Serena Williams explodes at US open (advanced English vocabulary lesson)

December 20, 2019

Hi in this english lesson – advanced english lesson – we’re going to look at the latest twist in the ongoing rao involving Serena Williams the recent US Open final in which Serena played turned into a farce due to a combination of her throwing an all-out hissy fit and to a partisan American crowd acting in a similarly deplorable way the facts are that Williams was comprehensively outplayed by Nomi Asaka who beat her 6-2 6-4 in the process ms osaka became the first Japanese player to ever win a Grand Slam trophy but her victory and particularly the presentation to her of the trophy that she so richly deserved was totally overshadowed by a series of heated arguments between Serena Williams and the Portuguese umpire Carlos Ramos so the latest twist means the latest development in a story the latest thing to happen in an ongoing news story and I’ve just used the word ongoing which means continuing the word rao means a big argument an ongoing Rauh a big argument that’s going on and on a farce is just a ridiculous if a series of events and all-out hissy fit a hissy fit is a slang term it means it’s a hissy fit a partisan American crowd a crowd that is partisan very strongly supports one player in a two-player match so they are very biased or they were very biased toward Serena Williams deplorable means really bad really poor a really bad way to behave comprehensively outplayed this means that Williams played far far better or rather that a soccer played far far better than Williams richly deserved if you richly deserve something then you really really deserve that thing totally overshadowed if something over if one thing overshadows another then the other thing doesn’t get as much attention as it should because of one thing in this case the victory of Miss Osaka did not get the attention it deserved because everybody was focusing on Serena Williams behavior and on what happened afterwards which were going to look at now firstly the Portuguese Empire gave Williams a code violation which is a type of warning for illegally receiving coaching from her coach during the match via hand signals later Williams saw her serve broken by her Japanese opponent and she responded with a full blown tantrum hurling her racket to the ground in McEnroe esque fashion she was then handed a further warning by mr. Ramos and that was the cue for Serena to lodge into a full-blown her rank of the umpire she called him a liar and a thief for stealing a point from her and at this juncture Ramos issued her with a penalty which meant she lost a game so a tantrum is another word for a hissy fit it’s less hissy fit is slang tantrum is not full-blown means an extreme version of something if you hurl something you throw it with force and with anger McEnroe asked so many of you will know of John McEnroe the former American tennis player and current tennis commentator in English when we want to say that something is like another person we news the surname and we stick esque on the end so if somebody said something that we considered to be really stupid we might say this is a trump esque comment for example the warning by Ramos was a cue for Serena to launch into a full-blown harangue so the cue is the thing that prompts you to do something it’s that thing that happens which makes you go and do something in Serena’s case to Faulk throw a full-blown tantrum in fact a full-blown harangue of the umpire if you hang somebody then you talk at them in an aggressive way for a period of time in a very unpleasant way in which you just say to them this this this this and all these things that someone has done wrong is a harangue it’s also a verb too I rang somebody juncture simply means at this point in time there followed disgraceful scenes as Williams insisted on sending for the tournament referee by now the crowd was in uproar and they booed loudly at the presentation ceremony though it was mr. Ramos that was the subject of their ire rather than as Osaka since then mr. Ramos has been accused of sexism with the charge being that a male player who had behaved as badly would have been less severely punished but Ramos has a track record of never being cowed by big-name players of Vijender and has always been a stickler for good behavior so the charge is manifestly unfair so williams sent for the tournament referee it just leads she insisted that the torah mat referee come down to the court mr. Ramos they poor Portuguese umpire was the subject of the crowds ire this means that the anger I amines anger the anger of the crowd was directed at the umpire the umpire was the target of their anger a track record if somebody has a track record of something it means that in the past they have done a certain thing so if I have a track record of making videos on YouTube it means group that I’ve made lots of videos on YouTube before coward if you are coward by somebody that you are afraid of them mr. Ramos has never been afraid of big-name players whether it’s Serena Williams or Novak Djokovic a stickler for good behavior if you are a stickler for something that you insist on that thing happening the charge is manifestly unfair manifestly means the same thing as obviously as a result of the accusations that have been flung at Ramos and the fact that his fellow umpires feel that he has been hung out to dry umpires are now considering a refusal to umpire any of Serena’s matches meaning that she would effectively be excluded from tennis it hasn’t helped that there had been episodes that were clearly sexist involving other umpires in this tournament for example one female player was given a warning for taking her top off revealing a sports bra underneath whereas no male player would ever be told off for this in fact we’ve all seen male players half naked on tennis courts in big tournaments like the US Open and Wimbledon okay so to be hung out to dry if you are hung out to dry then you are not given the support that you deserve so I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you did please subscribe to it for more videos that will be coming your way to help more other people see the video please like this video and please share it other social networks if you have any questions about English any comments about this story what did you think of Serena Williams behavior do you think she was treated unfairly and in a sexist way then please comment below the video also you could watch other videos on this playlist if you’re watching this on a desktop computer that the playlist will appear in the top right hand corner now ok thank you and see you next time

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