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Tennis Players Petition Over Margaret Court’s Christian Views

February 13, 2020

Hello, everybody, I’m Just A Dude and
Welcome to my video channel today we’re gonna talk about two tennis legends and
how they want to take someone’s name off of a well-renowned
stadium in Australia because the person that it’s named after happens to be a
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let’s get into this article it is coming from Christian headlines calm tennis
players petition for Sports Arena to be renamed over Margaret courts Christian
views yeah so here are two more people that are threatened or are Christian
phobes because they are fearful of the truth of Jesus Christ that’s what this
comes down to fear because they are fearful of what Margaret Court’s beliefs
are they can’t have her name on this sports arena where if she as you will
see as we read this article she has earned it she’s one of the greatest
tennis legends of all time and there is no one else deserving to her level to
have her name on a Sports Arena but because she’s a Christian nope she’s not
worthy of it anymore I found this one really really shocking actually McEnroe
not so much wanting to get her name off of this but narrow to lova I didn’t
think she was this weak mentally like I didn’t know she was that fearful of that
but let’s get into this article two legendary tennis players are calling for
the renaming of Australia’s Margaret Court arena due to their namesakes
biblical views on marriage and sexuality John McEnroe a Martina Navratilova held
it on court protests Tuesday and unfurled a banner after the legends
doubles match urging officials to remove Margaret courts name off the arena that
hosts Australians Open matches now I went and dug a little deeper and I will
actually watch the video a little bit of CN NS commentary on the situation and by
reading this article you wouldn’t know it but John McEnroe and Martina
Navratilova actually went onto the court and went against the rules and
regulations of the competition that they were in so I guess it didn’t make to
many of the people that the Australian Open to happy that they did this because
they weren’t supposed to do it so that’s number one
continuing with the article like McEnroe and Navratilova Court is a tennis legend
having won the most woman’s Grand Slam single titles 24 in the history of the
sport and the most Grand Slam titles among all disciplines 64 when including
doubles and mixed doubles Wow this this woman was awesome she was phenomenal in
her heyday 24 Grand Slam titles she’s the only one to reach that far so here’s
a woman who is unprecedented been the greatest success story as far
as Grand Slams in a genre of sport and they want to take her name off of an
arena because she’s a Christian but according to everyone else in America
and around the world Christians aren’t persecuted in any way shape or form for
their faith no not at all whatever continuing but court 77 is now a
Pentecostal pastor in 1995 she founded a church a victory Life Center where she
serves as senior pastor now I personally from what I’ve read and seen in the
Bible I don’t think a woman should be the leader of a church that’s her thing
that’s not mine but I’m not gonna go in there and say well you’re not really a
Christian because you’re a woman and you don’t follow the Word of God that’s
their thing that’s between her and the Lord
continuing with the article McEnroe and never to lova held a banner reading Eve
on Google GaN arena their suggestion for the arena’s new name Google GaN is an
Australian who won seven Grand Slam women’s singles titles Navratilova then
climbed in the unties chair and addressed the crowd a big no-no from
what I understand and all the links to these you know research that I did on
this are all in the article here if you want to click on it watch the CNN video
clip of it quote never tolola I’ve been speaking out about an issue
for a while now and John McEnroe is here to join me and push the conversation
forward oh good for them she said before the television feed was cut off
according to CNN they cut her off because she wasn’t supposed to be doing
that their courts outspoken views on mayors and sexuality have stirred
controversy she opposes same-sex marriage and believes sex is reserved
for a married man and a woman she recently said in a sermon of children
changing genders at a young age quote when children are making the decision at
7 or 8 years of age to change their sex no just read the first two chapters of
Genesis that’s all I say God made male and female exactly and even if you don’t
believe in God folks all you got to do is stand naked in front of the mirror
look down between your legs and that’s what you are
you don’t even have to believe in God to know that that’s called common sense
that’s called logic anything else is just a idea of feelings and illusions
and a logic and that’s what we’re giving kids like she says it’s six seven eight
years old drugs to change that their chemical balances it’s going to screw
them up not only physically but emotionally and mentally this is
undeniable stuff this this woman is speaking logic and common sense and
because of that John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova are Christian folks that’s
what they are they’re afraid of God they’re afraid of the truth they’re
afraid of common sense they’re afraid of anything that actually says this is
actually as simple as it gets this is actually what it is and we’re going to
change those ideals because people feel things science logic biology is not just
simply based on what people feel what emotions they’re feeling today what
they’re convinced of what they’re brainwashed oh these things to a 6 7 8
year old are extremely influential and dangerous and she knows this that’s why
she’s against this kind of nonsense Margaret Court is someone I could call a
friend so she works in the realm of common sense and logic continuing with
the article it’s so wrong at that age because a lot of things are planted in
this thought realm at that age court said and they start to question what am
I know if you’re a Christian you believe the Word of God exactly this is our TV
Guide to life and you got young people taking hormones and having changes by
the time they are 17 they think now I’m a boy and really I was a girl she told
