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Tennis Serve Lesson: Don’t Do This Before The Serve!

February 13, 2020

– Hey, welcome to Unleash Your Tennis. My name’s Joel, and my mission is to share my tennis knowledge with you so that you can improve your game and play your best tennis ever. In today’s lesson, I want
to talk about an observation that I made when I’m watching
some new tennis players practicing their serve, right? So without further ado, let’s start to do a lesson right now. First of all let me talk about the profile of these tennis players. Now, they have been learning
tennis for a couple of months and they have been learning the serve. They are still learning the
technique, still refining and they are not fully competent yet. So during their serve practice,
I observe that a few of them like to check the grip
before they practice a serve. Now checking the grip is not wrong, okay, because you want to ensure
that you are holding to the correct continental grip. So, for every serve that you do, they will be checking
the grip here, all right, very cautiously putting the
hand on the racquet handle and then put on the fingers
and get ready for the serve. Now, my concern is over
time, it becomes a habit. So, if you are playing a match and you are still checking
the grip before you serve. One, it will cause you to
overanalyze about the technique, you are still thinking
about the technique. And number two, you are
simply telling your opponent that you are not confident in your serve. So, once you are confident on
holding the continental grip, what I would advise is,
do away with the check, use feel instead. I want you to learn how to feel the grip. So, for example, if I’m
getting ready for the serve, by then I should be already
adopting the continental grip. I can do a couple of swings
and checking the grip when I’m bouncing the ball and I’m ready then I’ll perform the serve, okay? Now, one way to check whether
you’re on the correct grip or not is when you are swinging
the racquet, you’ll find that the edge of the racquet
is actually leading the swing. If you are on the wrong grip, for example, the forehand grip, you’ll
find that you are doing this. The racquet face is
actually facing down, okay? So, if you are on the
correct continental grip, you’ll find that the edge
is actually pointing down when you swing the racquet this way, okay? So, do a couple of bounces,
check the grip, okay? Get ready, and you serve, okay? Then, next one, same thing,
regroup yourself, relax, feel relaxed, bounce the
ball, feel the grip and ready and you serve, okay? So, once you are competent in
holding the continental grip, do away with the check,
especially in the match all right? Use the feel base method,
perform a couple of bounces, all right, swing the racquet,
get ready and you serve. I hope you find today’s lesson useful and applicable to your tennis game. If you have any questions or feedback, leave them in the comments section below. If you like this video,
do give me a thumbs up and hit the red button to subscribe to Unleash Your Tennis channel. That’s all from me today,
till next time, happy playing. (upbeat electronic music)

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