Tennis Players Hate Blue Clay

September 29, 2019

i’m back this week status report for two
white t sports and this week i’m gonna try to keep the factual errors down to
under three the big torrent this week was the madrid
open and the big news from that worn it was the surface the experimental blue
clay from the beginning joe connection the da
were whining and complaining about the surface they kept saying they couldn’t
get their footing right and sure enough choke a bitch was the
while actually thinking the dollars the first to go out he lost to his fellow countrymen bird
ask of the first time in fourteen matches that per desk o defeated nidal
and soon thereafter joke of it went out to his fellow countrymen fellow serbs
tips or a bitch other than the blue clay i think both of
these guys work on a happy to let their friends and fellow countrymen takes a
matches off them and they both said that they wouldn’t
come back to the store that next year if the blue clay was still the surface
meanwhile roger federer is also in the store in a minute he struggled against the up-and-coming superstar from canada
mules round hits but federer prevailed their and anyone on for the final where
he defeated tom osborne itself federer takes a torrent it’s been awhile since
we said that but i think the real fun stories on the other side of the draw
the women’s half we’re serena williams defeated caroline was the akki former
number one maria sharapova always number one not for tennis reasons and as a rank of
the world number one to win her first worn in a while as she comes back from a
series of health issues so that’s great news for serene and it looks good for
serena going into the french open and then on to wimbledon in the u_s_ open
i’m glad she’s back and still going strong i’m glad there’s still some life
left in federer is old select federer resolve legs is gonna be a great summer
tennis i keep coming back here for tennis updates all summer long aunty
whitey sports and please do as a favor and subscribe to the channel

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