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Tennis Forehand Banana Shot | Connecting Tennis

January 23, 2020

hey guys Gaston from Connecting Tennis
here welcome to another video so excited for what we’re gonna be covering today
because it’s actually a very very fun shot and it’s a I’m sure it’s gonna be a
very fun video to do remember next Monday January 20 I’m gonna be opening
the registration for the forehand week it’s gonna be where in February three
four and five I’m gonna be releasing three videos ok video lessons covering
for me the most important things to improve your forehand I want to help you
with that a lot of people has been asking for this for a long time not
everything was you know was able to put in there because it’s so many things
that we could talk about forehand but after the event the forehand week you’re gonna have news on what’s coming next so that being said today we’re gonna talk about
the banana shot I mean most of the players and coaches call it the banana
shot on the forehand that shot that when you run okay to the side you hit mostly
from outside of the court or probably in this case in singles case from the alley
the doubles alley and the ball goes from outside and comes in again and it’s a
great resource to hit a passing to your opponent when you’re in a tough
situation so I’m gonna be showing you some details on the technique on how to
get in the ball and then of course some shots of me executing it that I know you
guys like it and I love to show and and to keep training myself to be able to
execute everything as best as possible to show you guys so you guys
understand better when I’m talking about so when we talk about this it doesn’t
matter if you’re playing in clay court or hardcore because in clay court I’m going
to show you here imagine that I’m outside there if you’re playing clay court you arrive you hit the ball fall and then probably you keep sliding and on
hard court you will hit the ball fall and then just a quick recover so one of
the things that you have to keep in mind and we always talk on the forehand on
hitting in front hitting in front in front in this short particularly you
will need to let the ball come inside a little you will need to get from behind the ball give me a ball please you will need to get from behind the ball and if we talk on the forehand that we hit here for the cross-court we will wrap it around from outside for the down the
line we’ll hit more from behind the ball here you can see on this ball you will
need to let it drop okay I mean most of the time this ball that you’re gonna be
hitting when you hit the shot the ball is actually between your knees on the
floor is actually very low ball and you will need to get from kind of like under
and wrap it up very quick and here is when the is going to be tested the speed
of your hand because you’re gonna have to rub the ball up and if you see here
with my handy imagine is the racket you will come from kind of like the seven
between the 7 and the 6 and you’re gonna wrap it out around almost like covering
the tree and covering the ball and it’s brushing very fast with your hand you’re
gonna see Pro players what I’m talking doing it and then you’re gonna see
myself doing it so remember the three keys here is the
hand speed you will need to develop hand speed we have videos talking about that
I know you guys see it not hitting the ball in front not hitting in front you
will need to let it come a little so you’re able to just to rush your hand a
little more forward sorry a little more up instead of a forward of
would you’d hit the forehand down the line and very very very important that
you are smart like I always say when you play it ok you don’t need to put a 200
miles per hour forehand here what you’re looking actually is just to take the
ball from outside to hit the passing so your opponent can´t make it we see a lot
of this in grass also but where the opponents you know the players jump into
the into the grass because it’s different we don’t see that much on clay
court or hardcore but it’s a great shot it’s going to be a very very funny shot
to to record and I know for you guys to do it and I have a lot of people asking
about it also so I’m gonna leave you now with me hitting balls different speeds
different pits I hope you guys really enjoy it comment below if you have any
question if you have any comment about this videos just let me know below I
always try to answer positive comments you know that thank you for watching and
I’ll see you in the next one


  • Reply aphasicmale January 17, 2020 at 11:48 pm

    Show us how to it in real time

  • Reply oscar julian lopez rincon January 18, 2020 at 3:27 am

    amazing, job gaston. so, good

  • Reply Truth never lies Brown January 18, 2020 at 12:59 pm

    I thought banana shots curl up the line no ?

  • Reply _xXLuigiMaSterXx_ January 18, 2020 at 1:42 pm

    Gastón, primero muchas gracias por el video, segundo perdón pero no me quedo claro la función de la piernas con respecto al punto de impacto y que onda con la terminación medio particular. Muchas gracias Gastón y seguir así!

  • Reply Pedro Souto January 19, 2020 at 1:22 pm

    Muito bom Gaston! 👍🏼

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