentin still with same strike , starting to put more pressure thinking its may be possible more cadence, more speed legs 3laps to go …. 3 laps to go , 6,6km is not even his warm up distance bart swings is going now followed quickly by ewen and nolan and Doucelin….14sec left nowwww the biggg fight is start ewen he is full speed but nobody relay yet and try to let nolan do more work now yes humm…to get back on bart they really need to work together bart didn’t attack so much yet, he mainly controlled the breakaway we really have an interesting race with some breakaway here and there i will try to get the different gap i havent seen clemence this lap quentin Giraudeau… just passed by bart who keep going and Doucelin is doing the work behind…GDM is back in pack too it’s a good race for ewen today it’s impressive the speed of bart normally there is big gap in between everybody but today its just small group everywhere but with small distance in between 1 or 2 sec difference not more and they all can keep high speed but the special power from bart as other said is that he can reach high speed fast and keep it more than a KM the women pack get back on clemence i’m surprised as she was really far away and going full speed i was thinking the gap was enought but… there was enought Energy behind with Marine, Juliette flavie to controlled the distance they are all talented skater they are the best in the world bart is with 2 rollerblade Doucelin is back too bart try to make the difference now he know its time to go , 2laps to go he know it can be complicated with so many skater left….gary hekman also coming back with a skater from in gravity Doucelin just follwoing bart ewen going now it s perfect race …. bart will be douting a bit as they will let him go after i guess i m surprised nolan didnt jump with ewen at this moment cause it was perfect timing but its ewen that was the most opportunist so far it’s also bart tactic to let the RB one by one so its ewen turn but it’s not the same to let ewen go 2 laps to go then letting GDM go 8 laps to go specially when GDM and quentin did so much work before bart is sure not lazy and he like to lead…but it may be start to be too much now i’m surprised cause ewen fernandez its a different story he is fresh we ahvent seen him so much yet it’s perfect race tactic let’s check some gap like he said in his interview…he is the leader behind its gary hekman who is coming back with bart in his wheels all the strong guy are here….nolan gary ewen bart, julien levard also here…. they slow down its zig zag time when nobody want to lead one more zig zag , almost no more speed its a good move for team ingravity , they are 3 in the group behind it’s impressive, Doucelin is here too but 3 from ingravity he can let them do the taff in women race it s still compact pack in the men , few guys trying to come back , charly grillon with his long leg….he is 2m tall 2m…the Young skater plus 125mm Under the feet it’s impressive thanks to all Partner from the event for helping important sponsor for this event and France 3 tv also a little word about paris roller marathon happeing in spetember…another big moment of french season also 24h le mans thissummer end of june attack from a skater from ingravity and one from rollerblade we also have the nice marathon in lyon at the end of the season it’s big french events since 15 years it’s the last lap i was thinking lap counter had a problem but no its the skater who go fast one skater from in gravity is away…that could be the surprise of the day and if its alexander bastidas it can be very good he is in top 5 in the world no no its not him it s Eugenio…it s nice gap already incredible , the other just look at each other nobody want to chase they think of a sprint cause nobody want ot go but the skater from ingravity has a cool gap now to finish if Nothing move now this guy is not a nobody….he was racing in my days and he was strong already he know the job i would’nt be surprise to see him soon with a 20 sec gap martin ferrié is out of the leading group after many efforts he is looking great at 40 to 45km/h let’s check the time gap as soon as possible it’s number 64 who is alone on front 17 seccccc gappppppp quentin Giraudeau alone also behind i think incredible..the other just stopped they did 2 laps full speed but after this we have a crazy race Eugéniooooooo from team in gravity…they wont see him again quentin could get the 2Nd place bart is trap…that is so surprising and nolan also they look to much to each other probably without looking enought around ewen also adn Eugenio will go for a win we could say , an unexpected Victory but… he had great feeling of this race 1st place is done…2nd also probalby but for 3rd place the sprint will be amazing who said that gary was probably the fastest nolan is fast also it’s not the best point of bart hummm it'”s not his best….but last year at euro he beat nolan in the sprint he often win alone so we feel he has no sprint but but he won sometimes in sprint like in berlin not long ago our spanish guy is coming i will not say easy…cause he is full speed at 45km/h and he will probalby get his best race Victory ever impressive ingravity was hidding the all race 1st Victory but amazing victory its so nice to see him win here he is far but we see already the smile on his face splendid victory incredible superbe we will probably see him at roller games in spain next year in barcelona in one year behind quentin giraudeau he is also happy from this 2nd place for rb it’s cannondale style sprint now bart outside gary in his wheels its little far gary …Bart wowowowoo yes…Bart i think for the 3rd place not enought