September 10, 2019

The time has finally come Luigi has taken over. Hey guys! Dan here, and welcome back it to my favourite game of all time: Super Mario Odyssey But just for today, *especially* for today, it’s gonna be Super Luigi Odyseey Because we can now play the mini game Balloon Worlds *reading screen* “Try talking to Luigi anywhere you run into him.” I have no idea what this is This is the brand new DLC for Super Mario Odyssey, you guys want me to play it so badly I forgot it even came out, but here. We are playing. I don’t know much about it I know it involves balloons brand new minigames in possibly every single world and Luigi’s bright green bowtie What more could we want? Let’s head into the game. We also got new filters in the snapshot mode for all of your Instagram needs WHAT! Hold the phone! “Special outfits incoming. Check out the shop to find the musician hat on the musician outfit.” “Sunshine shades and sunshine outfit, and the knight helmet and Knight armor?” Oh my goodness! How do I not hear about this!? Next objective “Collect more power moons.” Yeah, just a couple hundred Wait what? Since when was I Luigi anyway? Have I always been Luigi? I don’t remember having this! Either I’ve forgotten something or it’s added in a special outfit just for us. Oh my goodness guys. I’ve forgotten the controls *laughs* There’s a way to do like a really cool jump. Ah there we go. *pause* ooh *laughs* That was close! There he is brother Luigi! How you doing buddy? What’s going on? You only have one balloon, though I thought you’d have more oh How do I do Luigi’s voice? *yahoo from other video* Dan: yahoo.. Okay, I think I’ve got it. *weird voice* Huh, what? Another me? *regular voice* That’s terrible! *laughs* *weird voice* No, wait! Is that you bro? Whoa! You really threw me through a loop there aha! *regular voice* kind of sounds French, I’m not gonna lie. *weird voice* Hey, bro You saved Princess Peach, huh? So proud of you, SPAGHET! *normal voice* I’m just gonna go back to normal voice This isn’t working. “but enough of that get this, bro I came up with a new game I call it Balloon World! Balloon World is a game where you search for balloons hidden by people all over the world! You want to connect to the network?” Yeah sure, let’s do this. Actually that reminds me. So all the balloons are hidden by other people? That’s pretty cool! Alright then, let’s begin! “First we’ll move to the starting point. SPAGHET! You play Balloon World by hiding and seeking balloons. First I’ll show you: Find It. Try to find the balloon I hide.” Luigi, bro? Did we go to the same school? That sentence doesn’t make sense. “You have 30 seconds to find the balloon and pop it. Once you leave the starting area, Find It will begin.” Okay, I think I can see it, though, Luigi. This isn’t really a hard one, is it? *giggles* It’s right here. At least they’re starting us off nice and simple. Here we go. BAM! Yes, congrats, no problem! “Nice work, bro! Here, take these 50 coins.” Oh, we get coins that means we can save up for the Knight outfit, and you get a time bonus, too! That’s an extra 65 coins. *reads* “So this time I hid the balloon, but in the real thing players from all over the world will hide the balloons!” “Oh, also when you’re playing Find It for real, I’ll need a few coins from you. Sorry.” *stutters* WHAT! So do I earn coins or no? “And did you notice for each three coins you collect you get an extra second added to the time limit.” Okay. That’s cool. Okay? Let’s try to hide it. *laughs* Look at his face! So we can hide the balloons, as well as find them, and we earn coins every time someone tries to attempt to find it (the balloon). That’s cool! And you have 30 seconds to hide it wherever you want. Let’s do this! Right, where should we hide this thing? I feel like I’m not that well versed in parkour, so… let’s try up here That’s terrible. *mumbles* Where do I put the balloon? WHERE do I put the balloon? It has to be somewhere- it has to be somewhere difficult. I have 10 seconds! Can I place it, like, down here? Is that mean? Yup, I can’t place it down there *laughs* Oh, man. I lost coins as well. whoops.Yeah I’ll play again. I need a plan! I think I’m gonna go up there This isn’t gonna be the hardest one