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Tennis Flat Serve “T” From Deuce Side + Warm Up | Connecting Tennis

February 7, 2020

Hey guys It’s Gaston from Connecting Tennis here welcome to another video today we’re gonna focus on serves, we’re gonna work on one specific serve on location, it’s gonna be the
flat serve down the T from the do side a very very important serve that is
gonna give you a lot of “free points” if you’re able to to control it, to
have a really good understanding of what you have to do and what I was talking
with somebody here before doing the video is you know you can have a really
good serve but the moment you test it is when you really know if it’s really good
or not because if in practice you can hit twenty serves, thirty serves
down the T and maybe you hit the cones all the time… when we talk about testing
a serve is when you’re in a moment maybe you need your server a match to
get out of the situation or you need to serve to close a game, a really important
game or a set or match and there is when you see how high your level of
accuracy is on the serve and that is when you test if you’re really doing
well or not so what I’m gonna give you today it’s a couple of just a little
warm-up first, very important you know me, you know I like to go always
from less to more working really conscious on everything we do. This
is not just a magic trick that is gonna make you serve twenty miles per hour or
more… NO! We’re gonna go step by step on what you need to do and how I learned
and how I keep doing it because I always want to keep it accurate, I want
to keep improving to be able to serve in tough situations so I’m gonna show you
first a little warm-up with elastic band that I have there and then I’m
gonna give you two drills that I do before getting into the actual serve
to warm up not only but also to work in more of the pronation on the
hand what has to be the movement,
different to when we see the kick serve that we will pronating to the side here
we’re going to pronate forward Alright, so let’s go first to do
a warm up really quick warm up, if you never did this please please please do
it and start to do it it’s gonna really help you with all the the rotator cuff
and all the blades, your shoulder, everything that you need to be able to
perform yourself at your best keeping you out of injuries and of
course getting a string on your arm on your blade, your back your rotator
cuff which is really important for all these rotation that you do on the serve
all right, let’s go to warm up. So, the first thing we’re gonna do, you
probably have seen this many many times you’re gonna get an elastic band and
do all the rotations internal-external the rotator cuff so
it’ll be this and then it’ll be this, so you have 2 there you
can do I don’t know 15-20 internal and external, then you’re gonna get facing
forward again here you want your blades to be close on your back, don’t
be like he’s doing this you can put your hand here behind to help you and then
not doing this okay you don’t want to be pushing forward you just want to keep
your arm on the same line and just bring in the rotator, same thing that you do in
a server, see you’re just copying the movement here, again 15-20
and then you’re gonna do it to the other side just pushing, so it’ll be like
this All right, quick warm up there and I don’t want
to take so long so you know the exercises I’m not gonna be doing 20 or
15 I already did it I already warm up before doing the video
so you have those warm ups and then there is one exercise that I love to do
with an elastic band that I used to do so much like I said keep doing it
when you go to serve if you think about the serve your movement okay for the
down the T, we’re talking now down the T, it’s coming and guiding your serve
with your elbow, you come up with your elbow here and you guide your serve
with your elbow for the rotation there are many great coaches talking about
this and I love it because there’s so much misinformation out there but I love
when I hear good things imagine the serve here, you guide
the serve with your elbow coming and then doing the pronation so one exercise that
I love to do is getting the elastic band getting a good tension here Once you you get a good strength
here on the on the elastic band you start to come up very slow, guiding…
you see how I bring my elbow and I go so try to replicate here the movement of
the serve and stop there, this is gonna also help you to warm up here and
stop there alright you can do it 15-20 times here
you see how I come up and I hit. It’s very simple like I always say
that’s the simple things sometimes look silly you know like you know I don’t
need this I’ve been doing this for many many years
and I know many twelve hundred in the world players that have been doing this for many many years to and they sometimes do it also
because it’s always great it doesn’t matter the level you are to go back to
the basics and learn and relearn and recreate
yourself when you were a kid and try to always remember and keep a good motion
so after we do that we’re gonna go now to one drill that I do before serving
actually 2 drills that I do before serving to a target and it’s
gonna be one to just create a motion, I’m heating shooting to a target but
with no movement of my legs and the second one is gonna be another one
different that I think you’re gonna like alright let’s go to see. Alright, so
before getting into the two drills that I always do before serving I want to
give you three things that are very important and they’re gonna help you to
understand a little better the down the T server flat serve you always gonna
keep the trophy pose. I like to stay if I’m staying here on the
baseline, stay linear I don’t wanna be facing with my back I’d like to
be forward to the target kind of like pointy here with the bracket to the
target the second thing is that besides the trophy pose what you
have to create here and I’m gonna show you the players doing it when you
come up here with your elbow, with your with your shoulder, you have to
create a little space bending a little here to be able to hit the ball
to the T, why? think about this: you have a target in front of you, this is the
closest target you can point, different directions you have four
different directions but this is the closest one to you so if you toss the
ball here and you keep your chest in the middle of the way how you’re
gonna be able to bring your shoulder on the same line the same streamline here
to be able to serve? you’d have to be just taking your body out of the way and
hitting like this, so that would be really bad for your shoulder so what you
want here is to create some space okay taking your body a little out of the way
to be able and I’m gonna show you again this with some pro players take your
body out of the way to be able to once you come up here be able to come up with
your shoulder on the same streamline and hitting the ball to the T.
I’m gonna show you again this so you can understand better what I’m talking
about so now yes after we talk about the trophy pose, about the toss on the twelve, just keep it on the twelve I personally like to train
as much as I can, always with the same toss so don’t you know if I’m serving kick
I’m not tossing the ball over here if not I’m just calling it out too much and
my opponent is gonna know that I’d be serving a kick so as much as I can from
a range from an eleven twelve one trying to keep always the
same toss so I don’t call out each a little tougher of course but
that’s the way I like to do it that’s the way I learn it and I taught
that to many players and I think it’s very doable
there’s many players doing it right now so right, after the trophy pose that
you’re gonna keep standard the toss on the 12 and the streamline of the
shoulder that again I’m gonna share with four players we’re now again again to
the children that I do before serving So one thing that I always do
before serving flat serves into the T, when I go to practice it it’s not gonna
do the motion of the self from the service line but think about this you’re
looking forward for a great pop on the hand and a great acceleration so what
you want here is actually creating and starting to get the motion of a let’s
say getting over the ball and hitting down going to the
targets because here you don’t want to serve that is gonna go in this
direction you want to try to get the ball as high as you can of course always
keep in a good technique don’t misunderstand this as high as you can go
in and reach in the ball with your legs and try to come this okay clean this
motion on the ball going from up to down I’m not serving a low toss and just
pushing the ball forward which is gonna mess up
the angles that you create on the ball if this is the court and you’re saving
from here what do you think is best if you toss a low ball and you serve like
this or if you toss a high ball and you serve like this? why players like the
Del Potro, Isner, Raonic… all the tall players have a better serve or
faster service because they have a better angle to go over the net so I
learned this drill many years ago and I loved it and it
also gave me a good sense of pop before getting into a serve so it looks
something like this you just gonna do a normal serve, no legs but what you’re
trying to do here it’s hitting the ball right next to you and just make it a high bounce so let’s do like this. You can do a couple of
those ones again don’t get the ball to the side and just hitting with that with
the hand just getting it right in front where would be the toss, twelve
o’clock and then just make it pop with your hand trying to make the ball bounce
fast, it’s gonna give you a lot of good feeling on the pop and acceleration
you make on the hand so that was the first one now we’re gonna go to a second
one which is what we’re gonna serve to the target but just tossing the ball on
the twelve and very very smooth movement you just gonna try to guide the
ball with no power at all just taking the ball with your hands to a target
why?! because you want to start to create on your brain, in your mind
to get conscious or where you want to hit the ball so it’s great to have target so always less to
more before going to the full speed to target you’re going to start toss the ball
and go to the targets and start to get yourself visualizing the target and
put it in your head so then when you go to have the power you’re already
familiar to what you have to do alright so let’s go to see you next one. So now yes I’m gonna serve several balls
to show you and I’m going to put services of pro-player showing you then
hitting to target. If you have any question I’m just gonna
leave you now with the with all my serves if you have any question any
comment everything that you’d like to ask about this video please understand
there is so so much that we can keep developing on this server it’s
impossible to put everything on one short video but I gave you the basics
and from this strong base now you can create and develop over and over
different work with your legs different styles of jumping to a ball different
tosses different speeds on the ball different hidings instead of going all
the way flat you can go with a little spin you can go with a little what I
like to call the flat kick which would be serving flat down the T but
making the ball bounce a little to the side so it gets far from your opponent. So many things that we can work from
there but like I always say I love to give my players strong base okay strong
fundamentals to be able to build from there already within strong base and
something that is gonna hold up everything that you can put over it
alright so let’s go to serve like the video if you didn’t, turn on the notifications
guys so every time I put a new video you can get the video right away with notification on your phone you can check it out, you get all the
training and then you go to do it subscribe to a channel if you didn’t
thank you guys for taking the time and being serious thank you for taking the
time to watch your videos to comment to like can really appreciated and enjoy it
very much doing this so I hope you guys are also
enjoying it thank you and see you the next one!


