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[SUB: ENG / IND] TWICE Inkigayo Check-in LIVE EP. 1

November 9, 2019

Real-time live broadcast live on the world through YouTube SBS KPOP PLAY Today, especially recorded version is going on! Check-in Live! One in a million! Hello, this is Twice! Hello, this is Momo of Twice Nice to meet you, Jeongyeon of Twice. Hello, this is Twice Sana Hello, this is Nayeon from Twice Hello, this is Jihyo of Twice Hello, it is Dahyun of Twice Hello, this is Twice Tzuyu Hello, this is Chaeyoung of Twice Twice is on the Check-in live show. Are you guys watching Twice’s live performances? Unfortunately, we can’t communicate with you in real time But it will be released for the first time through YouTube SBS KPOP PLAY ONCE, please leave a lot of comments and enjoy communicating. Then first order! Let’s do an album unboxing Chaeyoung, please. Shiny like the title “Feel Special”!
Our signs are written We worked hard one by one If you open it like this, the CD! The members on the CD are also random This poster is random -Momo Who? It also contains our song lyrics If you look inside This is important Poca! (Photo Card) Who would it be? Who is the photo card? -Jihyo!
-Nayeon! Jihyo sister Tzuyu Is that me? Jeongyeon Unnie Momo, aren’t you taken too close? – Intentionally!
– Oh yeah? It’s burdensome ~ I need to exchange it, I need to exchange it This is our album ~ It looks like you’re buying it yourself It’s fluttering ~ This time everyone is so pretty Fans respond so much -Chaeyoung, then pick your favorite
-Choi Ae? It’s okay for me I can accept it too It’s okay if you don’t pick me. When we take pictures of our jacket this time I thought Jeongyeon was so beautiful It’s been a while since she cut her hair bobbed Fit well If you buy our album, there are lots of… What is it? This time our album has three versions. Yes, there are three versions of our album. This album is one of them, so if you buy all three versions, You can see a lot of our other pictures Please buy! Okay, well done. Let’s move on to the next order This is the time to discover the charms of the members who will capture the hearts of ONCE. Show Time HOT 6! Looking ahead, you can see six attractive point missions and dice. Just roll the dice and show the attractive points corresponding to the numbers. The dice will roll three times in total The members who are most confident in that attractive point come out and perform the mission. Then shall we check what missions exist? Talent mission. Dance mission Amiable mission A song singing a favorite song CF mission There is a body part proud mission Body Proud Mission LOL That’s the easiest Then who first? Jeongyeon ~ -Just roll it?
– Yeah Please Do it well One, two, three No.2! Wave dance on music Who else would you dance? Jeongyeon You’re in charge of TWICE’s dance. You are the wave master, aren’t you? Who said that? ONCE did it all. You were famous for spinning hats ribbon in middle school. That’s not a wave!! You can wave like this way Please music on! You must show us wave ~ Well done This time, Momo! ~ Do it well~ Please roll the dice well~ Boast your confident body parts! Nayeon !!!! Nayeon, proud body part Sit down and brag, then Please boast The whole body. Please applause to me!! It’s actually the front teeth -I admit it.
-Right, cute. Please make your face look pretty Okay, one, two, three, three. One, two, three! Wow ~ Pretty Lastly, Sana, please throw it. Please throw it well 5. I’m the Queen of CF. You have a drink to do this! I think Jihyo is the master of CF. Would you like a drink ad? Wasn’t we a soda model? Once as a Pokari model It’s an ion drink, not a beer! Mix with your right hand, mix with your left hand ~ You do it! it’s over! OK, then shall we go to the next corner? Right next corner Cover Dance Challenge! The rules for the cover dance challenge are very simple. 