in the world. I just want to find balloons I don’t want to place them. Come on Luigi-Mario. You’ve got this. GO (x8)! I wanna hide it up here! I wanna hide it up here! Place it there *strange voice* Okay, this is super easy! *laughs* “Way to go bro. You picked a really good hiding spot.” I’m not so sure. Ah, here we go, so these are people’s balloons that they’ve hidden! Is the star level their, like, experience levels? So, for example: 33 stars is a very high level, and with a Japanese nickname. It’s very important. It means it’s going to be difficult It kind of gives you *laughs* Annie’s! Annie’s is right there! Come on, Annie. Who should we go for? Uh, let’s do Alexander’s. “Pay 10 (coins), but reward 50.” So if I find it, I get 40 profit. This is awesome I love this! Right, so it’s gonna be in this direction over here It just gives you an arrow, but it doesn’t give you where else it is. Let’s go. Let’s do this I’m guessing it’s gonna be, like, up ways? “The arrow will display when you stop moving.” Oh, it’s like up there Where is it? Where is it? It’s on the roof! How do I get to that roof? Oh jeez, I’ve got 11 seconds! NO, I’ve wasted 10 coins! I can’t remember all my parkour. I don’t want to do this! *timer buzzes* I failed… I absolutely failed. Look at his face! He’s happy, but I failed. Agh, this is costing me 10 coins every single time You know what? I’ve got an idea. OH NO, it’s changed! I was gonna go for the one that was, like, literally outside the circle. *laughs* So it gives you the time, it gives you a higher amount if it’s more difficult, I’m guessing? Let’s try this one Let’s do them in order. Buzz-bee, let’s go. 76 meters. Let’s do this. I think I can see it up there… Okay. I think I know how to get there. Let’s do this. I’m pretty sure it’s up here. Come on! Come on, Luigi-Mario You’ve got this, just jump up here. No, UP! MARIO! You’re gonna give me these coins back when I fail, huh? Is that what you gonna do? It’s right there (x2)! I’ve got this! YES! Pop that! Oh, this is cool. Heyyyyy, I got 50 coins So I got my money back from the ones I failed before, and when I fell off. And I got extra time bonus as well. So for all the seconds you’ve got left, you get coins too- nice to know. This one’s 18 seconds, but it’s 205 meters! Let’s try this one. Yeah, let’s do 10 coins and let’s see how far we can get away. I’m gonna ping I’m gonna ping! There we go. I think it must be over here. It must be. Go. GO! Go! Where is it? Where is it? Where is it, Where is it, Where is it? Is it up here? Yes! It’s hidden in the tree. Oh, I thought it was gonna be, like, up top, and you had to jump up. But I found it! I did it. Give me them coins. Thank you! Right we need to go and see-oh! I cleared two in a row. That’s 10 more coins Nice! AND 50 more coins. It’s just dishing out these coins! Yes! “Getting a higher rank means you’ll get more coins.” Okay, cool, “So keep playing Balloon World.” I certainly will. I need to go visit somewhere for a second… Oh, you lose the streak bonus. Okay, that’s fine. I want to go to a different world anyway, because this one I think is gonna be one of the hardest ones to do. Just because it has so many levels and stuff. You need serious parkour skills, and I’m feeling rusty. “Right now, you’ll earn extra coins by playing in Moon Kingdom.” Okay. That’s good to know… Right, I want to go to the Hat Shop real quick. Just because there’s those extra outfits I want to see how much they are. I need the knight outfit desperately. Hello! I would like to purchase your wares. Can you sell me what I’m looking for? You can’t. Can you? Hello. It’s Hat Guy! *laughing* Look at his, look at his swish face. Got some great new swag to sell me. Perfect! Umm Mechanic? It’s not what I’m looking for. Waluigi cap!? That’s cool! What about the Waluigi… um… Outfit? Is there one of those? There’s a doctor outfit as well. I need to play this game way more! Oh! Ooh, it’s-it’s 8000 in total. I thought the skeleton was, um, expensive. I know what I want. I want the Waluigi cap, and then I’m also gonna change into the skeleton. Just for now. also This DLC is completely free, so if you already have the game you can just check it out and get it. It just updates automatically. And I’m pretty