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    Muito bom!

  • Reply Alexander Andreev December 31, 2019 at 4:02 pm

    Thank you for the awesome content ! You are creating very good videos recently. Please create video on how to work on flat serve pronation… and happy new year and all the best in 2020!

  • Reply Robin Woodward January 1, 2020 at 7:26 pm

    Hello that was great thanks.

  • Reply Vladimir Varbanov January 2, 2020 at 10:01 pm

    That was another great show and drill on the flat serve. Snaping the ball just in front of you sounds like a good exercise for warming up and get the feeling of the movement. Flat serve is really specific and depends on the features of your body like the height.

  • Reply Adrian Wolski January 5, 2020 at 1:35 am

    I believe Isner's serve was out. Anyway he has remarkable serve.

  • Reply Howard Spector January 5, 2020 at 2:50 pm

    How do you transition from hitting ball and flicking wrist so ball bounced on court on you side of net to actual serve. What additional move did you do or not do?

  • Reply Carl Aaen January 28, 2020 at 11:04 pm

    Hi Gaston, great video. You talked about leading with the albow in the flat serve, which make sense. But you also lead with the albow on the slice serve, and to some degree on the kick serve, right?
    You talk a bit about what you call the flat kick with a bounce away from the opponent – interesting, maybe a candidate for your next video. Keep up the good work

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