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Teen shares bushfire story as Australia burns | CBC Kids News

February 11, 2020

♪ [dramatic] My name is Ivy.
I’m 17 years old and I live in Port Macquarie,
New South Wales, Australia. In November, my home and town
were threatenedby the bushfires currently
raging across Australia,
leaving devastating effects
of people, animals,
and the environment.Where I’m standing now
surrounded by burnt trees is about 20 metres
from my house. The ash beneath my feet was once the bush wonderland
of my childhood. ♪ ♪I had to stay at my grandma’s
sleeping on the floor
because there weren’t
enough beds
just as I started my
final year of school.
I sat in class not listening
to the lesson but wondering
what was going on at home,if I would even have a home
to go back to.
I stared in disbelief as flames
ripped through the trees
I’d played in as a child,knowing there’s innocent
animals trapped inside.
It’s been the second warmest
January to October on record for Australia as a whole, and these are records
going back 110 years. And the rainfall – and this is
really important – the rainfall is the second lowest on record
for Australia as a whole. Ivy:It doesn’t make sense to me
that my country is on fire,
that our neighbouring islands
are drowning,
that all over the world
people are being threatened
by natural disasters
like we’ve never seen before.
The earth is screaming at us
to take action. What more can occur to show us
that human induced climate change is here
and happening now? We’re running out of time
and I’m scared. Please help. ♪ ♪

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