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Rüfüs Du Sol on Devastating Australian Fires, Writing for a New Album & More! | Grammys

January 28, 2020

– [Interviewer] Thanks for joining us and congrats on everything. To start on a somber note, the fires in Australia have
obviously been devastating, but you guys have been
very vocal on social media about why awareness is so important, so I wanted to get your thoughts on why it’s important
to spread that message. – Yeah, I guess it’s pretty devastating seeing the coastline and
places that we visit often touring around Australia
and growing up in Australia, Tyrone grew up in rural Australia so yeah, it’s pretty devastating to see so much of it being torn apart. And yeah, a lot of our
friends and friends affected, so it’s really important
that people donate and so we’ve been a part
of that process as well. And, yeah, getting that awareness out that they need the money to regenerate all those communities. – [Interviewer] And obviously,
your new album “Solace” came out recently. Where are you out in the follow-up process to the next album? (Jon laughs) – Yeah, I guess we’ve
started a couple of ideas, but we’re about to dive really deep into the writing process. I think I can say for all of us we’re, like, the most inspired
we’ve been in a long time. Yeah. – [Interviewer] What do you think is inspiring you so much right now? – It’s often not writing. (laughs) Yeah, we’ve just been
touring around the world for a little bit now and I
guess just seeing as much music as we do playing at festivals
is always inspiring. Tyrone’s got a new family. – Yeah, we’ve gone through so much change over the last year. Like, we’ve lost relationships,
made relationships, I’ve got a baby boy now,
I’m about to get married. Yeah, so–
– Yeah. – That’s a lot of exciting
things to write about. – [Interviewer] That awesome. And speaking of the festival circuit, I know you guys are a festival
mainstay at this point, what do you think we can expect from your live shows this summer and when you head out on tour? – Well, we’ve sort of just been
drumming up this last show, right towards the end of last year that’s just been really fun to play. It’s been the most fun to play of all the shows over the last few years. We had new ideas in there and ways that it all flows together and, yeah, hopefully over the year we’ll start chucking in some new stuff. But yeah, the show at the moment is the most fun for us to play, so we’re ready to play
that as much as we can. – [Interviewer] Awesome,
well thank you so much and have a really good time tonight.


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