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Serena’s Coach Patrick Mouratoglou : “Today loss was totally unexpected”

January 24, 2020

Today was totally unexpected. We didn’t see that coming.
Since 2020, she was playing well. She was moving well. She’s extremely aggressive
and confident in her game. We know what can happen
in a Grand Slam and in a tennis match. But from the first point, it was obvious compared to all the other matches. She wasn’t balanced during the shots. She wasn’t able to play
as aggressively as she usually does. And she made a high amount
of unforced errors. Tough match for her today. After she won the second set,
the problems were still there. She was still moving slowly. Sometimes her opponent
was serving at 110km/h and she was surprised by the balance. It’s not normal and not usual. She didn’t have all the keys. Incredible mentally-wise. After she lost the second set,
serving for the match, a lot of players would have collapsed. She didn’t. Credits to her coach, Thomas Drouet. She fought hard.
It didn’t work. I get that she’s angry. I’m disappointed too. She wants to win a Grand Slam again.
She wants to win several. She’s working for that.
But she was very flat today. I don’t understand why she had
that much pressure on that match. On the first two matches,
she played normal. She moved normal.
She didn’t fear her opponent. She beat her easily last time they played. We just need to understand. Find a solution and go back to work.
It’s gonna work at some point. Because Serena really wants it. And we’ll get it at some point.

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