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Speaking English by Prof Sumita Roy at IMPACT SEPT 2015

November 10, 2019

speaker:: My dear friends are you ready now! Audiance: *Yes* Speaker: To get job what is the most importent To get an employment what is the most importent We will teach you, but The most important , why my brothers and sisters and my children are not getting employment, your know? The major heardle is English! Due to unable to speak english Due to unable to teach English I would like to invite The professor in osmania university With great orator skills she coached hundreds and thousands of people In experting in English very simple but very powerful 🙂 *May in invite Docter Sumita Roy* ma’am please come on to the dais for your presentation A very good afternoon to all of you I must thank Mr. Gampanageshor Rao for making the no of my students into laks. As a professor of the university I had a few thousand students. But after IMPACT there are laks and laks of students who are constantly asking how to improve English I am sure in the hall today all of you have the same question. They call up just now I was sitting in the audience, I got two three calls, Saying that we just watched your youtube, the last person who called is from uttarakhand Just when the speech was finishing, Madam I am calling from Uttarakhand please tell me how to improve my English. So, Do all of you also want to improve your English? Yes Are you sure? yes Then You have to work very hard You can’t improve English just by coming and sitting in this room. You can get a lot of ideas but you can’t get practice Gampanageshor Rao is doing a great job , because he is building your foundation . and the building has to be made by you , the foundation is the course and practice is the real building. Please remember that whatever we are telling you has to be put into practice. He suggested communication skills but I will tell you , you know morning when I open my whats up , twenty seven messages ,all of them are asking how to speak good English. Just now you heard our speaker Dr. Ramanacari telling you about the importance of speaking. So instead of speaking about all the skills of communication, if you want to know all the skills go to the earlier impact. Today I am going to concentrate only on one of these skills. We have four ; L,S,R,W listening ,speaking ,reading ,writing I am concentrating today on skill number two and that is speaking. However well you speak you must remeber you can improve . However badly you can speak you must remember you become excellent. Because speaking is not for yourself but for the others. As long as they can understand you ,as long as they can respond to you that means you are speaking well. In June this year I was speaking in st. Louis in USA. First when I got onto speak I told them , my English is not American English. My English is Indian English. The audience was American. They said no problem ,your English is clear. We have no problem understanding your English. So please don’t worry about whether you are speaking British English or American English. Learns standard Indian English. we are unable to learn the standard Indian English. we are learning the local English which is not good enough.


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    Listen English
    Read English
    Write English
    Improve vocabulary
    Try to convert information into English in your mind
    Be confident

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    Madam, why should we speak in English to a person who doesn't know English? Is it a sign of madness?. I am a malayali. I will understand the person who talk to me. A large number of people from other states come to Kerala in search of job's. We know, they are hindivalas.we know Hindi too we try to speak in Hindi.

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    We, Malayalies study three languages, our mother tongue Malayalam, English, Hindi. When a foreign tourist is met, we will speak to him in English.

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