10 mission songs representing JYP will be played at random If you know a song, you can come forward and dance. If you succeed in 7 or more mission songs, the production staff will give you specially prepared items. Are you all confident? Where is the product? Can you focus on the MC? I’ll do my best! Then let’s start I’ll play the first song right away Wonder Girls-Be My Baby Go out quickly! If you don’t know, Just create choreography! Miss A-Hush 2pm-my house GOT7-Lullaby JYP-Honey JYP-Who’s your mama? ITZY-Dalla Dalla ITZY-ICY Looks like a member of ITZY! I’m proud of you! Stray Kids-My Pace this is right? right? Stray Kids-Side effects Wow so good ~ I think that’s all 10 songs succeeded? 8 songs succeeded! What are the two failed songs? Then did we succeed? Lullaby and the side effects fail. Sana worked hard! Anyway, shall we accept the prize now? what? Red ginseng? Wow, I wanted to eat this! We told you, pomegranate! Oh, pomegranate! Great Pomegranates are good for women. -Then shall we eat this once?
-We are women, aren’t we? Men can eat too~ I heard this is especially good for women. Good for female hormones I’m not farting Thank you You can eat this thanks to Momo Thank you, Momo. Momo will take you to your accommodation later. Is it delicious? (It’s not PPL ^^) Well, delicious! Wow, six years old red ginseng. Why do I only taste red ginseng? I also taste red ginseng Thank you! Then let’s start the next corner. This is a game where you can check out the teamwork of Twice. Speak with your body! Games are in order of age Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana Jihyo, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu I’m going to divide it into two teams Young team, Old team, right. The team that solves the most problems will win in two minutes. Do you know what lost team is doing in this game? What is it?
-What do you think? Making ugly face? Yes, that’s right. The lost team have to make ugly faces Momo doesn’t like this mission Yes, I really hate it I will not do that You have to work hard You should! I mean I can win the game Honestly, if you don’t do this properly, quit! The company banned her the face game. – Oh really?
– I do not know? What are you doing? Don’t fight! It seems Old team already has a split What are you doing Young team? No, my relationship is so good! We are young team! what are you talking about? The director told us young team
(PD : Sorry~ I confused their ages…) I’ll pull it out subject! Down here Selecting subject is important (subject1 : proverb, subject2 : animal) How dare you see the answers? Sorry I didn’t see it. Then you should not be an answerer Then she can be an explainer I will be an explainer Rock, paper, scissors There’s no time, let’s just go! Two foreigners in our team They have advantages because they’ve stayed in korea more than us Let’s do rock paper scissors You should study hard in front of foreign members Just rock, paper, scissors! I can’t believe Nayeon Nayeon always lose these days With Dahyun? This is not fair! just do it! Bring it out! Come on! Sister, let’s do it! Then do it first Who will take part in a game? Shall I be an answerer? OK, I’ll be an explainer Then I’ll be an answerer You have to be good at it Can I start now? -How many minutes we have?
-2 minutes start! (Answer: Shark) Don’t make a sound! fish? what? snake? lizard? Why do you explain like that? Eat? Chicken? Why don’t you know this? Don’t say it! shark! (Correct: flatfish) What is this? Hand it over, pass! (Correct: cicada) Chaeyoung, you can do this! cockroach! no no! cicada! (Correct: hedgehog) Tzuyu : It’s difficult like this? chicken? Hedgehog! (Answer: Bald Eagle) What is it ~ Eagle! Is its head big? Is its head round? Crow? It doesn’t have hair! Bald Lizard? Bald Eagle! (Answer: Squirrel) Rat ~ Hamtori rabbit I? I… Sana sister? Nayeon sister? Three letters? Two letters? Three letters Sana sister? 3, 2, 1, ding! It was a squirrel How many points did they get? 4 hits Good enough~ I don’t think we’ll ever match The answerer must be Korean I don’t think I can Shall we go funny? To make it funny, do it with two foreign people! To be funny, we have to explain To be honest, I can never say Yes, Koreans guess and foreigners explain But I can explain I’ll give it a try, and from the second time you can do it Let’s keep changing
00:20:09,100 –>00:00:00,000
let’s go! you can do it


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