her congregation we’re to love people she said of the temptation to sin what
sin possible to man is possible to God court
also predicted many problems and the women’s sports due to transgender issues
yep how many articles do you see on the news
now where you have dudes we’re talking big dudes in like wrestling
weightlifting competitions track and field a cycling right there clouding the
women they’re dominating them but they call themselves girls they call
themselves women that’s how they see themselves and people who are illogical
nonsensical have no common sense no knowledge or understanding of God just
say okay whatever you feel that’s good with me
that is the stupidest most ridiculous nonsensical points of view I have ever
witnessed in my child am I kidding this is this is crazytown
we’re in right now and because Margaret Court is basically saying I’m not going
to agree with this at all primarily and should be because she
follows God because God’s Word is unchanging forever in all time the
evidence of that at least for us we can see that common sense and logic strain
through history and time for thousands and thousands and thousands and
thousands of years but even if there wasn’t a god there’s men and there’s
women you’re born like that like I said before you know what you got to do just
to check continuing the venue was renamed the Margaret Court arena in 2003
Navratilova recently penned a tennis comm column explaining her position
nobody disputes her achievements on the tennis court and her place in the sports
history remains as distinguished as it gets never to Laveau wrote nobody wants
to take away or diminish her career really isn’t that what you’re doing
least of all me Margaret Billie Jean and rod were my childhood heroes I wanted to
be like them so it pains me to say this but Margaret Court
Arina must be renamed based on what because she doesn’t agree with you and
your philosophy on life what what if she said that is wrong it’s not hurting you
outwardly that’s her personal belief it’s a sports arena she’s earned the
right to be there but because you and John McEnroe don’t like what she
believes you think you have the right to take her name off the building for that
reason that’s called religious persecution
folks that’s religious persecution continuing in 2017 Court announced she
was boycotting Australia’s Qantas airlines over his promotion of same-sex
marriage I am disappointed that Qantas has become an active promoter for
same-sex marriage court said it at the time I believed in marriage as a union
between a man and a woman as stated in the Bible well guess what Margaret since
basically for the beginning of time for thousands and thousands and thousands
and thousands and thousands of years that’s was universally accepted and
understood marriage is between a man and a woman that’s what marriage is that’s
the definition of marriage the definition of marriage comes from the
Bible that’s been in existence for thousands of years and because Margaret
Court no longer conforms to social and secular norms who than the what last
couple of what five 10 years maybe the most all that history all that logic all
that understanding I’m not even talking about Christians and their rights to say
what they want and be what they want it’s poof gone out the window because
currently our secular culture this disregards that truth
why I don’t know do you they don’t want people to know Margaret Court because
she’s a Christian and what she stands for that sounds like Christian phobia
Chris phobia that’s so I’m gonna call it people like John McEnroe and Martina
Navratilova who want to do these things that’s called Christ phobia
that’s my new term Christ phobia that’s what it is they don’t want people to
know Mar they don’t want to know her faith they
don’t want to know her belief because regardless when you see her record well
if you’re an admirer of tennis you want to know who that person is you want to
learn about her whoa I don’t know if we want to do that because she’s a
Christian she’s had unprecedented success on the tennis court do we want
people really searching her out do you really want people to understand what
she believes and why she believes it and whether or not it makes sense or not no
get her name off the building now we can’t have that because we feel it’s bad
we feel it’s wrong so therefore we’ll just gonna persecute her not based on
anything she did on the tennis court to have her name justifiably put on to this
arena no no we’re gonna take her name off because of religious persecution and
folks I don’t care what you how you want to frame it how you want to say it how
you want to twist it how you want to flip it how you want to make it sound so
it doesn’t sound it’s Christian persecution
it may not be hanging someone on the street or throwing them off a building
or shooting them in the back of the head but it’s still a form of Christian
persecution that’s Chris phobia you’re afraid of Christ you’re afraid of the
Christian faith because you don’t want anyone else to learn about it that’s
what Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe are doing and they feel
justified and vindicated by it because currently we live in a society that’s
secular God isn’t the backbone of our countries anymore he’s out there but
obviously it’s not the backbone because this kind of nonsense can still happen
all right folks that’s all I have for today do me a favor write a comment down
below let me know what your thoughts are in this one this is actually kind of a
big one when I first read the article I kind of looked at I go oh boy here we go
again but now as I’ve read it don’t doing this
video I can kind of see the importance of it I could see how you know this is a
big deal it really is if you’re a Christian let me know what you’re
thinking about this do you think this is a form of Christian persecution maybe
it’s not war and people are you know getting
their their their pickets out after you but in a way they are going after
Margaret just for what she believes that’s it or she’s not going out there
with her pitchforks right attacking anyone physically this is just what she
believes all right folks listen that’s all I
have today until next time what do i always say I say take care and as always most
importantly God Bless guys bye now

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