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Tennis Doubles Strategy : Baseline Shots From Net in Doubles Tennis

November 7, 2019

Hi, I’m Jason Gerardo at Gold Key Racquet
Club in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, on behalf of Expert Village. In this segment, what we
start doing is, is we start diving into the idea of your opponent possibly going down
your line. So, the easy part was reading that cross-court because most of their shots are
going to go cross court. But, what do you do when that ball comes down your line. A
lot of people ask me that. So, what you want to do is you want to start reading their shoulders
a little bit more. You start reading the body positioning. You see the contact possibly
a little bit later, that ball is going down the line, its going to be hard to pull that
cross court. So, for example, my server hits it to his forehand side, I have to look for
my line. I also want to start reading his shot. So, when I see his shoulders come around,
he’s going to hit this return. My server hits it. Shoulders around. I ‘m able to get a good
shot at it because I read the ball, his shoulders are a lot more exaggerated than he normally
would be for that cross court ball. Very, very important on that down the line shot.

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