TENNIS FOREHAND TECHNIQUE | What To Do With Your Off Hand On The Forehand

August 29, 2019

Alright tennis fans, coaches, players, really great to have you at this video today. This is Jeff Salzenstein, out in Denver, Colorado today, it’s bright sunshine,
and we’re happy to be here to help you. Today’s video is about the forehand, and it’s about the off-hand and the off-arm. I’m a big stickler on the off-hand and the off-arm, why? Because it helps you with your balance. Because it helps connect your body. And coaches out there, for the most part, are forgetting about this all-important step.
They’re focusing more on what the swing arm and swing hand are doing, and what the body is doing instead of what this the rest of the body is doing, instead of this off-hand and off-arm, and what we see sometimes with players,
and this is what I want to point out today, is when players get ready to swing, this arm drops. So basically, right before the swing, this arm drops and then the swing happens, then the arms are not connected. You want the arms to be connected when you swing. So, see if you can become aware of not dropping this arm right before you go to make contact. You’re going to want to keep that arm up. So, I’m going to bring Max in, who has a very good forehand, and he’s going to show us how that arm is dropping when he hits, and you’re going to see, kind of, how awkward
that looks. It just doesn’t look right. And then, we’re also going to have him hit it
where he keeps his hand up the whole time, and really exaggerates it. So, that’s a really big key if you study the pros. You’re just not going to see this arm dropping or moving a lot. It’s going to be very steady. So, let’s go ahead and get Max into this lesson, and he’s going to show us the wrong way and the right way to do things. Alright, we’ve got Max here. He’s going to demonstrate the forehand, where the off-hand is dropping before contact, which is going to disconnect you. It’s going to throw you off. It’s not the best, most efficient way to hit the forehand, and of course, we’re going to have him, have him keep that arm up. You ready to go, Max? Okay. So, I’m going to toss some balls to him, just to make it easy for us to get what we’re looking for. His arm’s going to go up, and then it’s going to drop early. It might even drop more than that, down like that. There you go. So now, you can kind of see that his body is not really connected; he’s just swinging with his arm. Of course, we don’t want to have you guys see too many of the incorrect techniques on the forehand, so this time, he’s going to hold that off-hand up and steady. He’s going to really try to keep it up and steady. There you go. Very, very good. And the reference point, you want that
off-hand about a shoulder height. Okay, and you really don’t want it- that’s a big forehand he’s got there. It’s getting bigger and bigger. So, really proud of Max here, he’s worked really hard. Couple years ago, I don’t think he could have done this. Now, he’s hitting some big forehands. Sometimes they go on the fence,
sometimes they’re magical. Most of the time they’re magical. But that’s- one of the reasons is because his off-hand, you can see that off-hand really staying up. It’s not dropping, it’s helping him with his balance. I really hope you got a ton of value out of today’s short video lesson, and you can go apply it to your game right away. Now, if you want to be a part of our growing worldwide tennis community and get the best online tennis lessons on the planet, go ahead and click below, and we’re going to help you go to the next level. I’m really, really looking forward to helping you in the future with your tennis.

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