Tennis Fitness & Footwork With ATP Player | Speed & Agility

August 31, 2019

Hey guys! Gaston from Connecting Tennis
here welcome to another video today I’m gonna show you five exercises I actually
I’m gonna be teaching doing those exercises with Paulo
eighteen-year-old ATP player so you’re gonna see a live training we actually
were training before he travels tomorrow to another tournament so you’re gonna
see them they’re great we keep working we keep insisting and putting emphasis on
the speed, agility, strength, legs’ reaction we’re gonna see some with
balls, some with racquet, some with sprints but all of them are also working
in the cognitive. I’m gonna give signals for him to move, calling numbers..he will have
to be paying attention to what number he will have to go so check out this 5
exercises thumbs up if you liked the video remember if you didn’t subscribe to the
channel subscribe! I leave you guys with the exercises I hope you enjoy it
thank you see in the next one!

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