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December 3, 2019

what is up everybody welcome back to my
channel today we’ve got Caleb yeah Chris staples and we are not on a basketball
court today we are on a tennis court hey airplane can you chill out bro two
rounds first round is gonna be you have the racket and the tennis ball the giant
tennis ball and the second round is going to be soccer tennis so just using
your feet or head to get the soccer ball over but everyone is going to play
everyone for both rounds and if my math is correct that’s six six games per
round I didn’t do it you got to give me how to
here Josh till food is terrible in prison right
yeah you get it because that’s like yeah like a metaphor it’s not my best work
anyway it’s gonna be quick moving because the games are only two three
points here we go hey that’s the truth we did it for the first time and I was
like wait this is fun first up is Caleb verse Chris three
points wins we’re gonna alternate who serves no matter what because it’s only
two three and we’re playing only the inner square
cuz this ball doesn’t bounce right much ready Oh point Caleb sir
Oh one-to-one cristae will do you feel out of your element right now I’ve never
seen you never seen you with a racket before okay okay that is two to one oh okay Caleb takes round one mean Jenna dependent underhand okay get it over the
net I’d like backspin or something Jenna’s
not great at the second hit yeah just get-get up on it it looks like a crab next round
next up Jenna first Caleb watching the ball what is she doing
where the ball just dives that just the ball yeah 10-point Caleb one-to-one okay okay two two two
what do you got who’s your money on okay though to the to genetics take it can
one spin on it you just gotta hit it Chris put a little umph in it there you
go oh wow chopping wood over there man geez I’m not sure what the thought
process on that one was Oh – one toe on the line but we won’t say a word
oh why don’t you let it bounce I think the key to the big ball is hitting it up Chris gets the Dove I caught that too I
say I think Chris is no way no I didn’t I don’t say that Chris wins
that it’s all tied up rabbis one point everyone I’m done done this is the
battle you’ve all been waiting for mouse kind of saucy feel bits for you
rock nice oh man we hit it on Jorge working with the wind do you have a loss
Hey the good news is you’re really good at soccer tennis
I’m phenomenal it’s like we played a once with we played it once with a a
little freestyler special soccer freestyle Caleb who was holding his own
for sure and she even said wow you’re really good yes so that’s up next but
point totals after that caleb has one point I have two points Chris has two
points Jenna has one point and now we’re moving on to soccer tennis here we go
okay so soccer tennis it is basically the same rules we’re gonna play the same
court but there’s one rule you are able to do one stop and one hit back so so I
can’t Caleb can then do oneself pass and then over just like that ready ready
ooh almost Oh Caleb with the header oh wow Caleb get there Jenna
hold on Caleb are you okay – – what r20 oh nice Chris alright Chris
you’re really good at you’re really good at dunking though yeah I am and
apparently good at the big ball tennis yeah little too much sauce dinner no that was it was good but it
was just a little out you pride cometh before the fall we played the full court
we played before no I think that screw me up – we’re gonna lose – Jenna this
game that was close okay two to one what’s that mean – – who’s gonna clutch up right now
who’s gonna catch up that was it good you got any others in a row that’s a
good match every concussion but coughing losing that was fun I’m actually really
surprised at myself right now it’s good that’s really good okay quick score
recap before the next round I have two points total I have three dose okay all
right josh is in control press rebuttals Josh another in control it’s Chris
Connor left foot Oh mixed up with the left foot Chris remember you have a stop
and then a kick Josh being drops that’s what you get oh goodness
you’re the one who brought it out Oh Chris using this Twitter – for the
win Josh that might have been out if you didn’t touch it
oh so Chris has three Oh Chrissy could have kicked it again – oh that’s it
Chris so you have three wins yeah Jenna has three wins I have three wins I have
two wins so if I if I win this if you win this as a forehead okay but if I win
I win it all all right guys we got the final game right here at our home tennis
courts not really our home but just kicks it successfully over control away
by Caleb oh I can’t see what does that um so do we gonna say yeah cuz honestly where the ball hit the
net is kind of in the way too so I don’t leave nothing go back to the monitor nice control really good sir good sir
yes two to one all right two to Wan Caleb
nice control Oh doing the same technique don’t come back a time after everything
you fought so well wait I ooh nice shallow care oh my nice I was trying to get like
velocity on it but it hit the top and we’re still nice can’t spell concussion
without soccer tennis thanks for watching everyone make sure you
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those other videos we’ll see you guys later bye chris is such a like announcer named
Chris why don’t you tell us about our competitor you know what I mean
okay sorry


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