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SUFCtv: Match Highlights Sutton United v North Ferriby VNL 25/3/17 HD

November 9, 2019

Sutton welcome North Ferriby United for their Vanarama National League game both sides urgently needing the points at the moment. North Ferriby have lost their last three games and Sutton haven’t won for five matches so they’ll be anxious to get some points and get clear of the relegation zone. North Ferriby are really anxious to try and get out of the relegation zone. Sutton line up today with Louis John replacing Dean Beckwith who was injured in the last game with Maidstone – also Roarie Deacon was was injured in the same game but has recovered enough to start the game today. Kevin Amankwaah – long cross into the empty area; Adam Coombes North Ferriby clear it away. North Ferriby attacking again; Louis John clearing the ball. Louis John header again. That’s a good ball out to the right wing shot just off target from Ryan Fallowfield, number 14 for North Ferriby. Bailey on the ball, a deep pass towards the penalty area. Biamou almost scored there: good save by Rory Watson. Brilliant ball out to Kieran Cadogan Nick Bailey again; the last cross Bedsente Gomis and good ball out to Roarie Deacon who is probably cross it in…and has scored. Goal! Side-footed into the corner of the net. Nicky Bailey with another free-kick into the penalty area and that’s Jamie Collins and he’s scored another goal. Excellent from Jamie Collins. It’s been a while since he’s scored for Sutton. That was quite a straightforward chance Poor marking from the North Ferriby defence really. Out to Nick Bailey again. Forward pass; Mark Gray with the header away Craig Eastmond meets the ball there Roarie Deacon with a forward pass to Maxime Biamou and a cross. That was very nearly a third goal. The throw-in will be taken by Kevin Amankwaah, maybe a long one this time. Yes, there it goes into the penalty area Craig Eastmond and Nicky Bailey both going for the ball, through to…and that’s another one! It’s Maxime Biamou this time. Good cross by Kieran Cadogan and that’s a simple tap-in for Maxime Biamou Sutton very much on top in this game now and having the vast majority of possession of the ball. Header by Louis John Still on the ball, Louis John, again: can he get a cross in? That was nearly another one. Up to Kieran Cadogan; good control by him to Maxime Biamou now he’s clear with the ball in Almost a goal by Kieran Cadogan and as the whistle goes for halftime Sutton must be very happy with that first half; they were totally in control. Three-nil up and North Ferriby will be extremely disappointed but Sutton will have to consolidate their position in the second half, I think, because given half a chance this North Ferriby team, a spirited side, could come back. North Ferriby are about to kick off the second half there’s been one substitution from the first half line up: Dan Spence is on instead of Kevin Amankwaah slotted in at right-back. Sam Topliss coming forward, trying to set the attack away Bedsente Gomis breaking it down Promising attack from North Ferriby is through and he scored. That was number 16, Robbie Tinkler: he got through the Sutton defence rather easily there should not be allowed that kind of space. Short one, passed right through the penalty area with nobody latching on to it, and in, and a chance there. Clear header if he’d got it on target – he should have got it on target really. Sam Cosgrove trying to mount an attack Bedsente Gomis on to Maxime Biamou and there’s another goal. Kieran Cadogan this time. That’s his first goal for the club. On to Dan Spence, a clinical pass to Bedsente Gomis. Roarie Deacon is here. That couldn’t have been very far away Last substitution for Sutton: Bedsente Gomis going off and Craig Dundas coming on. Dan Spence with the throw, maybe to try another long one…or a short one to Craig Eastmond and Max Biamou, brilliant turn and shot from Roarie Deacon that was almost certainly goal-bound. Corner to be taken by Kieran Cadogan Roarie Deacon, passed back and a brilliant goal by Kieran Cadogan: what a goal that was. Must have been a good 20 yards, angled shot, right into the corner. His second of the game. Spence up to Craig Dundas; header on but nobody latched onto it so that will be a throw-in to North Ferriby they’ll avoid the edge of the penalty area and there’s the referee blowing for full-time. An excellent win for Sutton but it will be very difficult for North Ferriby now to avoid relegation.


  • Reply Lewis Turner March 26, 2017 at 10:59 pm

    been waiting all night for this great game

  • Reply Selwyn Greenfrith March 26, 2017 at 11:36 pm

    Like the way lots of sundry folk get to do the matchday commentaries. Tis good for for freedom of speech.

  • Reply Francesco Bellizzi March 28, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Ciao, volevo sottolineare come la prestazione eccezionale, sia stata però macchiata da un rientro dagli spogliatoi troppo sotto tono. Ma con un risultato così rotondo non possiamo che gioire.
    sempre forza Sutton

  • Reply Family Hedges April 3, 2017 at 10:31 am

    Where's Sahi?

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