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TENNIS FOOTWORK | Slice Backhand Carioca Approach Shot Footwork

November 7, 2019

hi this is Jeff Salztenstien and in today’s
video lesson we’re gonna go over how you can improve your footwork with your slice backhand approach shot
now one thing that I want to point out today is that you’re going to use different
footwork if you’re in the middle the court compared to if you’re running wider for
a ball where you come to the net but today we’re gonna go over how you
can handle that slice backhand approach when you’re
in the middle the court this is assuming that the ball is coming low and you’re
going to go with the slice now you’re going to use the traditional
Carioca footwork pattern but i wanna be very clear on exactly how you’re going to use it
when you come up to hit this Carioca footwork pattern on
the backhand slice you’re going to hit of your front foot
as you’re swinging you’re going to bring this foot behind
and in the key is to actually bring this front foot through again so it’s a
1-2-3 this is what it’s going to look like
good see all noticed that when I hit that
slice I gotta my front foot and I brought my back foot behind and
then my front foot came down right away let’s see that in slow motion
right now once you finish that Carioca forward
pattern on the back and slice continue moving
forward to the net don’t stop keep moving forward to get ready for
that Bali if you like to add 10 miles per hour to your server
instantly go ahead and click the button to the right and this video player I’m really excited to help you transform
your server so go ahead and click the button to the right and we’ll get started helping you with
your search


  • Reply Tennis Evolution - Online Tennis Lessons August 7, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    Footwork myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your potential. Most players make at least 1 of these 3 mistakes… Do you?

  • Reply imatrOlda November 29, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    any video on topspinbckh approach footwork patterns?

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