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Tennis Instruction: Super-charge your Net Game

October 20, 2019

Hey I will help you with your volleys
today. In tennis we are always thinking about hitting the ball and when we’re
hitting our ground strokes were swinging at the ball and trying to generate some
pace. The key to great volleys is to change your mentality. You’re not really
trying to swing at the ball, you’re trying to catch the ball. So not hitting
the ball but catching the ball. Think catch! When you’re thinking catch what
you’re doing is you’re lining up your hand right behind the incoming ball and
so you’re not really swinging at it, you’re waiting for it ,and that is the
key to great volleys. I’m going to show you a couple of examples: If I toss the ball and she tries to
catch it, look at her hand. She’s putting the hand right behind the incoming ball.
If the ball is low the hand goes right away low, if the ball is high the hand
goes high, and then… she then she adjusts her body to the ball. So the hand goes
sort of where the ball is gonna come and then with a little adjustment she can
catch the ball. So it’s exactly the same idea when you’re volleying. Racquet up and
move your body. Line up the ball, line up the racket, line up the racket, line up
the racket. Lining up the racket right behind the
incoming ball is a key. The hand has to be quiet.
You don’t want movement, you want a quiet hand moving your body to adjust. Another
drill that it’s very helpful is trying to catch the ball with the strings and
then hitting it over. Let’s take a look at this. By trying to catch the ball
you’re basically lining it up right behind where it’s coming in and then you
just firmly move the racket forward a little bit. So try to stop your swing
right after contact and check where the racket is. It should be very close to
contact. If you think in catch instead of hit, your volleys are going to improve


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  • Reply dekockemil March 11, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    I have a big problem with my volleys. Definitely going to try this tip: catch the ball.

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