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Shoty talking about tennis (injuries, favorite tournaments… just talking tbh…!) #61

December 23, 2019

Hey guys, today I’m just gonna answer couple of questions, and yeah, the first one is going to be this. umm… I mean for the Grandslams, I’ve been to the US Open for these 3 years
and it’s been my favourite, but I’ve always wanted to go to Wimbledon it’s one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world, and yeah I hope can pay a visit someday. and as for the Masters 1000, probably Indian Wells coz it’s in the States, and
it’s always been the players favourites so yeah I wanna pay a visit to the tournament as well. Well… not so much, I mean,
since i got injured I haven’t been in those big tournaments where I can
gain points I’ve actually took part in the one of the smaller tournaments that we have here. but I lost in the second round without taking any game at all so that was like a big shock for me. while Bob made it to the quarter finals. I was really happy for him cuz obviously he always practices with me, so yeah. But at the same time, I was not depressed but like I wasn’t feeling very good,
yeah, to be honest I’m pretty scarced and pretty afraid of losing which is a very bad thing if you’re playing some kind of sports,
but hopefully I can get out of this kind of “zone” and I’ll just keep working hard to gain confidence. Definitely not the result, cuz kind of like connected to the previous one, but I haven’t been winning a lot of matches,
so but it’s a practice and, you know, I love this sport in general,so just playing this sport, this makes me motivated somehow
and like even in practice, if you win a very good point or if you win those big points, then I really feel happy about it. so yeah, that’s one of the reasons that I keep practising and if I can kind of execute that in a match I think I always imagine that doing that in the matches, so, that really makes me motivated. I hope I can exectute that in a match someday. I’ve had a lot of lot of injuries in the past had one in my right ankle, left ankle I’ve had a back problem and then
but the biggest one probably was the wrist injury that I had last year I wasn’t able to hold a racquet for like 5 or 6 months so… and I And I kept struggling after that as well,
like to hit my forehand. so that was probably the toughest period in my life, but yeah, I think every athlete is kind of inevitable not to get injured and
like even if you get injured, I think there are like tons of things you can do off the court. For me, it was to get more stamina and I did a lot of cardio exercise as well as the core exercise.
Doing lots of training focused on my thighs and big muscles. and hopefully it’s paying off a little bit now, but yeah, I think the most important thing is to keep facing forward, and not to be too depressed and yeah, for those who are injured right now, I want to say to keep working hard and your effort’s gonna pay off after your injury’s healed. So, I really wish those people a speedy recovery and yeah, as long as you love the sport I think you have the capacity to get better. so yeah, that’s what I want to say. It means everything to me. Tennis means evreything to me. I just love the sport. I have so much so much passion for the sport and,
yeah, even if i’m not feeling very well due to the other aspects of my life, like studying or jobs or all the other things, tennis really makes me happy. and like if I hit those clean shots in the practice, if i win those big points in the practice, those little things just, you know, really make me happy. So I don’t know, it’s really closely connected to my emotions and my instinct, so even if i’m not that good, like…
I’m far from professional level, I love watching pros play tennis, I love playing tennis like myself, and I really want to be connected with those who love tennis. like all those subscribers that i got in the past few months, thank you for subscribing and it means the world to me to be connected
to the people like you guys who love playing tennis, (or) who love watching tennis, yeah so thank you. Yeah, so thank you for watching my video today and I hope you enjoyed it see you next time. Bye!

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  • Reply Kuma Tennis December 20, 2019 at 10:40 pm

    Wow the moment you talked about what tennis means to you was kind of emotional. Don’t worry about the results, like you said the most important thing is to be healthy and to enjoy playing. I wish you all the best in your daily life and in your tennis shoty. Thank you for your videos, and thank you for sharing your passion with us! ?

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