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Serena Williams may not play Australian Open, Maria Sharapova can win it – Whitaker

February 13, 2020

Serena Williams may not play Australian Open, Maria Sharapova can win it – Whitaker Thats according to Eurosports Catherine Whitaker, who feels Williams is a doubt to play following the birth of her daughter Alexia.   Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley claimed hed spoke to all the top players earlier this month – and they would all be there.   But Whitaker isnt so sure and she feels it could be too soon for 23-time Grand Slam champion Williams.   She told the Tennis Podcast: The Australian Open did their launch this week and Craig Tiley, bless him, very optimistically said Ive spoken to all the players and theyre all going to be there.   I admire his optimism and he wasnt lying at all but that was the best possible thing.   He was basically saying no-one has actively said theyre not going to be there so, on the information we have at the moment, we have no reason to think all the best players arent going to be there. Bjorn Borg hasnt confirmed hes not going to play either so who knows?!   Im just starting to think, and I could be way off base here, but I spoke to a personal trainer this morning.   I know is a physical marvel not like any other human beings and I get that but we havent seen any pictures of her in training or in the gym.   Ive not seen any publicly. Going on the pictures of the late stages of her pregnancy, Im not suggesting shes not trim and a formidable athlete.   I think it would take eight consecutive pregnancies for her not to look like a formidable athlete but, realistically, shes not rocking up in Australia unless she can win it. In order for that to be the case for her mentally, she needs to be in training now and I dont know if she is.   The personal trainer I spoke to even someone of the highest echelon – and obviously the woman I spoke to hasnt worked with anyone at an echelon of Serena Williams – but she would need to be in training now.   She might be doing it privately but Im not sure she is.   And Whitaker thinks that could open the door for Maria Sharapova, won the Tianjin Open last week.   She said: I can see her winning the Australian Open, I could.   Sharapova has a winning head-to-head record against every single active player other than Serena..

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