Start of the Telemark season in St Gervais with Jaz Taylor (3rd in the world) and the Leggett team!

February 10, 2020

How does it look like? It looks like snow! Oh Trevor, it looks brilliant! We’re above the clouds have you seen this, we’re above the clouds! This is Heather! Hi Cyrille! Can you tell me what is going on today? So Cyrille, what we are doing now, we’re going to ski down to the start of the Telemark race. It’s team GB Telemark and they’re holding a championship race for the start of the season, which we’re going to support because, as you know, Leggett is sponsoring team GB. So we’re all going down to the start to watch particularly Jaz Taylor who’s 3rd in the world. Skiing and just to give them our support and have a great day! We’ve got quite a few journalists and a film crew here as well, all looking at team GB and also talking to Leggett about what we do as well so that’s what’s going on here today! I’ll have a word with Tamsin to make sure she lets you know, but I think we’re going to have drinks or something this evening, and maybe you can come to the restaurant! Either way, it’s all good! Good luck and we’re really looking forward to seeing you race and jump! Thank you, I’m 36, boys are all in the 60s. So like 67, 68, etc. Ben and?… Ben, Jack, Louis… there’s actually quite a lot of us! So at the moment we’re just all kitting up, but some people are walking down some people are getting their rackets out, and doing racket walking, and some of us are skiing as you can see here, Andrew is also a telemarker, and so he’s got a free heel here, which is a different type of skiing to what I’m doing, which is downhill skiing. The telemarking is the traditional one and ours is the new sport. But it’s become the fixed sport, but as telemarketing is now gaining traction in the ski industry again, that’s why we’re here to see the race. One of the big things we want to try and do with today is to help the exposure for the Telemark team, because we’d like to get it back to the Olympics! So basically you’re flexing in order to keep stability. And you slide your leg back so you can come around the corner. Flex and down. It’s also a lot more comfortable if you’re skating around. The shoes are great. Free the heel, free the spirit! We’ve got a beautiful view, we’re here with the whole Leggett team. We’re lucky, we’ve got beautiful snow, beautiful weather. So we’re here watching the race, the Telemark. The women have gone past, and now we’re just watching the men. You’ve got Louis that just went and he was looking on very very good form. Great scenery, great race! We’re just next to the jump here, which is sponsored with a Leggett banner. We’ve got another GB coming past here, Great race, good day so far! Cyrille, can I introduce you to Adrian? Adrian is one of the telemark team coaches. I’m the chairman of the British Telemark. Chairman of British Telemark! He’s going to talk us through as the next person comes down. Each racer will come down and they are judged on the telemark positions they take to make a turn. They have to have a boot length between their feet on each turn. And when they move position, it has to be one smooth continuous transition. Then they come up for the jump, and they have to make line. The men’s line is the 3rd line. If you don’t make the line, you add 3 seconds to their time. If they don’t land in telemark, we add another second. You have to think, if you know you’re not going to make line: land short, land “tely”, save time! If you break 5 mistakes of the course and don’t make the line, you’ve lost 8s. It sounds like a tough sport. It certainly looks tough! It’s an all-round sport! And then at the bottom, we do cross country skiing Yes, I saw you scanting around! And so that’s an integral part of telemark? Yes, I’d say that’s about one-third of the racecourse. It’s not as big as alpine, but it’s so much cooler! We’re just really pleased that we’re sponsoring you. It’s been an absolute pleasure all the way through the whole year. We’re very grateful because you’ll get fundings from UK sport if you’re an Olympic sport and you’ve got people with medal potential. If you don’t, you get nothing. I understand that you are trying to campaign to become an Olympic sport as well We are! We went to the IOC the year before last. Unfortunately, we didn’t get through. There are lots of challenges in all of that, about who the IOC are trying to promote, their inclusivity. They want to have a lot more televisual stuff, which we are, but it’s about numbers and management and all of that. It is not as straightforward as “hey we are the coolest sport” and they will put us in there. As Andrew says, free the heel, free the spirit, or something? Free the heel, free the mind! Thank you! No problem! It’s a great sport to watch, isn’t it? It’s great to watch, great to do! What do you think of the area? I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, the sun is just breaking over the top of the mountain by the trees. The snow is fabulous, the views are spectacular, I’m having a lovely day skiing, watching the telemark team coming down. Looking good, looking graceful! I think we’re going to move off now! I’ve not even seen anything from
yesterday! Haven’t you? I don’t know how many penalties, I don’t know! I took a photo, but I probably shouldn’t show you before the prize is given to them. What are your feelings about the races? I’m still not quite organised. I probably shouldn’t admit that to sponsors, but I’m not. I’ve still got skis to sort out and technical things that need dealing with that haven’t been dealt with yet. There’s some work going on behind the scenes I’m running a bit late on. It will be done in time! When is the first day? Is it the 23rd? 24th is the very first World Cup race. And the first day is in Pralognan? Yeah, do you know it? I’ve never been, but we’ve got a team based in Courchevel, they work in Pralognan as well. Oh really? It’s beautiful, it’s a national park! So right behind me, there is the Mont-Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. These are simply stunning views! So St-Gervais is one of the best locations if you love skiing. The tracks around the resort are just amazing! If you would like some advice, you can contact Andrew! His property portfolio is in the description of this video. He will be happy to answer any of your requests so don’t hesitate! If you liked that video, please subscribe to our channel! Thank you!

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