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Stan Wawrinka ● How To Become A Champion | HD (Sub ENG)

December 10, 2019

To be a professionnal tennis player, I think we must be rank in the top 200 to earn enough money to live. It’s a bit like an award for me, people start to interest in me and I’m really happy. Thank you so much to have chose me for this trophy, it makes me really happy. It proves I’m on the right way and I have to keep like this. Thanks again. It was not an easy match, it’s an opponent very hard to play. But I managed to impose my game and it allowed me to win. I didn’t set goals, I want to progress in every part of my game, physic and tennis, and then will see what happens. It’s my favorite Grand Slam, it’s the one I watched on tv when I was young, it’s the one I played in junior and I won. It’s a great memory. There was a lot of tense and nevoristy on this court ? Yes a bit, we were both nervous I think but I’m happy to win at the end. There is a player I watched more than others, it’s Pete Sampras. I liked him, and he won everything so we had the chance to see him more often. I have the feeling I’m improving well, I feel better and better and I hope I could go the farthest possbile. It’s a special moment for me. It’s the dream of every player to win an ATP tournament. I’m really happy. And with all the work I do, it’s nice to have the chance to win a trophy at 21. After the great win against the Bryan brothers, it came to his mind at this moment. We started to do it and it was really funny. I told him, we’ve just won a medail, we’ve beaten the best double team. We can be a bit crazy one time and it was so funny that we did it again after the final. You get to find waves from him ? Is there fire which comes out from Stan ? I don’t know but I warmed up from Stan, he is always electric so yeah it was funny. I had won only 1 title in my career, today it’s the 2nd, I stayed on 7 defeats in finals so to win today was really important for me. After some years, Stan was established in the top 20 and then he was really in the shadow of Federer because when he was doing a QF in Grand Slam, no one was interested. Neither the presse nor the people. Oh it’s magnificient, he got it. We thought Wawrinka lost an opportunity to break him when he stepped back… Yeah he did it ! What a victory for Stanislas Wawrinka. After have been down 2 set 0, 4 – 1 in the 3rd, he managed to beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga after 4h03. Your best perfomance ? 4th round last year against Roger… Well played… Yes Jo ! He is in QF for the first time in his life, he did it Why I should not complicate matters ?! You do bullshits, you make mistakes, I want you change this judge line at the next change of ends ! It was a crazy match, Richard played so well. The only player I’ve never beat, it’s Nadal. It’s a big challenge for me to beat him one time. But I’m not deseperated, I know one day it will come…. Maybe it will happen in 2014 ? Maybe, will see… But I’m very exited to start 2014 season. I have high goals for this year, I know it won’t be easy… The smile of Rafael Nadal, as usual he suffered against Wawrinka, As usual the Swiss had opportunities but at the end, it’s a loss without take only one set to the Mallorcan. It was unbelievable feelings, of relief, exitation, to do not understand what was happening, to do not realize I’ve just won a Grand Slam because I never dreamed about that, I thought I was far of this level. I couldn’t tell myself one day I will win a Grand Slam. But it happened tonight after 2 amazing weeks here at Melbourne.. Everyone tell me he made me shadow, but I see that also as a chance for me. It allowed me to build my career from my side… It’s not normal to have win this Grand Slam, I mean I don’t want it becomes normal for people and expect me to win Roland Garros. No, it’s not the case. It’s extraodinary for me to have win a Grand Slam and to be world number 3 today. As many people know it, you’re the best player ever. It’s always an honor and a chance to play against you and to win a final was really special for me. I think to win a Grand Slam brought us others discussions, to talk about his experience and what I and he felt. We have always been close friends but I think the time we spent in Davis Cup this year made the things a bit different. Oh he let go of the power on this pass, and Tsonga who hits his racquet… Yes ! It’s done ! The first point for the Swiss team thanks to a huge Wawrinka, remarkable ! Today I play much better than him during all the match. I did everything better, I was stronger and it’s why I won… It’s a special moment in our life as tennis players, I spent 2 years in Lausanne and him all his life so I think we couldn’t hope a better day with more than 10 000 people to celebrate this title. It was fabulous. I really think Stan is the MVP of this week. You call Stan “Stanimal”, what he would be if he was an animal ? A buffalo (laugh) It’s good ? No. So a bear I don’t know, something strong and solid. But I don’t call him like that between us, it’s Stanley for me and it’s when he plays matches where he hits groudstrokes and he plays well that the “Stanimal” appears for me.


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    Incredible video! It is just a joy to see someone acknowledge what a great champion Stan is. He has a perfect backhand and off the scale shot making ability.. I’ve never been able to find much about him on the net.. he always tends to fly under the radar.. but someone finally put together a piece that does justice to him as a person and a tennis player.. Magnificent. was well worth yr tireless effort.. great champions should not always be overshadowed by the greatest champions .. I am a Fedhead but love to watch Stan play.. it’s a beautiful thing !

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    Hi lehunterpro, I'd like to commend you on doing a fantastic job with this project! I watched your movie from start to finish and it's absolutely beautiful! You did an excellent job with the pacing and music. I was also impressed by how you were able to show the amount of change that Stanislas Wawrinka had to go through before he was able to become a top level player and grand slam champion. Hopefully, Stan will get the chance to see your video. I'm sure that he would love it! Job well done!

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