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Tennis Rackets & Maintenance : What Are the Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

August 30, 2019

Hi, my name is Lincoln Ward. I am the director
over at the Austin Tennis Center as well as USBTA certified teaching pro here in Austin,
Texas. Today we’re going to talk about the health benefits of playing tennis. Tennis
is one of the best ways to stay healthy. It’s a sport that’ll last a life time. You can
work out from early ages all the way in to your late eighties. It’s definitely something
that’ll last a life time. Some of the health benefits that come from playing tennis, are
it’s a great cardio exercise. With all the running around and movement it really gives
you a well rounded workout. And they found that it burns more calories than simple aerobics
and cycling as well. It also keeps your mind stimulated from running around and hitting
the different types of shots. It does get somewhat technical and tennis is more mental
than physical anyways. So there’s a lot of different benefits, health benefits from playing
tennis, from burning more calories, staying aerobically healthy, as well as mentally stimulated.
That’s some health benefits from tennis.

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