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Simona Halep Vs Serena Williams: Simona Helap Beats Serena But [ WAS IT FAIR?? ] + HIGLIGHTS

December 10, 2019

so ain’t this boat load of you know
what? Simona Halep beat Serena Williams for the Wimbledon title man
anything can happen anybody can be beat on the right day so
how many of you guys expected this I want you to put that in the comments and
select go ahead and be human alright be social on social media there
she is beautiful woman blah blah blah she beat her she got the
trophy on the windmill Tunes women final it was a bachelor though okay so it
wasn’t you know it wasn’t gonna be easy we all know that but overall Simone hey
look being Sarina when Williams at Wimbledon
you know I’m not big into this score but I do know that Sarina man she’s been
holding the title for lanolin and she’s not somebody to be you can be paired
that’s kind of like having the trophy deer head on your wall at home you know
like you know this is something that her family and pretty much the world is
going to be talking about for a long I can Serena come back definitely
I’ve been a lot of crazy stuff going on in our life lately but then there’s no
excuse girl won fair and square so what do you guys think you know was
it a fluke or will Simona halo keep this winning streak going I will see you keep
the championship work to keep the title you know come on she has to go ahead and
get on conversational with me go in economy and don’t be shy when you come
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  • Reply jan b July 28, 2019 at 1:05 pm

    The fact that u can't pronounce her name shows you know nothing about tennis but just watch the final because of serena.

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