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Sumo Ping Pong

February 20, 2020

Today it’s sumo suit ping pong! That looked pretty easy That was smooth Looks like Otto’s done that before It wasn’t that hard No You guys look hilarious I might have this wrong way around Yeah… Otto you have it the wrong way around! Otto looks like a sumo warrior You both look like warriors And guys Don’t forget to hit subscribe! Emil run! Almost Come on Emil You can do it You can do it! So close Yes I got it Is it hot inside the suit? It’s quite warm Imagine how many sweaty people have been in that suit I couldn’t reach it! It doesn’t seem to be affecting Otto Not much, no. You got the full weight behind that smash I didn’t beat him in a ping pong match but I can beat him in a sumo… Okay, I lost both matches. Whats your tactic? I’m just going to crawl in Okay see you See you on the other side I’m not sure why but Miikka looks even funnier in the dress It’s just a… Like a small round guy I feel like my weight is doubled Ah come on Try You can do it Almost There No! I’m not getting up for the second one Now I’m stuck again I think my shoelaces are undone Miikka is more on the floor than he’s actually on his feet I mean He plays like normal Thanks It’s funny to see the reactions from people There is suddenly a guy with a sumo suit Hello Yes! What’s happening there? It’s like a… Sleeping position! It’s quite comfortable actually It’s surprisingly comfortable! Don’t forget to hit subscribe And watch our previous
episodes there! Until next time! Miikka you can come up already Miikka? Where did he go?

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