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February 22, 2020

This TR900 range took two years
of research and development to obtain the combination of
power and effectiveness we were seeking for our expert players. We really wanted to find
the right balance between giving power
and speed to the ball and good control capacity. The lines of the product, the shape
of the racket, the sections of the frame are intended to evoke this
promise of power and effectiveness. The challenge was to create a strong
identity, recognisable by our customers. We wanted to create a menacing object,
the racket being the player’s weapon. To give this impression of a deadly weapon we took inspiration from fighter jets,
from incredibly powerful planes. The core of the racket symbolises
the jet fighter’s engine. Its frame is more neutral, as well as softer and darker, in order to highlight this core. In the process of creating
an expert racket, you have to go through
a physical prototype phase. You can’t market a racket before physically testing the product. Over 24 months, we had to make
5 or 6 different moulds to fully obtain this balance
between power and ball control. To achieve this level of performance we tested lots more products,
to ensure this standard of reliability required by high-level players. It’s the first time
we’ve had such intensity in the number of tests and testers. We’ve had over 2000 hours of tests. What gave this Power and Spin
range its soul was undoubtedly the hours
spent in the field, working with our ambassadors,
our players, our competitors. We’re very proud of this range. We’ve spent time developing
them in practice and developing their style. I believe we have developed
very accomplished products. The aim wasn’t to reinvent
the tennis racket. The aim was to make a racket
which meets the most demanding uses while retaining an accessible price.


  • Reply Akash Rungta July 4, 2018 at 8:33 am

    Will it be launching in india ?

  • Reply 张杨 July 15, 2018 at 6:48 am

    The same as Slazenger Aero V100 Tour Tennis Racket

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