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Tennis Rackets & Maintenance : How Long Do Tennis Balls Last?

October 25, 2019

Hi, my name is Lincoln Ward. I’m a USPTA Certified
Tennis Pro, also director of the Austin Tennis Center here in Austin, Texas. Today we’re
going to talk about how long tennis balls last. That really depends on you, the player.
If you’re a professional then a tennis ball might not last even an entire set or an entire
match. If you’re amateur or just a recreational player, depending on your level of play, a
tennis ball could last one match to as many as four, three or four times hitting out there.
Teaching pro can keep a basket of tennis balls for a month but they don’t use every tennis
ball every single shot. Tennis balls will wear out in two different ways, the pressure
inside the ball escapes over time and over heat and over hitting, so the pressure escapes
the ball giving it less bounce, or becoming a flat ball. The other way balls wear out
is through the felt on the top of the ball. This felt layer creates a drag in the wind
so the more felt, the more fuzz coming off the ball, the slower the ball is going to
bounce. If you watch tennis players on tv, they’ll look at a ball and decide which one
they’re going to use. They’re looking for which ball has the least amount of fuzz on
it. That’s the one that’s going to go fastest for them. But again, if you’re a recreational
player, you can pick up any tennis ball and it’s going to work just fine, the more advanced
you became, the more stronger of a player you become, the more you’re going to want
to use balls that are fresher and better pressurized and less fuzzy. That’s a little bit about
how long tennis balls last.


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