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Tennis for Everyone at the Central PA Tennis Center

February 12, 2020

(Upbeat Music Begins) Owner Karen Hooker:
I felt like we need a fresh start and a new name was the place to do that. So because
we represent Central Pennsylvania, we are the only tennis facility in the area for 75
miles around. So I just felt like we needed to have a name that reflected where we are
and also it’s a tennis center, it’s open to everyone. The public too. It’s not a private
club, although our members get reduced rates on everything. I think the thing I like about
tennis the most is that it’s more than just a sport. It’s fitness and it’s social interaction.
And it’s a challenge for everyone. No matter how good we want to keep working to get better.
Once someone gets that tennis bug, then they don’t stop thinking about the game and trying
to be a better player. Upbeat Music

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