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Spooby dooby doo Racket league # 1

February 3, 2020

hello there *never time it right :(* Mason:uuuhh what is this game called again? Racket lea/ SCREW IT LETS GO!!! *hyped* * out of breath laugh * Okay Devin: And I look pretty with this sexy bow :p and the * dramatic pause * Fall Out boy Mason: I’m prettier>:D I’m the first freakin mystery van from scooby doo Devin: Scooby doo man Mason: Why is it called the mystery van when and I know it’s not called the mystery van I know that, it’s called something else. I I *stutter* I can go both ways * that’s what she said * wear red and white Angels and white blue Doiers But i prefer DODGERS While Mason prefers Angels>:( *not mad* ima edit some more but for now srry

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  • Reply ArZo Karma August 13, 2016 at 5:25 am

    Nice one!

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