sure you get the Luigi suit just for free, because I’m fairly sure I didn’t unlock this Oh, yes! Look at this! If I did, I’m completely wrong and I’m sorry. Right, let’s go to a different place and try Balloon World again. It said more (coins) for Moon Kingdom, right? How difficult could this one be? I guess it’s in Zero Gravity Which is quite cool, so let’s give it a go Oh, it looks so cool! Waluigi is one of my favorite characters by the way. Mario is just such a good game There he is! I see him! “Bro, you startled me! This outfit is kind of…um.. how can I put this?” “I mean, it looks good.” *Dan laughs* “I’m running a special to get more coins.” Okay. That’s good. Right, which balloon should we go for? Look how many coins you get for these! We can get the Knight thing in no time! If we-if we find them, of course. Right, let’s try this one. It’s 424 meters away, though… Reckon we can do it? Absolutely not, but let’s try anyway! Right, 424 meters let’s grab this, and let’s go. Maybe we can go up here? Let’s go up here. I’ve completely forgotten how this game works, so I’m at a disadvantage already. Let’s go up here We’re definitely going in the right direction! Definitely. Is it over near the castle? It must be. Come on, where is it? Where is it? Where is it? It’s not gonna be in here is it? It might be. It could be! It’s not! “You mustn’t, you’re in the middle of a game,” it says! NO! Where is it? IT’S THERE!!! Quick! Come on, Mario! Come on, Mario, you got this! Get it, get it! YES! Ohohoho *laughs* Oh, my goodness actually said zero on the screen I thought I’d overshot it because of the gravity. We did it! A hundred and two coins. That’s a ninety-two coin profit Yeah, and my rank has gone up as well. I got 150 coins extra. How many did we need for the Knight outfit? I think it was 8000. What do we want to do next? We’ve got… We could try this one. That seems like it might be pretty hard, but it’s got massive coin rewards. The highest coin reward is Pedro’s, which is *pause* that way… There’s Connor’s, which is also that way… Hmm, I feel like that’s gonna be on the church or something 530 let’s try is gonna cost us 75 coins, but we can get this back at the end. Don’t worry. Let’s go This is gonna be tough, isn’t it? Go Mario, go! You’ve got this, buddy. We have to do this! We can’t go inside anywhere. We have to make sure that we do this properly There we go, and where is it gonna be? Where’d reckon is gonna be? It has to be this way It has to be. Is this the quickest way to get around? I need to watch some speedrunners or something, because I have no idea. Come on. Come on, we’ve got 15 seconds. No, It’s getting further away! Is it up there? It might be up at the top. Maybe we need the Frog! Get the Frog! Get the Frog! It’s gonna be up here. Isn’t it? OH JEEZ! Oh my goodness! There’s /something/ up there Where is it? It might even be… Oh, I can see why he lets you look around now. I’m gonna try that again It cost me 70 coins each time, but I’m ready for it Hey guys, I messed this up already, sooo we’re probably not gonna make it. It’s worth trying. Oh You get extras for coins! An extra second. I completely forgot! You get extra seconds for these I should have hit them all. Come on Mario, stop messing around! So we definitely to get that frog at the end.. And then I’m guessing it’s gonna be above the castle. No I’ve completely messed this one up Oh jeez. Let me stay still, and see where the arrow sends us. Yeah, it’s up there. I think it’s gonna be on top of the clock tower. Let’s do this again. Right, this is a hundred and… *pauses* 170 coins down the drain. Come on, Mario. Let’s go. We’ve got this Please get as many coins as we can from this, too, so that we can get our extra seconds There we go that’s better. I don’t know which is a better way to travel this, or this (jumps differently) I feel like this is way better. Yeah, it’s definitely better. Okay. I feel like we’re making better progress We’re gonna have 10 seconds by the time we get to the end of this, but this one is DIFFICULT. Come on, buddy. come on. Come on! I need your powers! I need your froggy powers. GO! To the skies! Ha ha oh My goodness why? It’s-it has to be up there How else do you get up there without being an