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RTS Mali Dnevnik 42 – Novak Djokovic

November 14, 2019

Hello Hello How are you Good evening Good evening You all look so great I’m very pleased to be here, thank you for inviting me today in your show Nice to meet you I am Novak Can I sit down? Yes, of course Nole, first of all, I would like to thank you for coming to hang out with the crew of Mali Dnevnik. Did you have the opportunity to see any of our episodes? Yes, of course. EARLIER THAT DAY First of all, I am glad that I will spend time with the children in their Mali Dnevnik that I try to watch whenever I can. We have cable television abroad, and I always try to connect to the frequency which enables me to watch Serbian National TV. Mali Dnevnik is one of my favourite shows. Thank you for inviting me, I feel really honoured to be with you tonight in the studio of Mali Dnevnik. When you were as old as the host of Mali Dnevnik is today, in an interview you said that you would like to become a champion. We have that footage. You do?! What is your goal in tennis? My goal in tennis is to become a champion. I remember this very well, I was seven years old, and I just started playing tennis and I was already determined that I wanted to be world champion; and this eventually became reality and I am very glad that I am here with you tonight. At the time you said that, were you aware of how much effort you would have to make in order to fulfill your wishes? At that time I lived in my own dreamland like every child does, I imagined myself holding up the Wimbledon trophy one day – the most prestigious trophy in our sport but I was lucky to have great support from my family, primarily my parents and I was fortunate to be surrounded with people who were real experts in tennis the ones who had this great passion and who recognized my talent and as time passed and as I was developing and becoming more mature I gained knowledge and built up a more mature approach. When they achieve their great goal, as you have done with yours, some people find it hard discover new motives How do you do it? I have to say that I have been very lucky in life of course, one needs to have a lot of luck and a lot of faith primarily in themselves and in what they do After all, it is the psychological strength and stability – this confidence that is crucial and even more it is important that the people who surround you have good intentions that they are honest with you and that they can help you rise and be stronger. Has it ever happened to you that you wake up in the morning and say oh no, today I don’t feel like training at all? Yes, many times, a lot more than people think, but I am aware that this is my life and that, on the one hand I am blessed because I have had the opportunity to play the sport that I love very much and therefore I am also aware that many people and children around the world, unfortunately, don’t have this opportunity to fulfill their dreams and this is something that is always on my mind and I use it to keep both feet on the ground and to approach each day that is coming with as much modesty and composure as I can. Mali Dnevnik has its correspondents in a lot of places and one of them is in Uzice. Our friends from this town have sent us one question for you. I’m ready to hear this question. Question for our Nole: Where was the first tennis court built in Serbia? Here’s a little help – it was somewhere in our region. Shall we play a game? Yeees! Let’s guess in which city in Serbia the first tennis court was built In Belgrade No, let’s continue In Russia In Russia? In Serbia, in Serbia. Come on, what do you say? In Novi Sad No. Let’s guess down towards the south, what is down south? The South Pole! The South Pole? A little above the south pole. Pri…Pri… has anyone heard of Pri… Priboj, excellent! We have answered this question correctly, Priboj was, in fact, the second city in Europe that organized a tennis tournament. Foundation “Novak Djokovic” has succeeded in their intention to renovate and restore a tennis court and now it is fully functional. I hope the children will take a racket in hand and start going to the tennis court and, maybe, a new champion will emerge from Priboj. All athletes must face their defeats. How have they strengthened you? Defeat is an intrinsic part of both sport and life. It is normal for a man to fall but it is very important to find the strength to stand up as soon as possible and to learn from mistakes or from the circumstances which have led to the failure or the situation to doubt oneself. At the very end, do you have a message for all the kids who are watching us now and probably fantasize about their own success in the future? I have one message and it says that I advise all children to spread love, to love each other to respect each other, to spend time together and to be sure to have a smile on their faces, whatever they do in life. Novak, I wish you a lot more success and trophies and I also wish you to continue making us so proud as you have done so far and for all you have achieved until now Mali Dnevnik would like to tell you – THANK YOUUUU Thank you I am glad I have been your guest. Sorry, but I don’t follow football. Mali Dnevnik


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    Nole, this is why you area true champion. You're a Champion at heart and from there all of your greatness follows. Keep it up Champ!

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    Nina Maric congratulations and many thanks for sharing this nice interview.

    Novak is a friendly, affable guy who laughs easily and always has a smile on his face. A great player, sportsman with a positive attitude, kind heart, humble, gracious and most of all, thankful. I'm sure that he is a loyal and sincere friend of his people, a man of integrity, a caring father and a loving husband. There is no doubt, in my mind, that he is an example to be followed by young people! I'm proud to be his fan!
    Go No1e and keep up the good work!

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    Wow, what a wonderful interview. Great questions, and that young girl has a lot of potential. Such well-behaved kids, and Novak was wonderful in engaging with them.

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    She's a pretty good interviewer for a little girl. Doesn't even stutter.

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