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Spinlord Wyvern | 1,5 mm defensive | review

November 10, 2019

Today you will learn How to play Spinlord Wyvern? How to conduct an objective test of a rubber What a defensive player can do by short pips This review is carried by Maciej Kucharski – one of the best defensors in Polish second division and Mateusz Ufnal – one of the best defensors in polish first division The SpinLord Wyvern is a new short pimple-out rubber, that is not thought to be a totally new rubber, but an improved version of the SpinLord Waran. To achieve this goal the pimples of the Wyvern have exactly the same dimensions as those of the Waran. So they are very short, have a conical shape and ribbed pimple tops. The rubber compound of the Wyvern is quite different though, it has more grip then the rubber compound of the Waran. We can give you the hint that we used the rubber compound of the long pimple-out rubber Strahlkraft for this rubber. The sponge of the Wyvern is the same High-Tech sponge that has been recently newly developed for the pimple-inn rubber Ozelot. That means that the sponge is medium-hard, very fast and includes a strong built-in speed-gluing effect. In total the Wyvern is a little bit faster then the Waran (at least in 2,0 mm – in 1,5 mm it is slower because the speed of this rubber is generated almost only by the sponge). It can create more spin and is more versatile to play then any other short pimple-out rubber. The control values of the Wyvern are very high, and it is also a very reliable rubber that is easy to master. The Wyvern has been developed for and with a new generation of professional players, who use a short pimple-out rubber both for attacking and defending. These players can use the Wyvern for chopping like a long pimple-out rubber but can also play powerful counter-attacks with it when needed. Defensive in second zone Playing technique is very important here. Only fast, well-built players can play such hits. The test is carried out for points. Play statistics allow you to assess subjectively whether the rubber gives good results. Frequently, competitors themselves are very used to previous equipment. Learning new equipment with new technologies can cause problems. This rubber is fast. Defensive shots do not have the quality of slower pips. Feeling is different than on usual defensive pips with a harder sponge. Here, a very elastic sponge sometimes disturbs to play with 100% efficiency. One can venture to say that for real defensors this rubber will require a smaller sponge, e.g. 1.0 mm Maciek Kucharski plays very well with long pips. He recently changed the long pips to short. This is the future in a defensive game of plastic balls. Defensive equipment develops in the same way as player’s technique. The equipment requires you to master it a little. Wyvern gives you the opportunity to play cut and empty ball. You can cheat on your opponent. Maciek has the same feelings as Mateusz, that for the second zone on this thickness, this rubber is a bit too fast. To sum up, it can be said that this rubber on a thinner sponge will have more control and parameters very similar to the Waran. Playing block Mateusz Ufnal plays a great block with defensive rubbers. The quality of his play is very unpleasant for opponents. Hitting the pips at one tempo can amaze many. The quality of the ball by the Spinlord Wyvern makes it possible to determine that it is more offensive than defensive. It will be a toy for people who like to play in the first zone with an unpleasant block. This is not an easy rubber to master. At the same time, it gives very unpleasant effects to opponents. Maciej Kucharski in his game for offensive plays and blocks more often uses pimples in. Rotating the racket is not a problem for him. The block game system using pips by the table suits him less. At the same time, playing on the table with a Wyvern by block gave good results. The ball was often cut back and the opponent could not always read the spin correctly. It is an opportunity for players who are looking for weapons to play by the table. It will be an ideal solution for people playing push and destructive game. A classic defender will not necessarily be happy with such equipment. Defesive forehand Defensive forehand is sometimes forced by the opponent if the defender turns the racket. Some defensors are very good at playing this technique. Mateusz Ufnal as a technically well-trained player can make such a hit. Just like from the backhand, the ball has an unpleasant flight path. Well caught and dragged through the entire rocket will cause a lot of problems for the opponent. Maciej Kucharski more often defends with forehand. It is a natural movement for him which he performs well from any zone. Hitting by a rubber with higher rotation parameter will give him a much greater advantage than playing the pimples-in in this element. Only playing the pips from time to time to confuse the opponent will be able to give a good result. Despite this, the quality of playing the Wyvern is satisfactory. Sum-up Spinlord Wyvern is the latest weapon of Spinlord. This rubber meets the manufacturer’s description that says it is an indirect offensive and defensive weapon. Even on a 1.5 mm sponge it is more suitable for offensive game. Only thinner sponges such as 1.0mm will meet the requirements of classic defensors. It is a rubber more for offensive players who must play defensively from time to time. If you enjoyed the material, leave a like. If you want to receive such information regularly, subscribe. Remember to share and develop table tennis!


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