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August 31, 2019

Hey guys, how are you? This is Gaston here again from Connecting Tennis today what I want to show you it’s one of the
things that I feel that I see everyday people at all levels the beginners
intermediate advanced and even in the in the competition level is the wide serve from the deuce side with slice trying to take the opponent out of the
court. This is one of the things that probably my students ask me the most one of the things that it was the hardest probably for me to get and it’s
something that is really effective but people don’t use it, they
prefer always to go with a flat serve with a lot of power but they forget that
this is one of the resources that is going to give you a lot of points taking
the player out of the court and then playing to the other side or playing to
the same one okay it’s just preparing one a strategy. Let’s see how it looks! So now we’re going to see how we
solve those three things and how we use those three keys. The rotation that we
have to avoid, the toss all the way in the right that we have to avoid
and these hand free here to allow us to throw the racquet and hit the ball okay
doing this pronation with the hand to the left side. So we’re going to
keep trophy position as step number one, it has to be regular and we
have to create like an imaginary line here where we drop the ball and
kind of shifting to the left we keep using the same line and we’re not doing
this okay we’re not creating a line like this with our pronation and the shoulders
we’re dropping this hand and coming with the other one using always the same line.
The toss we’re going to keep it between the 12 and the 1. A little in front
of you so that allow you to go forward and then use the hand and we say okay
with the hand here use the hand to shift the ball to the other side. Let’s see how that would look! There I showed you with the three keys that I mentioned pronation, the toss and the hand, lucky me I hit it in the first one. Now what we
do if you’re serving okay from a doubles position? We just did it from singles but
of course if you are playing doubles you are going shift your serve a little more okay it’s
very important that here you can allow yourself to go a little more, just a little okay before we said between the twelve on the one now it’s in a little
past the one, because now you have of course more angle you have more… a longer way to go from from right to left so let’s see how it would look again keeping
the same not because you are serving from doubles court you’re gonna do an early pronation, keep in mind that you keep the toss there and now even more space to do this
game with the racquet you have because of course you have more space to go with the ball so let there…didn’t hit the cone this
time but you can see first bounce was inside the box, the second bounce was already in the fence so the player is playing against you.. is going to be very tough to get that serve, if he can get it, if he can run before and an intercept that ball. So we covered the singles serve, we covered the doubles serve. Now what I want you
guys to understand is this, I see all the time players at all levels from
beginners, from 10&under, all the way up to adults or high
performance competition and what I see a lot that they do is they should focus on
hitting the ball hard of course playing in this surface okay hard surface even indoors is good to have a hard first serve but I don’t see people realizing
that as I said when I serve from the doubles the strategy I don’t feel when
they are playing in points I don’t see a mindset trying to do something different
that just hitting the ball hard so what I’m trying to make you conscious with
this is that you can use this server with slice as a first serve, I use it all the time
it’s a very good resource because like I said if you get a good one okay if you
get it with a ton of the spin you make it bounce first inside the box
and the second bounce okay it’s almost hitting the fence so imagine if you’re taking your opponent out of the court one or two steps out then the freedom
that you have to get in the court depending his return and playing all the
way cross court to the other side, or coming back to the same side if you see
me shifting because he thinks you’re going to play to the other side. What I want to give you now it’s a little bonus okay because you’re going to be thinking probably I
never did this if you are beginner even if you’re an advanced this is a very
good drill this is how I learned it all the way since I was 10 years old, again
for me was very good and I want to share it with you…
So remember we talked about the hand letting the racquet go what I’m gonna do here is give you a drill that now you’re going to just focus in doing
this game with the hand okay you’re going to do it in four balls,
one ball from down here one ball from the height of your shoulder one a little
more in the right and the last ball has to be there where you hit the serve…what
you’re going to try to do is let the hand go okay doesn’t matter now if the
ball is going in or going out.. Just worry about getting under
the ball and giving your hand this freedom to get this feeling on the ball…so
we’re going to see the ball bounce and goes to the side..second,
you get it under the ball you’re doing this rotation here with the hands, third
one, you see now the ball is going all the way there..fourth one..
again doesn’t matter if all the balls where out. What you just have to practice
here now is this feeling of the hand you can get a basket, you can do ten here
down here you can do other ten in the in the height of the shoulder, you can do other 10 from here and then you go and you serve… this is a very good exercise again
the slice is all about feeling even when you do it serving or when you hit a
normal slice, it’s all about the feeling you have with the ball and how you
use your hand and how you rotate with this wrist here free and how you get
the feeling of the ball throwing it outside. Alright guys I hope you are enjoying the videos just like I do when I when I’m preparing them for you

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