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Sebastian Baez takes step by step to become a Tennis pro | Youth Olympic Games

November 4, 2019

I am Sebastian Baez
and I play tennis. This sport is unique because
is an individual sport. I like that all responsibility
relies on me knowing that I am all by myself
on the court. Tennis is an all round sport, you use almost all of your body you need a lot of fitness
to run after all the balls, being explosive is
important because you have to react quickly to balls
that come from opposite directions. Mental strength is paramount
in tennis, When you get angry, that is the moment when you
have to be focused the most. You have to forget about
the points you have lost. Being able to forget,
will allow you to have a better chance
of winning matches. I know if I want to have
a professional career I have to start little by little, and I have to play at
the Youth Olympic Games but first I have to qualify. A lot of good athletes have come out
of Argentina it’s a huge motivation
knowing that one day I could be like them and if God allows,
maybe be even better.


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