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Tennis Serve: How To Fix Your Tennis Serve Toss

January 16, 2020

– Hey, welcome to “Unleash Your Tennis.” My name’s Joel and my mission is to share my tennis knowledge with you, so that you can improve your game and play your best tennis ever. In today’s lesson, I will dive deep into the serve toss. Now, I realize that the serve toss is a common problem among tennis players, so I want to address it today. Roger Federer once said in an interview that one of the successful factors that contribute to his great serve is the serve toss. All right, so without further ado, let’s start into a lesson right now. Before I talk about the technique of the toss, I want you to get familiar with the swing pattern of the serve. Now, the serve is a coordination between the two hands. One is the racquet hand, and other one is the tossing hand. All right, now the purpose, the reason why I’m holding two
balls, is to illustrate to you that the serve is actually a throwing technique. So this ball in my hand
is from the master hand, I’m a left-hander, so
this is my master hand. In order to toss well, and also to handle the racquet, I have to be familiar with the whole serving motion. So imagine I want to throw this ball high and far. The technique that I’d be using would be of course to pull back my arm and to throw, throw high and far. Now in the process, this
hand will naturally come up. You see that, okay? This hand, this tossing hand will naturally come up before I throw. Now of course this is not the correct tossing technique, the hand doesn’t come this way when I serve, but at least get this motion, coordinating
the two hands, all right? You can do this at home. So, this coordination
between the two arms, two hands must be there first. Now, let’s talk about holding the ball with the tossing hand, okay? Now, how I hold the ball is very simple, I just rest the ball on my finger pads, and my thumb is on top of the ball, okay? So, I bring closer to you. This is how it looks like, the way I’m holding the ball for the toss. So, when I’m getting
ready, I have some space to put my racquet on the fingers this way. If you’re looking from this angle, you can see that the thumb is supporting the ball and I’m getting
ready for the serve. So this is how I’m hold the ball when I’m getting ready for the toss. Now, next thing, keep the
tossing hand straight. You’ll find that drop, the tossing motion, my tossing hand is straight and my wrist is relaxed, I’m not
gripping the ball tightly, just relaxed, okay? So, this way, together, your racquet down, I’m preparing to lift the ball up. Now, when it comes to the serve, when you’re at the baseline, what I want to achieve for the tossing hand, is to purposefully lift the hand up and release the ball at a correct spot, so, that the ball goes above my head for the serve. So notice though, what
the use purposefully lifting the hand up. Now, the common errors that players make are, one, they like to do this. They like to bend arm, and spin ball up. You’ll find that the ball is spinning and the ball is going all over the place. So, when you think of lifting the whole hand up, the toss becomes more consistent. And to release the ball
at a correct point, as a rule of thumb, most of the time, I’ll release the ball somewhere around the forehead level. So I release the ball
by opening up the palm. It’s very simple. I don’t really, I don’t do flicking, I simply just release the ball by opening up the palm. Now, of course if you find that the ball keep going far out and
you have to reach it, then you can lift the ball, lift the hand up higher and release at a higher point. So you have to adjust accordingly. After adjusting, you find that the ball over, goes behind the back, then you adjust further. So, we’re summing up. Ball in hand, get thumb on the top, put the racquet on the finger. This will help you in the feeling the connection between the two hands. I don’t really like to disconnect them. If I disconnect them,
I don’t feel anything. I want to feel the racquet on the hand. So, from here, do a couple of bounces, get ready. So the next thing is purposefully send the ball up, lift the hand. Now, where the ball goes, you’ll be somewhere around here, above my racquet, above my head, around here. So, adjust the release point, if you find that the toss is not going to where you want. Adjust the release point. So, practice this method that I share with you, and I’m sure you can improve your serve toss. I hope you find today’s lesson useful and applicable to your tennis game. If you have any questions or feedback, leave them in the comments section below. If you like this video, do give me a thumbs up and hit the red button to subscribe to “Unleash
Your Tennis” channel. That’s all from me today, till next time, happy playing.

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