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Tennis Rackets & Maintenance : How Do You Serve a Tennis Ball?

December 6, 2019

Hi my name is Lincoln Ward, I’m a USPTA certified
teaching pro as well as the director of the Austin Tennis Center here in Austin, Texas.
Today we are going to talk about how to serve a tennis ball. Basically when you serve a
ball, you want to hit the ball without it touching the ground and send it into the service
box on the opponent’s side of the court. Now the majority of the times you are going to
toss the ball up into the air in front of you, using your non dominant hand, you are
going to swing your racket back, reach over your head, make contact as high in the air
as you can at the apex of your toss driving through the ball. Following through, taking
your racket across your body, don’t put on the brakes. Just let your racket stop where
it stops. The ball will come off your racket, driving through, going straight on an angle,
downward angle into your opponent’s court in their service box, come up and that’s your
serve. Another type of serve is the underhand serve. You see Michael Chang doing it at the
U.S. Open back in his heyday. Instead of tossing the ball up, all you are going to do is undercut
the ball, skimming it over the net. When you are learning how to play tennis it’s ok to
drop the ball and bounce feed the ball over. It’s not legal in a tournament but it’s certainly
fine to start the ball off that way for beginner and novice players. A little bit more technical
into the serve, you really want to toss the ball over your front foot. You want all your
weight over your front foot before you release the ball. That gives you a more accurate ball
toss. The more accurate your ball toss, and consistent your ball toss, the more consistent
your serve is going to be. So if your tossing the ball in different spots in the air, you
are going to make contact in different areas giving you an inconsistent serve. To get that
consistent tennis serve make sure your boss toss is nice and consistent so when you are
swinging through the ball you could make contact in the same spot every single time. Every
time. That’s how to serve a tennis ball. Thank you.

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