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SMG4: Stupid Mario Tennis Aces

October 24, 2019

Mario: Woah! Mario: *Gibberish* Mario: OOOOHOOHOOHOOHOO! [WOW] SMG4: I’m Playing Some Fortnite Mario! SMG4: And you Can too By following the link in the Description! Mario: WUT?! (Out of everybody in the world who plays this Mario doesn’t) SMG4: It’s a huge 100-Man PVP game with destructible envrionments *LE GASP* SMG4: Buildable Structures OH BOI SMG4: And you can play with your friends in duos and squats! OH MY GAWWWWD! Mario: Yahoo! Wahaaa! SMG4: You can play on the Nintendo Switch, SMG4: You can play on the Nintendo Switch, PC, SMG4: You can play on the Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, SMG4: You can play on the Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, PS4, SMG4: You can play on the Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, SMG4: You can play on the Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, And mobile! O O F Mario: Mama Mia! Go download now on the website links are in the description. Thanks Epic Games for sponsoring this video! Let’s go onto THE MEMES! Mario: HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! *Glitchy Boy/SMG4 Intro* WALUIGI VS LUIGI (who will win) Luigi: *gibberish* Waluigi: WA HA HA HA! HA HA HA! I got it! WAH WAH [Duck sounds! Woohoo!] Oooooh that THICC. *CRASH NOISE* [for some reason] Waluigi: Wa wha? HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE *drinking gasoline noises* WAH(x8) [What? Waluigi is evolving!] WALUIGI! [Congratulations! Your Waluigi evolved into… Super Sayian?] Waluigi: Up I go! Luigi: Ohhh… WAH HAH! LOOK OUT! *ded* Purple Luigi: Wa-hahaha! WALUIGI #1 Fishy Boopkins: Oooooooh, that looks like fun! Hey guys, can I join? I wanna play. *gibberish* Fishy Boopkins: Huh? Jeeves: EHHHHH? QRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Fishy Boopkins: Ohhh I saw you guys playing, can I play with you guys too? Jeeves: AAHHH? WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! AAAAH? HAAA! [remember that sentence] Weegee: Mama-mia. H E L P $EXY MAN: (scratching ass) Oh yah!! WALUIGI TIME! Fishy: Oooh, I think I could be really good!!! Gee: MMMMMMMMM? HO! HALLALLALL! HAAA! Boopkins: YAY! OMG I’M SO EXCITIED WA-HOO! *crack in the dragon balls* ow. Let’s get ready… to see who will win! EH. AYYYY! OOOOOO…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Purple Mario: *laughing* Oh yeah! HEEEEEE? WAAAAAA! YAHA! [Didn’t you say that you only accept the best?] Skinny boi: *laughing* C’MON! LETS-A-GO. HEHE Boopkins: Hey! I’ll have you know that I’m a very good tennis player. I practice all the time, and- *ded* Aaaaah…. [passes out] Boop:[Echo] Ohhhh… My head….. A literal fork: MMMMMMMM…. HWAAAAAA! HMMM…. Jeeves: 🎵HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!🎵Green Waluigi: No…. BOP BOP BOP Wah: Yeah! Waluigi’s the wiiiiiener!
