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Tennis Players of the Future Generation

November 4, 2019

Here is another person who is trying to make a difference in the world or at least the world we live in. A business man who has made a decision to invest money in order to find Israel’s future tennis player He starts from a young age and he has two conditions You have to play tennis well and you have to be of Ethiopian descent Ben Mitelman reports Yeah! Twenty points! Just a few weeks ago non of these kids held a tennis bat, but you can already tell they are part of a promising sporting project. The founder of the program calls them “tennis players of the future generation”. Great! Beautiful point! Go, Stav! 7 year old Stav from Beer Sheva always dreamed of playing soccer in Barcelona. But since he was recruited to the tennis project, he finds it hard to let go of his bat. Tennis – I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know anything about it. My parents told me about the tennis program, they convinced me, so i agreed and went there. -Does he enjoy the program? -Entirely, he never misses, and not only he enjoys, it turns out he is good at it. the person behind this project is Jonathan David, An amateur tennis player who immigrated to Israel a few years ago. My dream is to see at least one of these kids one day make it to the national Israeli tennis team, at the Davis cup. After selecting 15 kids from the Ethiopian community in the southern region, David started funding them transportation to and from the tennis center, three times a week. Are you tired? Here at the center the kids have a busy schedule of tennis training, meals, doing homework and various enrichment classes. -What do you call this animal? -Chameleon! It’s fun… we can’t find the words because it’s fun. It’s more interesting. You play tennis instead of watching TV at home. Aside from the long runs, one can actually say that the state of Israel has yet been able to realize the potential of the Ethiopian Aliyah. David tries to be the first to make a change. On a personal level I fell in love with this community, and i hope many more would find their own way to integrate the community. The kids will learn about values, and acquire capabilities that will help them become champions in tennis or in life -Which tennis players are you familiar with? -Dudi Sela. -Dudi Sela, who else? Ah…Nadal. It is too soon to tell if the next Nadal would grew here, Dudi Sela or simply a professional tennis player. But for age 7, these kids are at a good starting point. Generally in sports and particularly in tennis this is an advantage that can lead to success.

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