Ronnie o’Sullivan vs Martin Gould Scottish Open Snooker 2019

December 13, 2019

that Acuras gold is never lost to him
and for previous attempts and most of them have been comfortable winds shot he
has made it one four seven break I know he’s had a few physical in everything in
everything and see what it leads I was an attacking safety shot oh and he’s
come across that one what one No sixteen 24:00 O’Sullivan solitaire title south
artist season came at the expense of Murphy fantastic my eleven nine but of
course that was an invitational event very lucrative one but Sullivan the one
year ranking list cause he was runner-up in Belfast Trump
second you do battle it was gold couldn’t take it
fifty-six might certainly Russell France sixty-four like 17 it’s cold need him to Snookers
sullivan not quite hurtling round the table as he did in the previous round
very controlled 17 we determined food 85 scarily so turned 44 this this would be
a good Kenneth this would be a good cannon open up with a big break but the
demeanor is rather different to the empty season 1030 his career thousand
and thirty testing in and out of book one of the shots of the tournament for
sure after Martin I closed a play we’ll have our quarterfinal lineup no he’s got a little angle on the red
great shot a little further away and that was tougher than the last one you
missed the other one and he overcome – what he’s over hit this good recovery
though using the Reds that it’s turned around but I’d like to be on it at some
stage that would free the black bent into both pockets and on those two also
onto the middle 18 black would be difficult 25 that’s right
like something big double is lead that it yeah that’s the exactly what I did in
the first room same in the second frame got him with a great read
but our Sullivan is in such a me train taking its time making sure of shots and
the thing is with Ronnie O’Sullivan it doesn’t look as though he’s playing
really fast you know rare miss Ronnie O’Sullivan 41 to at the moment so good Martin gold five and be very impressed with myself it’s
been a very different performance from yesterday’s very cleverly leaving that
Riddler 8/8 no it’s not to say he’s refusing much
look at the pinball yeah so it’s gonna be to nil will needs three Sinhalese Ronnie O’Sullivan a good spot you can do
with the black off they sell one yeah it’s great to see those big breaks
behind the black yeah that’s pretty good Martin gold a free ball here so that this is close look at this though power
is left to free evolve new use the place Oh Martin reflecting on what might have
been he’s missed three key balls in this
match with this one and then sneakers required with the help of the free ball
title in frame 213 1824 the miss a great opportunity to level the match there
after needing three Martin Gold’s pot success the player on Table two still level at
one all I didn’t want to come pastor it won’t be
safe what but this is a tough black just
dropped in off that mirror I need to drop 9 John the maximum which is 17
right for making maximum breaks this season given the new rule that means 2025 one thing is certain that every
shot in this match so far away from the black black now playing the black bear that’s the only miss one ball of
consequence forty seven fifty five sixty sixty one another
precision break sixty nine seventy six and earned this chance hard in this eighty-four eighty-five 93 99 absolutely brilliant Tim frames on
the bounce now here in Glasgow hundred and five yesterday less effective Martin
gold has had one or two chances a finalist in world number three and the
former world number one Ronnie O’Sullivan is doing so Sullivan
completes business in the near future and indeed is coming up later we might
get on to win etc etc the Reds up and maybe win the frame at this visit it’s
definitely gone nice yes it could have something to do with start off here it’s
that somewhere that you’ll never see O’Sullivan because he’s 14 always box
office he wants to go into the pack he hasn’t been forged Ronnie O’Sullivan look at the miss one Martin gold I think
mrs. approve the difference what Sullivan in no mood to be but there’s no
doubt about that he’s fought hard in the safety took his
time and he’s got it no yeah they take some beating seventeen when tiful who’s going into them and
that could have been better so Martin girl will be going back to the
salad 129 buttered it nicely miss the Reds a pot no hat and its remaining that
way for the old six one Ronnie O’Sullivan who looks on the cusp of
sealing another there are seven red seals it 8 is all he needed build one night Martin called 16 now we didn’t want that one my tingled done and dusted now it’s
gonna be another emphatic win 11 straight frames maybe not as
supercharged as his victory over James Cahill but just as effective for money
oh sorry

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