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Tennis Kick Serve: Hand Pronation Progression – 5 Drills | Connecting Tennis

December 12, 2019

Hey guys Gaston here! Welcome to another video today I want to show you and I want to keep going with this series of
helping you of giving you different exercises that you can do as a
progression to improve something to clean your technique to get more
confident with your technique to get the right movement and today you can figure
out by my movement that we’re gonna focus on the serve I’m gonna give you a
couple of exercises shadowing, inside the court, on the
baseline and from behind the baseline with balls and without ball that you can
do.. they are gonna be five exercises that you can do this is now gonna give you
more power, this is just gonna focus on having any good
technique which is for me one of the most important things because you can
get to a court with 200 – 300 balls, you can hit serves for three four hours but
if you’re not doing the right technique if you’re not working on the right base
it’s gonna be very hard to develop a good stroke and if you develop something
you’re going to be developing with mistakes and then in the future is gonna
give you more problems so again like I said in the video of the forehand it’s
really important that you dedicate time that you give the proper attention to
this and you get to the court, when you’re gonna play when you’re gonna practice
and just give 10 15 minutes to this clean your shots okay shadow remember
give your your brain activity to have these moments so they take the good
moments okay the clear technique the clean technique becomes a habit on your
brain on your mind you can start to visualize yourself
doing things better so let’s go with the first for the
first one, what you’re gonna do you’re gonna get on the baseline this one is
going to be only shadowing and since we’re gonna focus on the
second serve here we’re gonna need to understand first one thing when you’re
serving trying to serve with a kick serve okay the pronation that you do up
here is not going to be forward I have a lot of questions of people asking this
why they can’t get the ball to bounce high or to bounce to the side on their
side and it’s probably because the pronation that you’re doing okay you’re
getting the ball first you’re hitting the ball from behind okay here and then
you’re pronating forward okay kind of like like this so that is making the
ball to go down and it’s not helping it to go to the side so again let’s get
conscious about the movement the first thing you’re gonna do the first exercise
is just doing a slow-motion serve get correct grip a continental grip from
here you’re gonna pronate okay you’re gonna make a little stop here pronate
to the side and again..little stop okay in the trophy position here pronate to
the side and go very slow you’re gonna do about 15-20 repetitions
of that one it looks so silly I know but believe me it’s gonna be make a big big difference of you trying to understand
because in the moments think about this the moment that you are playing, that you’re
competing that you’re thinking about the result your performance the moment you
are under pressure your brain okay it’s natural you’re not thinking on the
movements so you need this really installed on your on your mind and really natural
to be able to do it even in the tough moment so again remember here pronate to
the side it is a big difference between doing this pronation and you can see
here from the side doing this pronation for a kick serve hitting the ball there and pronation to the side than doing this i’m pronating forward the direction of the
ball is gonna be completely different so that’s the first one okay baseline
pronation you can do it even without the racket if you want understand the
difference between this pronation here this pronation and this pronation
forward then you’re looking here to the side so that was the first one.. so for
the second one we’re gonna get here in the middle of the court we now we’re
gonna use balls and here it’s a little tricky what you’re gonna try to do from
the service line you’re gonna make a very slow kick serve only working on
this pronation and the freedom of the movement of the hand that you make okay
instead of just hitting the ball here and trying to make a slow complete
swing what you’re gonna look forward is to hit the ball but doing just a
brushing with the hand. why? the most important thing one of the most
important things for the kick serve is that you can have that you can develop
and lose hand to make the last brush the last brush up here okay when you when
you try to give that extra spin if you see players that are very explosive on
the hands and the player that I was coaching
the Brazilian player that was coaching he has an amazing kick serve because he has a
great explosion and a great acceleration here on the hand so it’s very important
even when you work on these on the videos that I have on the forehand
everything that you know controlling the the freedom of the hand is gonna really
help you so the first thing you’re gonna do here instead of hitting it with the
racket you’re gonna work so you’re gonna leave the racket aside and you’re just
gonna work on the freedom of the hand just throwing the ball to the other side and
following in okay you can see that I’m not going all the way down I’m just freeing
the hand here and let it you see my hand how it does okay I’m letting the ball go
because you want to work on this on this movement as you can see I’m gonna show
you now from their side how the balls are going already with some curve and
they’re of course not bouncing like a kick serve but you’re gonna see the the
way that the ball is taking and it’s not going down is making a loop
over the net so we’ll go to a third one and before we
go to that you could see I mean probably you weren’t able to see that on camera
but the trajectory how the ball is moving comparing in a flat serve, a slice serve and a kick serve and I saw on a study about this when they record the
ball in slow motion with different marks so they are able to see how the ball is
rotating in the air and I can feel here and I can see the ball rotating already
to the side and you probably could see there that the balls are, since they
go too slow because I’m just throwing it with the hand but they still have a
little bounce to the side because of the of the rotation that I’m putting on the
ball okay that I give in my hand so now on the third one we’re gonna do exact
same thing that you were doing with your hand but instead of with the hand you’re
gonna do with the racket yeah you’re just looking for this moment don’t worry
if the ball goes in goes out you’re just working here on the movement okay on
this freedom of the hand because that’s what you’re gonna need when you put the
full serve trying to get the full power and the full pop on the ball that’s what
you’re gonna need okay you’re gonna need it a quick hand to explode to the side
and to make a good pronation to make the ball fall to the side so you get here
okay very slow I’m gonna show you from their site so
you can see the trajectory of the ball sorry the sun is a little annoying here
I framed one but the idea okay again the only thing that you have to listen here
is the sound of the brushing of the ball because if you’re popping it if
you’re hearing a pop on the ball it’s not gonna work you need okay the
brushing and the sound of the ball just focus on that
brushing when you hit in it okay now we’re gonna on the fourth one
we’re gonna I start to get a little more into the real serve but before getting
to the real real serve from the baseline you’re gonna get two steps from behind
the baseline I was just trying to hit the ball really high up on the air okay
you’re just trying to brush why here and why this because now we you just you
just made the the pronation from inside of the court now we’re gonna work on the
pronation with more power okay a little more pop okay from behind the baseline
so you can get a little more extra let’s call it power
okay it’s not power a little more extra pop a little more strength on the hand
to then from the baseline and have a good acceleration okay a good pronation
with the hand but not trying to to make it on the serve box so let’s go here so we got to step 5
last but not least now we’re gonna go into a baseline and if you see the
server that I just did I was only working with my hand ok 1 2 3 4 5 we
only worried like I said at the beginning of the video you’re just
working on getting conscious of what you have to do with your hand to have a good
kick serve a good and consistent second serve so you saw that I’m not using all
my legs I’m not jumping in there I’m not creating any hard power.. I’m just
working on the movement of the hand and what you need to learn because this is I
see this at all the levels of of players okay most of course recreational players
the problem is in the hand they just wanna get from under the ball serve up in the
air but they do it with the entire arm they don’t have this notion of the okay
from supination all the way to pronation to create a movement and you can see
that in all the steps that I did my hand was always finishing okay here of course
when you do the entire set you’re gonna work more on this and
hitting and keep going with the entire serve but now we’re only focusing on the
movement of the hand so now we’re gonna get to a base line from the real place
but again only working on putting a good brush on the ball so those are the five exercises that I
want to show you I mean when I was doing it there are thousands of exercises is
that we can work on I’m gonna probably make another video with another five on
how to keep working on this progression but the only thing and remember the only
thing that I wanted to focus on this video is the pronation of the hand and
teaching you okay to get conscious of the movement that you have to do and how
the racket has to finish okay for the serve you’ve seen that I didn’t do an
entire serve, I was only working on the pronation and acceleration that you
create in the hand to have a good and consistent which is the most important
thing okay there is no power that matters if you
don’t have a consistent second serve because every time you miss the first
one you’re gonna be struggling to put the second in so if you liked the video
please like it so more people can see it share with your friends if you think
it’s valuable for them subscribe to channel if you didn’t and I will see you
guys in the next one. Thank you!