amazing frog? Jeez, this is hard. SO difficult. Okay, there’s one that’s this way. Let’s try this one. This is difficult I need to definitely up my Mario skills because I haven’t played this for a long time So, we need to get working on this. Okay, there’s a flower up there that we might need… Can we jump while we’ve got this? We certainly can let’s go. Okay. Where are you? Where are you? Where are you? Are you up here? I’m gonna get the arrow It’s up it’s definitely up, but how do we get up there? I can’t get up No, how do you get up there? These are so difficult! Okay Luigi. Give me a sec. I need to practice this. Aah there’s a wall jump here! No way, I was just about to use some kind of weird technique that one’s not gonna be available anymore No! Luigi. Luigi, I need you back buddy. I could do this jump, but that’s pretty much it look at this Absolutely insane. I love this game. Wait, there’s a dog with a space helmet!! What! Look at this dude! *laughs* Did you *laughs* did you see his jump? Are you kidding me? What are you doing here doggo? This is the cutest thing ever. Look at it spin! Oh my goodness. Hmm. I think I can get this one. I think I can do it. I need some coins back I need to refresh this amount. I want to at least try and buy one piece of the Knight armor There we go. *smack* No. NO! *laughs* *laughs more* I didn’t hold Y for long enough, so I didn’t bounce off the cap, and I’ve lost ten more coins ’cause l fell into the abyss. Yes, I want to try again. This is stupid. There we go That’s better. Pop that balloon! Give me the hundred coins back you stole from me. We did it! We did another one! Alright, let’s keep on going. We need to complete some more ’cause I’m failing quite badly here. I’m gonna go this one I think I know where it is and it’s got a high reward. It’s got 39 seconds on the clock as well I think we can do this. Let’s go. Let’s go We’ve got this now that I know that there is a jump bit in between I should be able to do it We’ve got 15 seconds. There we go. Nailed the wall jump! Come on then. There we go! Let’s grab it. With seconds to spare! That’s what I’m talking about! Yes! That’s the one that we were supposed to get before. I got some more coins. That’s what I’m talking about Thanks for clapping, Luigi. Right, let’s try and hide one of our own There’s not many that go this way, so let’s see what we can do here We’ve got 30 seconds to try and do it. Maybe it’s because this one’s super easy. I’m not even sure.. What is that? Why is he firing his massive nose at me? Okay. I’m gonna put mine… Uh.. yeah, I’m gonna put mine just here. It’s gonna be super easy, but it’s gonna earn me some coinage, okay? At least Luigi liked my hiding spot. Right, let’s go to another place. What was my favorite one? Let’s go Seaside Kingdom. Skeletal Waluigi has arrived. Okay, here we go I’ve got 24 seconds to find this one. I feel like we need these flowers. There we go. Is it down here? It’s down here somewhere. I think I just saw it. No, is it this way? There’s the heart Where’s the Loon (short for balloon)? It’s four meters away? Where is it? Where is it? No not like this? I was literally four meters away from it. It must be so close to me right now. Maybe it’s on land? Let’s go. It must be over here somewhere. It definitely says down, but as soon as I go down, it’s-it’s gone Oh, Oh is it cheekily down here? Come on I need to grab more seconds! More seconds! This must be it. This is so cheeky. There it is! There it is! Quick, grab it! GRAB ITTT! NOOOOOO He’s looking right at it! At least we know it’s down here now because we can grab the coins I’ll make sure to grab every coin this time. I think we can slowly do it. Yeah, there we go This is working. This is working. Let’s not dodge it this time, and there we go! Look at those skele-bone feet. We got it That was clever. Yayyy. Oh look, we got 250 coins. Our star rank went up as well. To 5? We skipped two! All right, what do you want to do next? Uhhh I kind of want ones that don’t seem so far. I’m gonna go for this one. 65 coins and 220 coin payout Let’s go. Alright grab this guy. Grab this guy, and let’sss go. It’s definitely gonna be over here somewhere No, he only goes this high. No! Right, we’re gonna have to change