Tennis Drills – 3 Great Drills to Improve the Speed of your Shots

September 12, 2019

Racket-head speed drills. These are
drills in which players are forced to accelerate the racket-head targeting mainly the forearm and wrist.
In all these drills players should try to swing as fast as
possible. Control is secondary. Ball against the net the players swings the ball against the
net as fast as possible using short back swings. The player stands very close to the net and swings with topspin. The racquet has to travel fast The players use good footwork to get in position every time. This drill should be practiced with forehands and backhands. Fast Feed Drill The coach hand-feeds balls in
rapid succession The player swings the racket-head as fast
as possible hitting all balls in the air. The coach will hand-feed six to eight balls. The player.
should swing with a lot of topspin and swing the racket-head as fast as possible Regular Feeds The coach feeds balls from across the
net. The player stands 3 feet inside the baseline and hit either off the bounce shots
or low swinging volleys with maximum acceleration. The players need to adjust to be able to hit the ball effectively. They should try to swing fast with a lot
of topspin trying to keep the ball in the court. The coach will feed forehand and backhands

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