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Tennis Instruction: Practice your Adjustment Steps to Hit more Shots in Balance

October 18, 2019

In tennis when you’re moving to a ball
that’s far away from you you want to use big steps. if you’re moving to a ball
that’s close to you you’re going to use little steps to adjust, make sure that
you’re really balanced in the perfect position. So the following exercise is
going to help us practice adjusting to the ….with these little steps to hit the
ball perfectly. The way it’s gonna work is I’m gonna hit the ball to my partner,
she is going to stop the ball and then really adjust and trying to get herself
in perfect position and balance to hit the ball in the ideal spot. So let’s take
a look This exercise maybe a little bit
challenged at the beginning especially the stopping the ball but with a little
bit of practice you should be able to stop the ball in …pretty pretty close to
where you… where you’re standing so that you don’t need to adjust too much
to hit it. It’s a very fun exercises you can try to do it just to practice or you
can even play points with that

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