Mr. Boop: ohhhhhhhh noooooo….. [No you don’t! No you don’t!] [I TOLD YOU DON’T!] [OMG THE APOCALYPSE HAS BEGUN] WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAA’s again Still WAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAA Everyday life of Fishy Boopkins (man looks like he wants to die) Is this even a SMG4 video? A WORKING FRIDGE UNDERWATER? THAT CAN’T BE… FPHKSHCJK- ICE CREAM UNDERWATER?! [Cries like my little sister when she lost a contest where there’s no prize. Also she bullied me. F*** You.] -hamed ???: Oooooooooooohhh… ???: Oooooooooooohhh…
Fishy: Ah? Woah? Who’s that? Who’s there? Wheeeeeeeeeeee… ( ITS A PLANE NO ITS A GOd) Guy who fell for anime obsession: Oh…. Naruto….. Is that you? Mario: Woohoo! Hello! What’s up? (NVM its mario) frog: Huhhh? What? A disabled Mario? Uhh… I wanted Naruto. Disabled Mario: AHAHAHAHAAHA! [gibberish] Boopkins:Really? Yay! Hang on… Why are you in a wheelchair??? Mario: *sigh* mmhmhm>:V mama f**ker! D:My arms are too small and stubby:) Boopie: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! NOOOOOOOOOO! (baldi appears out of nowhere) Luigi: OOOOOOOOOH…. HALP! [why] (R.I.P luigi) AH! NOPE! [aha ha wa wa wa wa Hey! You won! You’re such a good player! Huh? What’s that? Mario: I got it. Everybody. Got it. Special! Aww… I don’t know what mine is, though… Mario: You just gotta believe in yourself. You just gotta BELIEVE! Wait, WHAT?! JUST. DO IT! You can do it! 1-UPS I’ve got it! スーパーワイフが活性化![SUPER-WAIFU ACTIVATE!] [ANIME INTENSIFIES] WOAH! Hey! Congratulations! You got it! Yeah! I did it! Let’sa go, little guy! It’s time for you to win! WOHOOOO! YA! WAAAAAAAA! WAaAaAaaAaAaluigi…… Luigi: [PANICKING] boing. EHHHHHHHHHHHH? WOAHHHHHH! HAHA! [No one knows why. Not even Sakurai.] HEY! Merio: Hey! Prepare for trouble…dildos…whatever… Boopkins: FISHY BOOPKINS IS BACK! HALLALLALL! AAAAAYYY! HA HA HA! WA HA HA HA! I’m back. To get into Tennis Aces. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….. BAAAAAM! WOAH-OAH-OAH-OAH! Oh….. [sobbing] [R.I.P luigi x2] OH…SHIT! HAAA! HALLALLALL! AYYY! AY! OOOOOOOOOOH! Waluigi: Oh no! ehh! Mario: Oh you’re so good. Good luck, f***er! HAA! YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! PINGAS!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) AH! EH EH EH EH EH EH EEH! 🎵WALLELUJAH!🎵 EEH! Tea time! AAH! WOAAAAAAAH! Wow! Whohohohahaha! [gibberish] YA! Luigi! Hmm… [gibberish] Oh yeah! [Crying] Mama mia… WAHAHAHA! Let’s go! What? Waluigi is evolving! Congratulations! Your Waluigi evolved into WALUIGI LAUNCHER! *BOOM* WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! OOF Oh! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no- AAAAAAAH! Oh no! My racket! C’mon! Oh no! This isn’t good! UUUUU- EH! (WTF MARIO) EH! AAH! ??? That’s it! SUPER DISABLED MARIO ATTACK! Waluigi: Oh no! OWWWwwww… EH A-ha! I got it! Take This! Mario: Congratulati- You bitch! WA noises [F***?] [S***?] [Yeah?] . .. … …. ….. …… ……. …….. WAAAAAAAAtch mojo [with peach i guess]: TOP 10 ANIME TENNIS BATTLES THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE HORY S#ITU! Luigi: WAAAH! ded Are you sweating? Eh, No! WAAAA! WAHHAHHA 🎵Waluigi’s…. Tacostand!🎵Waluigi: C’mon let’s go! AH! That’s it! You leave me no choice! 私はあなたに、
ワイフの神々を呼び出す![I CALL UPON YOU, WAIFU GODS!] 私には力がある!