tactic. Let’s do this. I reckon it’s up here. It has to be up here. Sir, have you seen a balloon anywhere? Where is it? Where is it? Show me. It’s this way! Go! Go it’s behind here. It’s so behind here! quick! Quick! QUICK! *strangled voice* WHERE IS IT? Hey, it said it was through here, right? It must be up there. Let’s try that again. Here we go Let’s go Rocket Man. You’ve got this. Now we need to find ourselves… this guy. Go up. It’s so difficult. Especially cuz you’re spending coins each time. It’s definitely around here somewhere isn’t it? It’s in the box! IT’S IN THE BOX! I didn’t realize it could be in the box I guess you place it *stutters* I guess you place it there when the box isn’t there, and then when the box reappears it’s hidden. Clever work, buddy. I like it. Okay. There’s one this way a 56 coin reward? That’s so low, why is it so low? Oh, it’s right there. I can see it. Come on! You’ve got this buddy the reward is low, but we can still do this. Go. Go Go! Yes! Oh, look at that extra 70 coins! That was worth it. AND two in a row? We’re up to a thousand coins and my rank has gone up. That’s 1200 coins. We’re making movements guys Let’s make it three in a row. Where could this next one be? 30 coins over this way. Let’s give it a go where you’re gonna be there’s so many hidden compartments on these levels. Alright, I need some help from this guyyy, and we’re gonna go over here. Yeah, this is good. Not good if you get trapped on dry lands. It’s down here somewhere It’s definitely down here somewhere. I need arrow help. Where’s it gonna be, buddy? Show me Over here? Mario, I wish you could swim a lot faster. Come on. It’s gonna break my streak. We’re getting further away! Is it under there? That’s a heart. There’s a gemstone down here as well. Don’t tell me it was on the laparis, please I’m gonna see if it’s on this laparis. I don’t think it is ’cause I don’t remember seeing it, but it could be. Okay, it’s not on the laparis. That’s fine. Then where is it? Go on, show me with an arrow. I need a-I need a fish to do this one. It’s in here somewhere. It’s up. Left? Where are you? THERE IT IS! Go! Go! YES! Oh, I didn’t realize you could hide it half! *laughs* That was half hidden in the ceiling. That’s a clever one too. People are creative. We were so close last time We got a rank up as well. We’re making movements on the ranking board. Right, one final one. Where should we go? Oh, Martin, this one is far. Let’s go! 336 meters? Let’s do one more to finish this out, I know I keep saying that, but it’s kind of addictive. Let’s grab this guy and fire across Come on, speedy as you can be. Look at that distance going down. It’s gonna be over here somewhere It has to be. Okay keep going. Keep going. Keep going. There it is! I see it. I see it. It’s just down here. Yes Pop! Give me them coins Luigi. Yes 116 coins! Even though I failed loads- I’m not going to show you every single run that I’ve done-we have made some serious bank today! Guys this is an awesome, awesome addition to the game. And it’s free! It’s free. Up to number nine! Look at all those coins! I don’t know where those just came from. “The balloon you hid in Moon Kingdom got popped.” No! I mean, it wasn’t that hard, was it? T o be honest? I wonder how many-Oh wait, was that the coins that I got a moment ago? It must have been. You know what, guys, that is pretty much gonna wrap up the brand new Super Luigi Odyssey DLC. the Balloon World DLC for Super Mario Odyssey, as I mentioned already a couple of times it’s completely free if you own the game already and adds so much to the game it is unreal. It’ll unlock new areas for you you’ve never really tried to experience before. Test your parkour skills to the max, and you can also test other people’s skills to the max as well. But anyway I hope you enjoyed this video! If you did, please leave a big fat like! That would be greatly appreciated, and if this happens to be the first video that you’ve seen by me please do consider subscribing to join Team TDM today for daily videos! Apart from that guys, thank you so much watching! Have an amazing day, and I’ll see you all next time. GOOOD BYE! Video By DanTDM Subtitles by gamer boy adrian

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