  • Reply Connecting Tennis December 6, 2019 at 2:53 pm

    Hey guys!! What other things (shots) do you struggle with? I want to keep creating videos os progressions to help you improve your game! 馃檪 Thanks for watching!

  • Reply Kathia Nanine December 6, 2019 at 3:00 pm

    Great video! As always 馃檪

  • Reply Wally Friend December 6, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    Gaston thanks for the drills. I have struggled with the kick serve and until recently when I fixed flat serve did the kicker become an easy serve for me. Basically the only difference for me between the kicker and the flat serve is the placement of the toss. Because the toss is around 11 o-clock and slightly behind you, to hit the ball, the swing from the drop, pulls the racket to the left then the racket will naturally pronate to the right. If you watch the Federer swing path carefully, you will notice that he supinates his drop and thats the key that makes the pronation very natural. It's hard to tell but I don't see much supination in your drop, I would suggest you try this and see if it works for you.

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    Awesome video! Very helpful!

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    Hi Gaston, I think you are one of the best tennis couches in YouTube. I would like to take some lesssons from you and I am willing to travel wherever you are. Which club do you work for? Many thanks.

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    Good morning! I've just found this video and loved your great detail and how your went through progressions that built the movement. Your understanding of suppination and pronation is also a confidence builder. I work with all ages and skills and always enjoy hearing how others demonstrate and instruct. I'd love to hear your approach to return of serve.

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