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Sure-Fit Designs Presentation with Martha Schuster in Melbourne Australia

February 11, 2020

hi everyone I’m Glenda with surfeit
designs whimsically known as Glenda the good stitch this is an open invitation
for you to attend a fun and informative SureFit designs presentation we’re in
the Melbourne area of Victoria our Australian distributor Martha Shuster is
headquartered in Brisbane she’s been invited to come to Victoria by all kinds
of women they’d like to experience SureFit designs so Martha has planned
her trip and is starting her first presentation on Saturday the 21st of
March now SureFit designs for those of you who
are new to the whole concept of SureFit designs is a proven fitting and
designing system that allows you to take your measurements and then do what I
call blueprint your body shape and size and we do that with your unique
measurements and we have master patterns that you take your measurements and
apply them onto the master pattern so let’s take a look at one of the master
patterns here you can see that there are a series of dots that go up and out in
various locations now those dots are called
the measurement dots and they actually grade the pattern from one small
measurement up to the next larger measurement and the measurements
actually start at 28 inches or 71 centimeters and go up to 62 inches or
157 point five centimeters so yes you can work in either the Imperial or the
metric system so you just simply take your measurements you mark in your
specific measurement dots and then you connect your measurement dots together
and your resulting pattern is what I call your body blueprint in the industry
it’s called a sloper and if any of you have ever tried drawing a sloper from
scratch you’ll know how to tedious that process can be SureFit designs is so
much quicker it’s so much easier and the results are far superior
SureFit Designs has been in business since 1982 we’re going on what is that
about 38 years of proven pattern fitting success fitting many women all over the
world so this is your opportunity to come to Martha and see her presentation
so what kinds of patterns can we offer you with sure fit designs well we’ll
start with our toddlers our children’s and our teens in what I call the
children’s kit now this is for both boys and girls we also have what we call our
shirt kit it’s our unisex kit and it sews for both
men and women and it gives a very casual style of shirt we also have a ladies
pants kit it’s what I’m wearing right now and these are my yoga pants out of
our designing book called pants that mix and multiply and there are just so many
different styles of pants that you can make from jeans to leggings casual pants
dress slacks or trousers pull on pants low-rise capris you name it the sky’s
the limit now then in addition to that we can take
the ladies pants kit and adapt it for men’s pants and trousers by utilizing
our men’s pants instructional package so it’s a very very versatile kit and then
we have what we call our dress kit now I use this term dress very loosely and
liberally because you can sew dresses one on two piece dresses individual
blouses skirts or jackets and coats from this dress kit so you have lots and lots
of flexibility with this individual kit and each kit comes with its own
instruction book and after I’ve shown you in the instructions how to measure
and draw off your pattern then the entire remainder of the book is on
taking your blueprint and turning it into a multitude of different designs
and the best part is that because your blueprint fit you all the designs that
you do afterward are going to fit you properly
this presentation is going to be on March the 21st and it really is the
place to begin because then after that she is going to be offering workshops
and retreats still in the Victoria area now where she’s going to be located is
at the Hyatt neighbourhood community house which is to Livingston Street
Hyatt Victoria now I will be giving the direct link for the address as well as
the link for Martha’s website so that you can go to her website and read all
the details about the presentations and then the breakout classes for the
workshops and retreats now one thing about this is that seething is very very
limited so you don’t want to hesitate to go
ahead and book your space because it’s going to fill up quickly and as I said
the presentation is the place to begin on March the 21st so that you can see a
general overview of SureFit designs and how it can benefit your sewing so start
off 2020 on the right footing with a sewing pattern that fits and come to see
Martha as she travels to see you in Victoria I know you’re going to benefit
from this presentation if you would like a surfeit designs presentation in your
area remember that we do have international distributors of course
Martha is in Australia we have distributor in Canada in the UK and in
South Africa and yes I am in the United States so please make sure you contact
your distributor or email me directly at info at SureFit designs comm


  • Reply Jihane Najia February 10, 2020 at 6:27 am

    Ça serait bien que vous nous traduisez vos vidéos en français merci pour ce que vous faite.thank you

  • Reply Janine Bell February 10, 2020 at 8:55 am

    Will she be coming to West Australia.?

  • Reply Margy B February 10, 2020 at 12:58 pm

    I would love to be there and planning on doing my best to get there. We're is the venue?

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