gaz left for the one behind the moto went directly on the women race it was more quite cause of all the attack few guys keep sprinter for good places let s go back fast on women race and see what is going on there cause we could have some nice surprising attack like this too it’s one of the nicest surprised in the year this Victory of the spanish they were smart to let the other do the race they were smart and also it’s not their job from the start i hope it will help them to get extra sponsors cause they are here at many races and this tema ingravity…just got one Victory in a world inline cup today in Dijon let’s go back on women race we still have many skater all around the lap on this 2.2km lap it was hard cause i see many very good skater who drop compact pack apparently for the women and one more attack…who attack? it look like marine lefeuvre….but no its flavie balandras and she get a nice jump but Manon Kamminga for Bont is already working behind Flavie is going for eo skates…2 laps to go it’s a nice attack i think manon she has great technique and nice double push chloé michel also here…Katharina rumpus seems to be a bit tired but still she will go fast juliette Pouydebat is also here clemence also flavie was telling us… her only chance was to go away cause in the sprint she is not fast enought at french championship she won the point race by going away alone in the last laps so she try to do the same here im not sure the other will let her go;..but between the desire and the possibility to come back^^ it ‘s 2 different things…we hope for her it work it s hard to do but it worked in the past chloé michel , number 49 is also in the pack she is also waiting for the sprint she can go fast in the final sprint did flavie have been caught by the pack? form the moto camera….the way they skate i think they came back and a new attack is coming with Clemence Halbout and Marina Zuyeva is following she can be the surprised, but Don’t forget she got a top 10 in mass start race at OG i think Katharina Rumpus, can’t follow this attack it will be last lap nex time we go on the line clemence is really strong this weekend it’s at least the 2nd strong attack…that we see cause may be be she did more when camera was on men race Marina come back….i won’t say easily but she take her relay directly no…..and yes she relay also… even if she get 1st or 2nd…. a podium on a world cup is Always good the gap is only 5sec its Following behind, everybody is full speed i can’t see who lead the pack…may be Katharina rumpus i dont know if clemence is affraid of marina as it’s her first marahton on inline since the begining of the season at least big race…may be she did races in her country if you follow her a bit on facebook or instagram you can see she train Everyday and she is just out of a training camp so she is ready for today she is often on bike or on roller like the Younger one earlier the belarus come here….. to win and not only the drink some tea we still have a small gap…it’s only 4 or 5sec but the pack is not back yet…and clemence;.. start to show sign of pain…but she know how to recover in the wheels still 1 lap to go i think, i love this race it’s much more active than it was last year congratulation to those girl who plan not to do a waiting race flavie balandras is doing again some effort to bring back the pack…it’s hard it’s very hard maelann is still here…she is still here at the end of the pack she is one of the fastest, we have to be carefull if she follow in the last 500m she could make a surprise there is also a belgium skater in the pack i couldn’t recognize her number i think it s 117 she is also hidding from the start Juliette Pouydebat was also in good position there it was a really nice race so far and it’s not finish yet its slowing down a bit now compact pack for may be a small sprint of about 10 skaters it’s gonna be super tactic, i love last laps when its like this who will attack? it’s Dangerous for all long distance skater that give lot of effort and tried to breakaway Maelann is super fast, she won in rennes against marine lefeuvre who is also fast she also raced good so far….and another attack again Clemence but it’s still Marina who run after her so it’s can be good for Carlotta camarin clemence really want to get this victory but may be it was one attack too much for clemence nice effort but its back in a big pack with MArina who lead which is sad as they just did a effort together before so they neutralized each other now number 54 beau wagemaker from netherland she is often in top 10 in netherland races i’m not sure how fast she is , but she is Always here also be carrefull from Ana oldazek who could attack soon in last Km that is how she got top 4 in rennes two Weeks ago she have experience even if not many look after her but she is alwyas good ranked last men are arriving now the moto is arriving from last turn every photograph are in place to make the picture of the day cause a sprint with 10 skaters like this will be amazing it’s not start yet here its not good to stat to early we saw also for men this they know how to do , they know this race it should start soon….and BOUM it’s gone manon is the middle and Juliette Pouydebat on the outside who start a bit early it seems cause the finish is still quite far juliette …manon …the sprint is started Quintana, rumpus are coming now and Katharina rumpus who won Quintana 2nd
manon 3rd chloe Geoffroy 4th marine lefeuvre 5th camarin 6th Pouydebat probably 8th or 7th she start too early….but she seems to be fast anyway congratulation Katharina…she manages very good this race again


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