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Tennis Preparation Tips : Basic Tennis Skills

November 4, 2019

Tennis is a very challenging game. You first
have to learn your shots: how to hit a forehand, how to hit a backhand, how to move on the
court, how to recover your center. Then you’re going to start learning how to hit volleys.
The next step is probably going to be how to; learn how to serve, to start out point,
even though you don’t really need to serve you can just toss it out here, hit it without
letting it drop, but it’s nice to learn how to serve. Your next step is how to; learn
how to move a little better. It’s the next step in tennis to learn how to be good at
recovering your center. Don’t stay there in one place, just recover your center as soon
as you can. Be able to watch your opponent’s racket to see where you need to go, that’s
another step that’s going to start helping you. When you have developed good confidence
in your shots and good confidence on the way you move in the court you are going to start
a better point and your mental game at the same time. What type of points do you need
to play on specific point of the court? How do you need to play that player? So, we can
summarize tennis in three parts: how you hit the ball; how you move on the court; how you
think on the court.

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