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Tennis Rackets & Maintenance : How to Choose a Tennis Racket for Beginners

December 10, 2019

Hi, my name’s Lincoln Ward. I am the director
of the Austin Tennis Center here in Austin, Texas, as well as a USPTA certified teaching
pro. Today we’re going to talk about how to choose a tennis racket for beginners. Beginner
adults generally, I would recommend not choosing an expensive racket. You want find a racket
that, that is not extremely light, but is also not extremely head heavy. You also want
something that is, is a flexible frame that it will allow you to, it allows a give and
take, so as you’re developing your stroke, it’ll give you a little bit more freedom to
hit the ball late or early. As your stroke develops, you will be able to hit the ball
on time a little bit more often, and you’ll be able to move to a more stiffer frame. The
flexibility in the frame takes away some of the vibration from an off center hit. That’s
something that you’re going to get a lot as a beginner is you want to focus on hitting
in the sweet spot, but with everything you have to think about, you’re going to get a
lot of framing shots which cause vibration to, to go through the racket up and to your
arm. Again, generally you want to have a racket that is head, has a large head to give you
a wider sweet spot, a lighter frame, and a flexible frame. But that’s generally what
you’re going to look for in a tennis racket for a beginner.


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