So Aim Assist Just Got A HUGE BUFF… (Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 – Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

February 28, 2020

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going over the interesting variety of changes that have occured to aim
assist since the beginning of chapter 2 season 2. I’m gonna be honest, leading up to the new
season I was really scared that aim assist was going to be nerfed in some way. With Breso winning the Australian Open and
controller players having such a good showing in the winter royale and weekly cash cups,
it seemed like aim assist was getting called unfair or overpowered more than ever before. Plus chapter 2 season 1 was our first full
season with both legacy and linear in the game so now people had 2 types of aim assist
to complain about. However in a twist that almost nobody expected,
certain aspect of aim assist actually received some really crazy buffs. And some of them are so dramatic I’m honestly
not sure if it’s a glitch or something that Epic actually intended. So, without further ado let’s get right into
it. Alright so let’s start this video off by talking
about how aim assist was surprisingly buffed at the beginning of chapter 2 season 2. The first mention I saw of this was about
2 days after the season was released by crr who is one of the best controller players
on the planet. He tweeted on February 22nd “May aswell say
it so they patch it, this season we get aim assist through player built structures. Please fix I can aim at a massive build fight
and go from left to right to see where people are hiding.” So when I first saw this I was thinking 1
of 2 things was possible going on here. My first potential thought was that CRR was
just trolling for likes and retweets. Both controller and mouse and keyboard players
frequently make jokes about aim assist because they know it’s such a controversial topc,
so that was definitely in play here. My other thought was “alright maybe he’s just
mis-wording or overexagataring when he says that he’s getting aim assist THROUGH structures.” Even before chapter 2 season 2 there’s been
a way to kinda sorta get aim assist through player built structures. If you’re shotting an SMG at an enemy who’s
turbo building walls, if you’re a legacy player and you start spamming L2, you’ll still get
pretty much the normal snap-on that legacy aim assist gets even though there’s a wall
in front of the player. And the reason for that is because since turbo
building isn’t instant and there’s a slight delay between walls being placed, during that
split second where no wall is up your legacy aim assist will work perfectly normally. Definitely pretty situational but I could
see how someone could confuse that as getting aim assist through structures since it kinda
is, so I thought “maybe that’s what CRR means here.” However over the past 2-3 days or so people
discovered and proven that he was not actually trolling or exaggerating at all. I’ll play a quick little clip in the background
right now from a youtube user named “OrangeGuy” that showcases this new mechanic very well. As you just saw, those were fully built metal
walls that were totally covering the player behind them. However when OrangeGuy started spamming L2
it literally tracked that player behind the wall as if nothing were even there in the
first place. So that alone would be totally crazy but it
gets even more insane. Another unexpected buff that aim assist got
was the ability to track players through bushes or cornfields. I’m not 1000% sure on this so feel free to
correct me if I’m worng because my memory is a little hazy here, but I believe early
in Fortnite’s history you were actually able to get really normal aim assist through bushes
at first. Then sometime a few seasons ago that was changed,
and since then you’ve either gotten no aim assist whatsoever or just such weak aim assist
that it was barely even noticable. But for some reason that was changed with
the update that gave us chapter 2 season. And just to highlight how insane this is,
here’s a nice little compilation of some absolutely crazy clips of these aim assist buffs in action. Yeah I don’t think calling those clips absolutely
crazy was an overexageration at all. So now I think there’s 2 main questions we
have to ask here. The first one is: Was this intentional by
Epic or is it a big/glitch. The reason why I waited a few days to make
this video is because I wanted to see if they would mention it at all, or even go a step
further and fix it in this weeks update. Like I mentioned earlier these buffs initially
started receiving public attention about 4-5 days ago and so far Epic hasn’t said a word. Also we got a patch on Tuesday morning that
fixed a variety of glitches that resulted from the season 2 update, but absolutely nothing
involving these aim assist buffs. So I think it’ll be really interesting to
see what Fortnite decides to do as this gets more and more public attention. If I had to guess I’d probably say eventually
they do some kind of nerf but that’s just a total guess on my part I could be 100% wrong. The other question I have here is if the aim
assist you get through builds, bushes, and cornfields only applies to legacy or does
it also work with linear and expo? Obviously it’s going to be most apparent and
overpowered when combined with legacy L2 spamming, but imagine a situation where you let’s say
chase an enemy into the cornfields and you don’t he’s somewhere near you but you don’t
know exactly where. If you can get that crazy stickiness that
linear gives you while not ADSing you’ll be able to track and spray the guy pretty well
without even seeing him. So since I play on legacy I don’t have an
answer to that question, so if you play on linear or expo and you’ve noticed or do notice
that happening in the future let me know by commenting because I’m really interested in
that. And speaking of linear aim assist that’s the
other topic that I want to quickly cover towards the end of this video. So in case you weren’t aware at the beginning
of season 2 it appeared that linear aim assist had actually been seriously nerfed. I remember waking up a few hours after the
new season dropped and as I scrolled down my timeline on Twitter to see the reactions,,,I
saw like 5-6 different tweets either of controller players complaining they nerfed linear or
mouse and keyboard players celebrating it. Now right away a lot of people were skeptical
about whether this was intended or not because of what was actually nerfed. As I mentioned in my last video the aspect
of linear aim assist that might be a tad bit too strong is the tracking assist you get
while not ADSing in close range fights. However what had been quote unquote nerfed
was actually the medium to long range ADS tracking of linear which honestly was pretty
weak to begin with. So eventually within about 10 hours or this
issue had generated enough publicitiy that Fortnite tweeted out on one of their official
accounts saying “We’re investigating reports around aim assist performing inconsistently,
and will provide an update when we have more info.” So that right there kinda signaled “alright
this isn’t a nerf they just messed something up somehow with the new patch.” However people started to get nervous because
for about 4 days after that initial tweet we didn’t get any kind of update whatsoever. And with how Epic can be about certain issues
I guess people were scared they were either going to forget, or that they would just straight
up not say anything and keep it the way it was. But finally early Tuesday morning they dropped
a small bug fixing patch that fixed linear aim assist and brought it back to normal. So if your aim assist felt “off” or “weird”
at the beginning of the season like I’ve seen so many people say in the comments of my videso,
that’s right there is the reason why. And I think it being fixed is not only good
news for linear players obviously, but I think it’s also good for game balance in general. With the other aim assist buffs we talked
about that are clearly more beneficial for legacy players, if Fortnite had kept linear
the way it was in the beginning of the season, I can guarantee you everybody would’ve switched
back to legacy. But now legacy vs. linear is back to being
as even as it’s always been. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. What are your thoughts on the new buffs to
aim assist that I showcased in this video. Do you think they’re fair, overpowered, do
you think it’s a glitch that’ll be patched soon, let me know. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

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