[I HAVE THE POWER!] YAY! I did it! ( SOME ANIME SONG PLAYS) HOLY S***! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! FLYING SO FAST YOUR MOM CANT CATCH UP OH GOD Waluigi: No, Mama! Shroomy: Lalalala, making a fire. Old Man: Make a wish, honey. [Meggy questioning life] meggy : WHAT [And since we literally traveled around the world with waluigi,] [this is the end of our show.] [Uhh.. Bye!] ~ded~ Oh! Oh! I- I Think I won! I did it! Forky: AAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~ WHAT? WAIT WHAT? WHY? AAAYYY! BLORINNG! OOOOY! TEEEEEEEEEEH?! Mario: Mama F*cker!
Luigi: Oh no… Oh come on! Waluigi: WAHAHA WAAAAH! WAHA! Oh no… [Come’ on! not again!] Waluigi: WAAAA HAAAA! Boopkins: Ooooh. I’m sad again. [Please turn the volume down to mute. It’s gonna be obnoxious.] [WAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA’s forever] Press 911 to make boopkins better WAAAAAAAA. WHY DO I ALWAYS GET REJECTED? Oh no! Awwwww… Huh? HUH? Oh no! [gibberish?] HAAAAAAA! OYYYYY! HALLALLALL! 10 years ago… ;-; 🎵Waluigi…🎵 🎵Waluigi… Waluigi…🎵 🎵Waluigi… Waluigi… Waluigi…🎵 🎵Walui-eeeee-🎵 🎵gEE-EHEHEHEE🎵 *breaks into crying* @$$hole: HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! HALLALLALL! HA! Boopkins: OH MY GOD! REALLY? Oh! Thank you, Waluigi! Thank you so much! Come on Waluigi! Let’s go get Ice Cream! That’ll make everything better! Waluigi! Boopkins: Yayyyyy! Mario: Wait! Oh no! Oh ya mama mia – *incoherent angrish* 🎵Waluigi…🎵 🎵Waluigi… Waluigi…🎵 Mario: Heeeyyyy Luiiiiigiiiiii… SHHHHHET Thanks for watching! Be sure to click like and subscribe! People who’ve been worked so hard to make captions:
landofrandom1500, WilsonPerez3,Wontino, NYJetsDude03 AKA Alex
The Community Mann
Mae Beyond and hamed alzarooni. Question: Can I watch The Emoji Movie? Answer: No. Question: Thank you, Captain Obvious!


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    00:00 – Destruction, Joywave
    00:07 – Wii Shop Bling, Toonlink
    00:47 – Waluigi Pinball, Mario Sports Mix
    01:11 – Let’s Play Baseball, Mario Superstar Baseball
    01:25 – Training Menu, Wii Fit
    01:52 – (happy music in C Major when Boopkins joins)
    02:05 – Course Intro, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
    02:11 – (quiet drums when Waluigi accepts challenge)
    02:48 – Here’s Some Weapons, Super Mario RPG
    03:33 – Position Select – Tennis, Wii Sports
    04:01 – Kirby’s Victory Theme, Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    04:04 – Menu Theme, Mario Teaches Typing 2
    04:28 – Practice/Training, Super Smash Bros. 64
    04:59 – O.K. House, Jet Set Radio
    05:22 – (quiet music when Boopkins is doing well)
    05:37 – Guile’s Theme, R.A.H. on OC Remix
    06:00 – (quiet violin when special moves are introduced)
    06:33 – Dr. Soulja, Toonlink
    06:56 – (happy music when Boopkins has special move)
    07:00 – (happy music as story pans to Waluigi)
    07:16 – (uplifting music when Boopkins gets back)
    07:33 – (funk in e minor when Boopkins makes comeback)
    08:07 – A Wallelujah Chorus, Matthew Taranto
    09:01 – (rock in c minor when Waluigi makes comeback)
    09:25 – Main Theme, Waluigi’s Tacostand
    09:41 – Bon Appetit S, Blend S
    09:48 – Coconut Mall, Mario Kart Wii
    10:15 – Trophy Presentation, Mario Kart 64
    10:34 – (sad music when Boopkins loses)
    11:19 – Waluigi Sings Hallelujah, Chris Patstone

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