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Tennis Games for Children – Red Court Activities – Part 1

November 14, 2019

and predict there are nice coaches in this
room and we can all help each other so that is definitely my goal here today and of course
have lots of fun. So the first thing I want to just quickly talk about so quick is first
of all my first question will be what do you know about Australia, just yell anything what
do you know about Australia down under is down under it’s literally down under absolutely,
what else Kangaroos, it keeps popping they like to see the kangaroos one one leg two
legs. So if you have to get to a crazy statue and hold it in one leg everybody up including
the kids one two three statue of liberty. Good come on one more time get up back on
the leg on statue of liberty one leg. Alright so today did you know if you actually get
up, get up and get up again it increases the blood flow and that makes you want to learn
more. The next thing I’m going to do is explain my creative retention strategies for red ball
players and then we start because there is a lot to go through. So create we are going
to have a lot of fun let me just quickly explain this is not how I normal run a lesson this
is standard run activities based on a yearly theme that
you can put into your program so that is important that I clarified that, the second one retention
this is about creating activities that the children on today’s societies and today’s
culture are going to love, so rise your hand if you have seen the movie how to train your
dragon, come on, if you haven’t you have you need to go out and watch it.

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